Alma Mater Atrium is a Location in Hellpoint. The Alma Mater Atrium is divided into the Gallery, Union Park and Athaneum


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Full Alma Mater Atrium Walkthrough

Arrive from Ikari Walkways

You can arrive from both the secret passage or by the stair located right after the boss. Both ways will lead you to the Cabaert.


As soon as you enter you will find 1x Refined Carbon, 1x Model: Restored Heat Shield and 1x Sun Hall Access.


Jump down and defeat the enemy. You can find 1x Cabaret Key on your right and an elevator. Before using the elevator go to the room on the left to open a door leading back to the main gallery of the Alma Mater Atrium.


Go back to the elevator.


First Level: Quarantined. This area can be accessed from the Black Hole door at level 3.

Second Level: The cabaret (where you currently are)

Third level: Black Hole Door.

Head to the tird level. When you pass thorugh the door you will see a big hole in the middle of the room. Make your way down using the platforms (You can find 1x Axions (6666) on your way down.


When you reach the bottom use the magnetic lift to go down. Here you will find 1x Small Artillery enemy. Defeat him and pick up 1x Torture Board, 1x Inselium Ingot and 1x Axions (11111). You can also activate the elevator to go up.


Before going back turn around and go down using the magnetic lift. At the bottom of the room you will find 4x Refined Carbon and 1x Diamond Ingot.


Once you are done head to the Main Gallery of the Alma Mater Attrium


Arrive from Alma Mater

You will find a big corridor with either 1x Lava Daemon or 1x Small Consumer, depending on your progression through the game. Defeat it and stabilize the Alma Mater Atrium – Tenements Breach.

There is an elevator on your right leading back to the lower level. This will lead you to the Breach located outside the Union Park.

Head left and go down the stairs. Defeat the enemies and jump outside through the window. Jump to the other building and start making your way down by using the scaffolds. You can find 1x Scrapped Heat Shield on one of them.

Jump to the room on the building. Inside you will find 1x Material: Pulse Mineral. Make your way down through the gaps on the floor. You can find 1x Model: Officer Tule's Glaive and the model for Athletic Nerve Suit Set on the way down.

There is a locked door near the bottom of the tenements. The access code is '12345.' Inside is a datapad and a handprint on a wall in front of three corpses. If you have the Branch of Light you can use it at the handprint for a message that good things will happen to them in the next life. There does not seem to be an effect, except that the corpses will not be there in NG+.

Arrive From Arisen Dominion

Union Park

As soon as you arrive you will find 1x Material: Accelerator. Continue ahead and once you reach the outside head right, you can find C Pattern Eye Five: 2856 5003 written on the wall.


Take a look at the fence and you will see an area destroyed by a rock. Jump to reach the other side. You can find Whale Bone Halberd on the other side of the statue.


Jump down and explore the canals. You can pick up 3x Carbon Scraps along the way. If you head right, you will find a small room with a glowing painting. Pick up the item next to acquire the model for the complete Revolute Warrior Set: Model: Revolute Warrior Gloves, Model: Revolute Warrior Chest, Model: Revolute Warrior Helmet and Model: Revolute Warrior Legs


Head back to the statue where you acquire the Whale Bone Halberd and head left. You will meet with the Tribal Npc. Talk to him to acquire Sit temo. There is a small area behind the Npc. Jump there and defeat 4x Victims. Pick up 1x Refined Carbon, 1x Inselium Rod and 1x Axions (2222).


You will see the entrance to the park behind you. Go to the street and enter the building to your left. Here you will be able to stabilize a Breach.


Go inside the park and head to the left side, before you go up the stairs explore the area and you will find stairs going down. You will find a big room with Nihl Prophet Hand and a monolith that you can activate to reach the Underworld area of the Park.



You can find 2x Breach Synchronizer, 1x Sun Shades and 2x Nihl Rock. You can also fight the boss Third Archon Knight which will yield the Model: Archon Shield as a reward.

Back to union Park

Go back and head to the upper level of the park. Defeat the Siege Victim, you can get Artillery P17 from him.

