New Player Help for Hellpoint which describe tips and tricks to help improving play capability in Hellpoint. Everything from the important basics to more advanced concepts.

Helpful Links:

  • Walkthrough: A detailed area walkthrough of the game.
  • Game Progress Route: An overview of your progression plan
  • Weapons: All available Weapons
  • Armor: About the Armor of the game.
  • Crafting: All Crafting Recipes
  • Credentials: All Credentials and where to find them
  • Upgrade Chips: All available Upgrade Chips
  • Bosses: Strategies for all Bosses.
  • Controls: An overview of the game's default controls for each platform.
  • New Game +: Learn more about what happens when you finish a campaign.
  • Combat: An explanation of the basic combat and movements acquired in the game.



Hellpoint New Player Help

Movement and Actions

Use the left stick (On consoles) or the A,W,S,D keys (On PC) to move around. (See the controls page for full control configuration.)

When you approach something you can interact with, open, or pick up, you'll see an onscreen message. Press X (PS4) or E (On PC), to perform the corresponding action.


Stats in Hellpoint refers to the numerical values that define the strengths and capabilities of the player character. Stats are determined by your Attributes, General Stats, Offensive Stats and Defensive Stats.Accessories and Weapons can provide bonuses to Stats.

Most Weapons and Armor have prerequisite stats. If you don't meet the requirements you will still be able to use the equipment but suffering from big penalties to its bonuses.

You can learn more about Stats by pressing HERE.

As of the Blue Sun DLC, players can now reset their stats via the newly added Respecify Stat Points feature.

Healing Methods

You can restore your health by using the Healing Methods. To select it, open the menu and select Healing Methods and then press on the desired one. To use it, press the designated healing button. 

Players can restore health by using Healing Methods or by spending Axions on Medical Stations that are scattered around the various Locations. Healing Methods have charges that can be gained by hitting enemies. The amount of the bar filled is determinate by the Leech value of your Melee Weapon. Healing Methods can be upgraded to hold more charges by using Healing Proficiency at a Medical Station.

The amount of charges will reset when you die. You can learn more about Healing Methods by clicking HERE.

Defense and Armor

Players can mitigate incoming damage by using Armor. There are 4 types of armor: Head Armor, Chest Armor, Hand Armor and Leg Armor. Each piece will give you a damage reduction measured in percentage against physical and elemental damage. This damage reduction will cap at 95%. For example if you are wearing a Chest armor that provides you 25% of radiation damage reduction and a Head Armor that provides you 25% radiation damage reduction you will have a total of 50%. If you receive 100 radiation damage, 50 will be mitigated by the armor.

NOTE: Wearing a full Set won't provide any additional benefit aside from aesthetics, so players can mix different armor parts to adapt according to their needs.

There are 6 types of damage: Physical , Induction , Energy , Entropy , Nihl , Radiation .

Radiation damage can generate a buildup from both enemy attacks and some environmental hazard. This buildup is displayed on the right part of the screen by a blue bar. If players don't have a high enough Radiation resistance, they will start loosing Max HP (Negated max HP will turn dark red) until they eventually die. The max HP loss can only be negated by using an Anti-Rad Injection. The best way to avoid radiation buildup is by using armor that provides high damage resistance such as the EVA Outfit Set or the Aegis Armature Set.

Armor also provides Tenacity (Armor), which increase the amount of damage you can take before being interrupted or staggered.

Black Hole Clock

The Black Hole Clock located in the top left corner on the screen next to the Health, Stamina and Energy bars plays a critical role in Hellpoint. The clock displays information on the different events that players can access during that period of time. Parts of the Black Hole Clock:

Yellow circle = Displays the current time, you can see the current time by the small yellow circle on the clock. The circle moves clockwise as time passes. When the yellow circle reaches the Minute Hand the Black Hole Hour will begin and when it reaches the time zone on the left and right the Accretion Storm will begin.

Minute hand = Displays the time when the Black Hole Hour will begin when the yellow circle reaches the area. The Minute Hand locations depends on your current Location aboard the station. During this period players will be able to access Black Hole Hour rooms which can be identified by a big yellow wall. During the normal time, these areas are restricted and players will not be able to pass through.

