Combat in Hellpoint is dynamic and extremely challenging at times. Similar to Dark Souls or The Surge 2, the game is played in third person and allows for deep character customization to adapt to various play styles.


Combat for Hellpoint explains the basic combat mechanic of the game and the associated actions that you can execute. Combat in Hellpoint is very similar to Dark Souls or The Surge 2. Players have a Stamina bar which can be used to attack, dodge and block. There are both Ranged and Melee Weapons. Different Weapons have different attack patterns and moves that difference them from each other as well as a unique progression system that allow you to unlock Weapon Abilities as you use them. There is also an Energy

Stats And Attributes

Health and Death

Health refers to the amount of Health Points a player has. When players are hit, their Health Point will be reduced. Health can be upgraded by infusing Axions at a Breach.

Players can restore health by using Healing Methods or by spending Axions on Medical Stations that are scattered around the various Locations. Healing Methods have charges that can be gained by hitting enemies. The amount of the bar filled is determinate by the Leech value of your Melee Weapon. Healing Methods can be upgraded to hold more charges by using Healing Proficiency at a Medical Station.

When health reaches zero, the player dies and respawns at the last visited Breach. All Axions carried will be dropped at the same location. You can run back to your corpse to recover the lost Axions. All enemies will be respawned when the player revives.


Stamina refers to the amount of Stamina Points a player has. Stamina Points are the energy of a character that is used to perform various actions such as attacking, blocking, jumping, and sprinting. This makes Stamina an important aspect of combat as it limits your actions. If the stamina has been completely depleted, your character won't be able to attack, block, sprint nor jump until it is replenished. Stamina Points will quickly replenish if you stop spending it for a brief period of time.

Stamina can be upgraded by infusing Axions at a Breach.


Energy refers to the amount of Energy Points a player has. Players can utilize Energy Points to use Ranged Weapons or Weapon Abilities. Energy Points can be restored by hitting enemies and the amount restored is based on the Leech value of your Melee Weapon.

Energy can be upgraded by infusing Axions at a Breach.

Weapons & Offensive Actions

Weapon Abilities

Weapon Abilities are special passive or active abilities that increase your Weapon capabilities. Each Melee Weapon have 6 predefined abilities and 1 custom ability that depend on the Upgrade Chip installed. Firearms and Catalysts have 7 predefined abilities.

There are two types of abilities, Active and Passive. Active abilities require Energy to be activated and vary from unique attacks to different buffs. Passive abilities are automatically acquired while holding the Weapon and don't require Energy.

These abilities will unlock as you use the Weapon and the experience bar fills. You can quickly swap active abilities by holding the assigned button.

Weapon Attacks

Players can equip up to 6 pieces of equipment (Three for the main hand and three for the off hand.) and wield up to two (One for each hand) at the same time.

Melee Attacks can be performed by using a Melee Weapon. Each Melee Weapon has a unique move set that can is usually increased by its Abilities.

Attack Types:

  • Weak Attack: Press the designated button to perform a weak attack. This attack has normal speed, deals moderate damage and consume a low amount of Stamina Points.
  • Strong Attack: Press the designated button to perform a strong attack. This attack has slow speed, deals high damage and consume a high amount of Stamina Points.
  • Weak Jump Attack: Jump into the air and press the weak attack button. This attack deals moderate damage and consumes a moderate amount of Stamina Points.
  • Strong Jump Attack: Jump into the air and press the strong attack button. This attack deals high damage and consumes a high amount of Stamina Points.
  • Roll Attack: Press the evade button and then press the weak attack button while rolling. This attack deals moderate damage and consume a moderate amount of Stamina Points.
  • Combo Attack: This attack is unique for each weapon and usually requires to perform a combination of Weak Attacks and Strong Attacks.
  • Off Hand Attack/Block: Press the designated button and then use the weak attack button to use the off hand attack.
  • Secondary Attack: If you have a Weapon Equipped on the main hand and none in the off hand you can press the off hand button to perform a secondary attack. This attack is usually slow but has a high chance to stagger your enemy.
  • Main Hand Ability: Press the designated button to use the main hand Weapon ability.
  • Off Hand Ability: Press the designated button to use the off hand Weapon or Shield ability.


Defense and Armor

Players can mitigate incoming damage by using Armor. There are 4 types of armor: Head Armor, Chest Armor, Hand Armor and Leg Armor. Each piece will give you a damage reduction measured in percentage against physical and elemental damage. This damage reduction will cap at 95%. For example if you are wearing a Chest armor that provides you 25% of radiation damage reduction and a Head Armor that provides you 25% radiation damage reduction you will have a total of 50%. If you receive 100 radiation damage, 50 will be mitigated by the armor.

NOTE: Wearing a full Set won't provide any additional benefit aside from aesthetics, so players can mix different armor parts to adapt according to their needs.

There are 6 types of damage: Physical , Induction , Energy , Entropy , Nihl , Radiation .

Radiation damage can generate a buildup from both enemy attacks and some environmental hazard. This buildup is displayed on the right part of the screen by a blue bar. If players don't have a high enough Radiation resistance, they will start loosing Max HP (Negated max HP will turn dark red) until they eventually die. The max HP loss can only be negated by using an Anti-Rad Injection. The best way to avoid radiation buildup is by using armor that provides high damage resistance such as the EVA Outfit Set or the Aegis Armature Set.

Armor also provides Tenacity (Armor), which increase the amount of damage you can take before being interrupted or staggered.

Shields & Tenacity

Both Enemies and Players can use Shields to defend themselves against enemy attacks. The Shield must be equipped to be used. Pressing and holding the designated button will toogle the block. While the block is active, any incoming attacks will hit the shield and three different Stats come to play:

  • Stability: Determines how much Stamina is consumed when blocking an attack.
  • Deflection: The shield's ability to deflect heavy weapon attacks.
  • Power: How likely it is to be deflected by a shield

Stability (Shield Character) indicates how much stamina will be consumed when an attack is blocked, Deflection (Shield Character) indicates how likely is that the attack will bypass the shield. Power (Attacking Character) indicates how likely is to bypass the shield block.

Blocking an attack with no stamina points left will break your guard.

If an attack is successfully blocked, damage will be reduced according to the Shield defense. For example if an attack would deal 100 Physical (Offensive) Damage and the Shield provides 90% Physical Damage the player will only receive 10 damage. In addition, that 10 damage will be reduced by armor like a normal attack.

If the attack bypasses the Shield it will deal full damage.


There are some Omnicube Programs that can be used for combat like the Omnicube Auto-Heal to provide passive regeneration or the Omnicube Heater and Cube Cooling to mitigate elemental buildups.

Actions and Mobility

Load & Mobility

Mobility represents how fast you can perform actions such as running, attacking, blocking, etc. Having more Mobility will result in faster attacks and movement speed which is highly recommended for fast weapon builds. You can see your current Mobility in your stats menu.

Load (Attribute) determines the maximum Weight that can be carried before you become over-encumbered. You can increase your Load (Attribute) by infusing actions at a Breach. You can see your current Load in the player stats menu.

The Load displayed in the player stats menu indicates the current and maximum amount of Weight that you are currently carrying. This number is affected by Armor, Accessories and Weapons currently being held (NOTE: Weapons placed on the main hand and off-hand slots will not add to your maximum weight if you are not currently holding them).

When you reach the maximum Weight (for example 100/100) your Mobility will drop to 50% and you will become over-encumbered. While over-encumbered you will not be able to run or roll. You will still be able to attack and block. Adding more Weight will result in less mobility and even slower movement.






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