Note: Use the quantum light near the Artillery enemy and follow the path to the tallest tree. You'll find the models for the Prodigal Spawn Set


Head right and walk through the edge. You can find 1x Sanity Puppet guarded by 2x Radiation Viper.


Go back and use the stairs to reach the upper level. To your right you can find 1x Siege Victim and 1x Small Celestial Beast. To your left you can find Model: Reflex Melee Conductor.



Head to the middle and go inside the Athenaeum. Here you'll fight Our Preying Hostess. Once you defeat her you will be rewarded with Alma Mater Institute Credentials and you will be able to stabilize the Alma Mater Atrium – Athaneum Breach.


Go up the stairs on the main hall. On the first level you can gather data and gain knowledge about the Piercing of Dimensions. On the second level you can find 1x Model: Induction Melee Conductor, 1x Model: Entropic Melee Conductor  and various data between the shelves.


Turn right, This will lead you to a room with 1x Medical Station, 1x Occult Conjuring Table and 1x Universal Printer. You can find the full Preterhuman Set in front of the Occult Conjuring Table.


Go back and head left. The door on the left lead to a series of bookshelves, you can find 1x Model: Light Melee Conductor between the bookshelves. If you continue ahead you will find a room with data and 1x Omnicube Quantum Light.


Main Gallery

Head back to the breach located outside the Park. Go outside and head left. There is a body on the floor and next to it 1x Arcology Limited Access Passport. On the next room you can find 1x Inselium Rod and the boss Consumer.

Note: There is a horde event right before this boss area that give you Induction Melee Conductor. You might need to restart the world by using Omnicube Transposition in order to make it appear.


Defeat the boss and you'll acquire 1x Thespian Mace. From here you can either go straight or go up using the stairs.


Continue Straight

Keep going. Defeat 2x Viper and pick up 1x Refined Carbon. Continue ahead and fight 1x Lava Mini-Boss and 1x One Handed Human Victim.


Look down at the whole on the ground and you will see an item. Jump down to reach the gap and pick up 1x Breach Synchronizer.


Continue ahead and turn left. There is a room on the right with 1x Ration. Go up using the elevator and defeat the enemies, you can find 1x Material: Alumina in the room. Cross the bridge. You will have to defeat 1x One Handed Human Victim. Pick up 1x Inselium Rod and keep going.


Go inside the room to you right. Pick up 1x Refined Carbon and head down the stairs, you can pick up 1x Reflex Melee Conductor on the way down.


Head outside and continue ahead. There is an opening to your left. You can stabilize the Alma Mater Atrium – Otsego Mansion Brech here. You can also use the magnetic lift on the left side to find 1x Antiquated Officer Glaive. There is a door upstairs leading back to Arcology.


Head back to the gallery and go right. There is a small gap where you can fight 2x One Handed Human Victim and pick up Model: Entropic Railgun. You can also destroy the wall on the left to find Omnicube Jukebox (Program A).


Keep going and you will find a big circular room with an elevator in the middle. Explore the area to find 1x Inselium Rod. On the other side of the room you can find the complete Nerve Suit Set and a small room with the controls for the exterior elevator. For now, you won't be able to use the elevator. If you do, continue with Using the Elevator to go Up, if not, continue to Head Up.


NOTE: The elevator is divided in two parts. The exterior elevator and the interior elevator. To use the interior elevator call it with the panel located at the middle, go inside and interact with the switch. By default. The exterior elevator is controlled from a small room located on the other side. When activate it, the structure of the elevator will move, modifying the destination of the inside elevator. When switched, the interior elvator will take you to Arcology Underside. In order to activate the exterior elevator mechanism, you'll need to arrive from Arcology Underside.

Using the Elevator to go Up

When you enter from Arcology Underside you'll find 1x Eye Tower Two Activation credentials.


Use the elevator to go up and activate the elevator from the small room room. Go up using the elevator. Continue ahead until you reach a tunnel.


Continue through the tunnel, you can inspect a poster to gather data. Go down using the magnetic lift and activate the Alma Mater Atrium – Shanty Entrance Breach.


Go down and keep going until you face 4x Small Archon. There is a room that you can open to your right with another 1x Small Archon Inside.