NOTE: The doors will open when they receive the Black Hole light. Some areas will require you to align the rings located on  Arcology. Each pattern will aim the light towards a specific door providing access to it.

Accretion Storm = The Marked areas of the Clock located on the left and right part indicate the Accretion Storm. While the yellow circle pass through this area, you will encounter more Mini-Bosses around the Station and Horde events will trigger. Horde events look like a closed room with Orange walls. You can get near to the wall and press the interaction button to enter. Once inside you won't be able to leave until you defeat all the enemies. If you success, you will be rewarded.


Players can access the Underworld by interacting with the various Monoliths scattered around the station. When you enter the Underworld the world will remain the same except it will be mirrored (Things are on the opposite side). The aspect of the world and player will change and new Enemies and Items will appear. The Underworld is a great location for farming Materials and Nihl Shards.

As soon as you access the Underworld, the black hole clock is replaced with a timer. Anything you pick in the underworld is lost unless you manage to exit it alive (by coming back to a monolith).

There are Bosses that will only appear in the Underworld. A Purple mark on the floor or wall indicates that a boss will appear while in the Underworld.

Stamina Management

Stamina refers to the amount of Stamina Points a player has. Stamina Points are the energy of a character that is used to perform various actions such as attacking, blocking, jumping, and sprinting. This makes Stamina an important aspect of combat as it limits your actions. If the stamina has been completely depleted, your character won't be able to attack, block, sprint nor jump until it is replenished. Stamina Points will quickly replenish if you stop spending it for a brief period of time.

Stamina can be upgraded by infusing Axions at a Breach.

Leveling up

In order to level up in Hellpoint, you'll need to connect to a Breach and have enough Axions to pay for the increase of level. Each level will provide you 1 Attribute point that you can spend freely. Each time the player levels up it will become more expensive. You can learn more about Level and find a complete Level Cost cost table by clicking on the links.

As of the Blue Sun DLC, players can reset their character back to level 1 via the newly added Respecify Stat Points feature.

Weapon Abilities

Weapon Abilities are special passive or active abilities that increase your Weapon capabilities. Each Melee Weapon have 6 predefined abilities and 1 custom ability that depend on the Upgrade Chip installed. Firearms and Catalysts have 7 predefined abilities.

There are two types of abilities, Active and Passive. Active abilities require Energy to be activated and vary from unique attacks to different buffs. Passive abilities are automatically acquired while holding the Weapon and don't require Energy.

These abilities will unlock as you use the Weapon and the experience bar fills. You can quickly swap active abilities by holding the assigned button.

Load & Mobility

Mobility represents how fast you can perform actions such as running, attacking, blocking, etc. Having more Mobility will result in faster attacks and movement speed which is highly recommended for fast weapon builds. You can see your current Mobility in your stats menu.

Load (Attribute) determines the maximum Weight that can be carried before you become over-encumbered. You can increase your Load (Attribute) by infusing actions at a Breach. You can see your current Load in the player stats menu.

The Load displayed in the player stats menu indicates the current and maximum amount of Weight that you are currently carrying. This number is affected by Armor, Accessories and Weapons currently being held (NOTE: Weapons placed on the main hand and off-hand slots will not add to your maximum weight if you are not currently holding them).

When you reach the maximum Weight (for example 100/100) your Mobility will drop to 50% and you will become over-encumbered. While over-encumbered you will not be able to run or roll. You will still be able to attack and block. Adding more Weight will result in less mobility and even slower movement.


Breaches in Hellpoint act as Checkpoints that players can activate to perform various actions such as: Increase Attributes by spending Actions, Increasing or Decreasing the difficulty and Teleport to other connected Breaches. Different to similar games, visiting a Breach won't heal the player or respawn enemies. If players want enemies to respawn they can visit another Location and come back or die to force enemies to respawn.


When health reaches zero, the player dies and respawns at the last visited Breach. All Axions carried will be dropped at the same location. You can run back to your corpse to recover the lost Axions. All enemies will be respawned when the player revives.

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