Omnicube Programs are a type of Equipment in Hellpoint. Omnicube Programs can be equipped inside the Omnicube and toggled by using the designated key. Players can only use one Omnicube Program at a time, but up to three can be equipped at the same time and toggled with the quick load keys. Some Omnicube Programs consume Energy while active.

This page indicates a list of all Omnicube Programs in Hellpoint which include their description and Location.

Omnicube Programs In Hellpoint


The Omnicube allows players to load up to three different Omnicube Programs inside. Can be switched on and off by pressing the designated key. Can be found at the Embassy on the Data Room located after you defeat Archon Slaver.
Omnicube Light
Can be used as a flashlight to illuminate dark areas. Can be found at Arcology. Midway up the stairs there is a Loot Cube with Omnicube Light.
Omnicube Transposition

An Omnicube program that uses Axions to bring the user back to the last Breach visited.

Can be found at the Embassy on the Data Room located after you defeat Archon Slaver.
Leave a path of breadcrumbs that players can see through walls to facilitate navigation. Can be found at the Embassy on the floor, near to the Medical Station

This program analyzes the environment and warns of immediate dangers. The code is of dubious origin and was apparently produced in a hurry.

1x can be obtained as a reward at Port Issoudun after participate on an event at the Vault Door Room.
Cube Cooling
Lowers the player temperature while active. Consumes Energy. At Port Issoudun head to the main corridor and jump down. After you defeat the enemies you can find 1x Cube Cooling Omnicube.
Omnicube Auto-Heal
The instructions of this Omnicube program describe a slow, constant stream of nanocells capable of providing first aid in the field. Can be found at Alma Mater Sector 03 Offices
Omnicube Quantum Light
A purple flashlight. It can be used to illuminate dark areas.

1x can be found at Arisen Dominion. From Arisen Palace, take the Right Passage. Jump over to the other side and go back inside using the opening to your left. Defeat 2x Small Candle-Carrier Congregator and pick up  it.

Can be found on the second level of Athenaeum at Alma Mater Atrium.

Omnicube Heater
The basic conversion of energy into atomic agitators to produce localized heat. Useless in space, but can save lives in otherwise deadly cold situations. Can be found at Arcology Underside inside the main building leaning on a wooden box
Omnicube Jukebox (Program A)
This program emits semi-random rhythmic sound waves. Their patterns can be quite enticing. Can be found at Arcology Alma Mater  near to the breach to Otsego Mansion
Omnicube Jukebox (Program B)
A program that emits semi-random rhythmic sound waves that help you remain determined in your quest.

Can be found at Alma Mater Atrium near to the Otsego Mansion Brech.

Omnicube Jukebox (Program C)
It will play a distinctive song while active. 1x can be found at Arisen Dominion. From Arisen Palace, take the Right Passage. Jump over to the other side and go back inside using the opening to your left.  Activate the switch on the wall. A gap will open on the ground. You can head down and jump left to find it.

Omnicube Jukebox (Program D)

A program that emits semi-random rhythmic sound waves. This particular pattern makes you want to laugh. 1x can be found at Ikari Walkways. From Estate Square Breach, go outside and turn right, you will find the Ortega Tower door (its closed for now). Go to the broken bridge, and then head right, enter the alley. Continue ahead. Jump from the edge to reach the platform on the right. Look below the tram. You will see a structure that you can jump to. This will lead you inside a building. Inside there you will find it.  

Omnicube Jukebox (Program E)Omnicube Jukebox (Program E)

Plays ominous tune. 1x Can be found in Arcology Unserside SAS, right next to the breach there's a set of ladders, you have to head to the last ladder jump from the very top of it to reach a final one, program is in the room above.
Omnicube Defense System
An Omnicube program using a slave AI capable of identifying immediate threats and firing Light projectiles should the user be in danger. Can be acquired at the Sohn District at the Bowels. You'll need to kill the Architect to acquire the key to open the door.


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    • Anonymous

      25 Dec 2020 00:51  

      You dont need to kill the architect to get the omnicube defense system, u just have to do his sidequest on sohn district b4 u kill one of the major bosses because that will move him into observatory making that sidequest impossible to complete afterwards/missable. Pretty ez to keep him alive.

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