After you defeat the enemies the tunnel will split, head right and pick up 1x Model: Firearm Conductor. You can also find 1x Anti-Rad injection on the first room.


Go back and turn left. Go up the stairs and fight 1x Small Archon and 1x Small Archon Knight.  There is a switch to your left that you can open to fight 4x Small Archons.


Continue ahead and you will find a room with the Second Archon Knight Boss inside.


Defeating the boss will reward you with 1x Nihl Rock and the Alma Mater Atrium – Western Skybridge Breach.


On the next room you can find the complete Theurgist Scribe Vest Set. Turn left and defeat 1x Siege Victim. There's 1x Artillery Enemy at the end of the room, defeat him you will be able to access Alma Mater.


Head Up

Head up using the stairs on your right, be careful as 2x One Handed Human Victim will ambush you once you reach the top. There is a small room to your left with an Anti-Rad Injection inside. Head back outside. You will see three doors guarded by 2x Siege Victim (one on each side).


Search for a big door located at the bottom of the stairs. You can open the door leading access back to the Breach.


Head to the building on your left. Inside you can find 1x Ration. Head up using the magnetic lift and pick up 1x Model: Firearm Conductor. Go outside and head left. There is 1x Heater Spear on the edge of the platform.


You can defeat the Siege Victim on the left by jumping to the platform beneath it and going up using the magnetic lift. There is also 1x Catalyst Conductor dropped on the ground.


Jump down and head to the middle of the room. There are doors leading to the Alma Mater. You need to have the Alma Mater Institute Credentials You will also find stairs leading to an elevator heading down. This will lead you to Arcology Underside. You can decide where to go next, but we strogly recommend to finish with Arcology Underside First.




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      I don't get the "Head Up" section, if I can't use the elevator I should Head up by the stairs, WHAT?! There's no stairs in this room or before, even starting from the breach, What's up with that guide?!

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        the Code for Union Park 5 Digit = 1 2 3 4 5 (no, its no Joke)

        greetz B3NK5
        find on twitter, twitch, yt, etc :D

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          The head up section doesn’t seem to belong here. The directions before it don’t end up there. They lead to Uthos.

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            that hidden path on the trees where you can get the prodigal spawn set made me want to slap the person who designed it so much...

            • Anonymous

              Anyone figure out how to get the Item stuck in the really tall tree? There's an archway somewhat near it that you'd think you'd be able to jump from but I can't find a way on top of it.

              • Anonymous

                Some places got skipped here. I found a location that is locked by a door with a code on it, no idea what's the code or where to find it, haven't stumbled on any information within the game that can give a code of sort, so I will try to google it. The code itself requires 5 digits, unlike the code at the beginning of the game where you could get some gear and stuff at the start of the game by inputing more digits there. This one requires only 5 digits.

                This location is after you get to Atrium from Arcology, through the doors you can't get back to. In front you should see a hallway with single enemy, the Clown Girl with a scythe type of blade/sword. When you do not go down to the elevator, but instead turn left after activating Breach, there is a staircase, just go down until you get into a small hallway to the room that has two enemies in there - Walking Arm and ... enemy that looks like you, the Humanoid Dudes you find in Alma Mater place that wield a sword and a gun too. Outside of the room the same two enemies are on the rooftop, you can jump out through the window.
                After finishing them you can jump to the next building rooftop on which there is a Walking Hand enemy.

                From there you can jump down to next structure with beam construction platforms, there's a cube with an item (Scrapped Heat Shield) in front of your eyes in case you can't figure out where this location is.
                After you jumped on beams and taken the item, you can navigate to the next part of the beam platforms (be careful when jumping, if you miss, the fall is long and painful, so watch your step) that leads you to next building with rooms, those rooms have collapsed grounds, meant to jump down for you, but be careful, there are couple of items you can find in most of those rooms, and coin(-s).
                If you check balconies as well (there will be couple Walking Hand enemies) and not just jump straight down through the floors, you will find near the bottom rooms a door with this keypad lock on it. I have no idea what's the code for it.

                • Anonymous

                  Theres an area to if u jump on the scaffolding when u go down stairs to the roof tops. Whats the code for that door?

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