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Wed, 23 December 2020

Patch: bug fixes (co-op, Arena)
Hellpoint: v366 patch is live on Steam:

- Fixed an issue that made main bosses immune to any damage if you talked to them in the Underworld first
- Fixed a crash when first selecting an item for an Arena custom preset
- Fixed a crash when killing an Archon in the Underworld in co-op mode
- Fixed a rare crash occurring when reviving your co-op partner

Tue, 22 December 2020

Arena update: PvP Arena | New armor sets | Leaderboards | Open matchmaking system

New armor sets: Argent Warrior, Nanocarbon Exosuit, Aureate Warrior, Crimson Sentinel, Pristine Spacesuit

The Arena in Dargass tower is a battleground where Hellpoint players can challenge each other in heated PvP battles.

Patch v364

Added tutorial prompts when the Online or Arena tab becomes available
Fixed co-op revive circle sometimes being too close to platform edges

Hellpoint Arena is a permanent update, not a limited time event❗

Tue, 24 November 2020

Patch: fixed glitches, character name creator
Hellpoint: v363 patch is live on Steam:

- Fixed a level of detail flickering (Embassy)
- Fixed the player missing a step in some stairs (Embassy)
- Fixed the M key not working when creating a name for a new character

Thu, 29 October 2020

Patch: an option to disable the Halloween event, fixes
Hellpoint: v361 patch is live on Steam:

- Added option to disable Halloween Special event in the main menu Gameplay settings
- Fixed a crash on a specific loot item
- Fixed the Halloween jukebox icon
- Removed the carnival music when the enemy playing it dies
- Fixed the Bone Bat, Coffin Crusher and Scary Scooper blueprints missing their base weapon requirements

Mon, 26 October 2020 to Mon, 2 November 2020

Halloween Special event with new items, weapons and armor sets

:: Patch v360 ::

Added the UPnP indicator to the Online tab; shows whether UPnP is detected:
Red: No UPnP | Green: UPnP is available
In case someone has a restrictive NAT (Yellow or Red), UPnP allows to bypass that, providing a better connectivity

Tweaked the NAT indicator to better reflect the port status
Added backup connection on the default UDP port
Fixed lighting in OpenGL in the Sentient boss fight
Optimization in the Atrium
Prevented the player from getting stuck in Ozy's pit in the underworld
Fixed inventory desync in the online co-op mode
Fixed a shader in the Arisen Congregators' "Pyramid" attack
Fixed a number of rare crashes
Silenced tinyBeast's footsteps

NOTE: There does not seem to be a v359 patch.

Thu, 10 September 2020

Patch: Missing coin №66 added, online mode fixes
Hellpoint: v358 - 24784 patch is live on Steam:

- Added NAT "health indicator" to the Online tab:
Green: connection is fine
Yellow: behind a symmetric/CG NAT, ports are being switched
Red: UDP is blocked

- Moved the inaccessible coin in Alma Mater (sorry for the inconvenience!)
- All weapons (except those from the Pond console) can be dismantled
- Unused Breach Synchronizers now aren't lost in New Game+
- Fixed fire/frost effects not being properly applied to some enemies
- (Attempt) Fixed some menu reacting to input even while Alt-Tabbed
- Balanced NG+ damage and rewards for higher levels: axions got slightly lower, enemies' damage & health now go much higher in NG+ (level 5 and above)
- Updated and speeded the credits up
- Prevented a co-op partner from being able to attack neutral NPC
- Added "Camera shake" option to settings
- Fixed GOG achievements not being unlocked
- Fixed Ring Puzzle gates not opening in some situations
- Fixed attacks feedback not showing up for online players
- Balanced the amount of radiation damage applied
- Fixed some firearm melee attacks not dealing damage
- Fixed a crash from doing a heavy jump attack with some firearms
- Fixed some invisible enemies in co-op mode
- Removed unwanted items from showing up in the inventory

Wed, 19 August 2020

Patch: Co-op & boss fight fixes
Hellpoint: v357 - 24723 patch is live on Steam:

- Fixed the issue with enemies having empty health bars while being still alive in co-op mode
- Fixed the guest receiving "invisible attacks" in co-op mode
- The host can now kick the guest in co-op mode using the "Disconnect" option in the Online tab
- A lot of items can now be dismantled
- Fixed the Ghost having overly powerful stats in New Game +
- Fixed Interface having an "exploitable" floor pattern
- Fixed Interface laser being blocked by its arms
- Fixed Interface laser dealing "one-shot" damage instead of damage over time
- Added a floating platform to the Sentient fight (co-op)
- Fixed the quest reward for Ozyormy Goija, added a missing catalyst to the world
- Tweaked the "wall" firing mode of the Channelers

- Changed when the Council opens Nemundis' gate when turning in 150% quest, so it doesn't stay closed
- Fixed a stuck Horde in Arisen Palace
- Online sample rate is now 30 instead of 100, which should prevent buffer overflow
- Fixed a Ring Puzzle fog gate not opening properly
- Fixed an exploit involving the Omnicube Transposition program

- Clamped the energy cost reduction from the Firearm Conductor
- Increased the Dagger and Shard hitbox reach
- Tweaked some Twitch integration vote options
- Optimized the main processor cost of the axion visual effects

Sat, 15 August 2020

Patch: Boss softlock, inaccessible items fixed
Hellpoint: v356 - 24683 patch is live on Steam:

- Fixed the softlock in the fight cinematic (black screen)
- Fixed 3 items that weren't accessible
- Fixed Nemundis' revive option from the council
- An attempt to fix the ghost locking itself in strafing or dodging
- Fixed Celestial Beast not spawning properly as "tinyBeast" pet (Twitch integration mode)

- Added game version display to the main menu
- Added the "Level of detail" option to the .config file (the file is located at: [system disk]:/Users/[user name]/AppData/LocalLow/Cradle Games/Hellpoint/); the option may be added to the in-game options later
- Performance optimization on FX and interactive objects

Wed, 12 August 2020

Patch: Online multiplayer & co-op fixes
Hellpoint: v354 - 24658 patch is live on Steam:

- Fixed wall ("hand") invites not providing proper connection
- Added UPnP support; If you're having a connection problem, you can turn it on on your Internet router
- Fixed bosses not giving axions and items to the second player in co-op
- Fixed invisible enemies when spawned from Room Controllers
- Fixed an issue of upgrading a conductor without a weapon
- Fixed the environment loading issue after death in co-op
- Reduced boss Ozyormy Goija's front and back slams' areas of effect
- Moved the unreachable item in Arisen Palace
- Fixed the Antigravity Module
- Added the missing Underworld fog gate in Alma Mater
- Fixed music not sounding properly on stereo/surround systems

Tue, 11 August 2020

Patch: Online multiplayer connectivity fixed
Hellpoint: v353 - 24632 patch is live on Steam:

- The online multiplayer fix is live: added port sniffing and switching to increase connectivity
- Fixed invisible enemies in the co-op mode
- Fixed a few localization mismatches
- Fixed the invincibility while interrupting teleportation
- Fixed the horde not showing under some circumstances
- Fixed the infinite loading screen when connecting online
- Removed the unneeded fog gate before Uthos in the Underworld
- Fixed an issue where you could teleport to the arena of a revived boss
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't face Nemundis if called from the council on 150% data
- Made the heal upgrade shareable in the co-op mode
- Re-enabled erasing game saves
- Tweaked some Twitch integration vote effects
- Made neutral NPCs immune from attacks landed in the co-op mode

Sat, 8 August 2020


Patch: Boss fight fixes
Hellpoint: v352 patch is live on Steam:

- Fixed the Ozyormy Goija boss fight
- Fixed a softlock when teleporting to the arena of a revived boss
- Fixed a softlock when beating the Sentient before the Disciple

Wed, 5 August 2020

Patch: Returning missing items
Hellpoint: v350 - 24575 patch is live on Steam:

- Players whose items disappeared from their inventories now can return them. Previously lost keys, omnicubes, programs, blueprints and healing items are returned to your inventory when you visit the level they were previously looted in.

Example: you found a key at Sohn District and it disappeared from your inventory. When you enter Sohn District again, this key is automatically added to your backpack.

Unfortunately, weapons, armor and consumables (like upgrade chips) cannot be recovered. Accept our apologies for this.

- Fixed firearms and catalysts in the online multiplayer
- Fixed omnicube replication in the online multiplayer
- Fixed a crash happening when two attacks were being executed at the same time while in online co-op
- Fixed a potential lock up when attacking with a melee weapon and a firearm at nearly the same time

Mon, 3 August 2020

Patch: Rad healing, Ghost bugs fixed
Hellpoint: v347 - 24473 patch is live on Steam:

- Fixed the player not holding heavy weapons on his shoulder
- Fixed the outro cinematic of the hard-mode Sentient
- Fixed the Radiation healing item so it would remove the damage over time effect
- Potential fix for the Ghost that keeps walking back into a wall
- Removed and changed the timing of servers requests

Sat, 1 August 2020

Patch: Disappearing items fixed
Hellpoint: v346 - 24482 patch is live on Steam:

- Items no longer disappear from the inventory
- Fixed the numbers displayed in the Weapon Editor

Sat, 1 August 2020

Patch: Omnicube & weapons fix, main menu feedback, cloud optimizations
Hellpoint: v345 - 24478 patch is live on Steam:

- Automatically equip the omnicube for people who unequipped it and couldn't equip back
- Fixed the damage cone of different shotguns' firing mode
- Fixed the melee attack of the Daemon Cannon weapon

- Tweaking of the Sentient
- Added feedback to the main menu when the game is synchronizing with the cloud
- Added timeout to the synchronization if the cloud is too heavy
- Optimized a number of calls towards the cloud
- Fixed the material stencil on the Artillery weapon

Sat, 1 August 2020

Patch: visual fixes, armor fix
Hellpoint: v344 - 24473 patch is live on Steam:

- Fixed a situation where armor would not work at its fullest if its minimum requirements are provided by a body or mind module (this includes a specific spacesuit not working in space)
- Fixed a number of loot items being invisible
- Fixed switches that link Alma Mater to the Building where they could be used only once
- Fixed a display issue where dismantling items would show pretty bonkers values
- Optimized server communication to lighten the load on them

Fri, 31 July 2020

Hellpoint: v343 - 24465 Day 1 Hotfix: Omnicube, shield charge fixed

Fixed an issue were the omnicube could be unequipped
Fixed the second swing of the Victim's Poker not doing any damage
Fixed the shield charge (to execute it, raise your shield and rush at an enemy while holding down the Sprint button)
Reduced the number of save interactions with the cloud


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