Omnicube Transposition

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Type Omnicube Program

Omnicube Transposition is an Omnicube Program in Hellpoint. Players can load up to three different Omnicube Programs, but only one can be active at a time. The Omnicube Programs provide an array of different features, which are more or less useful, depending on the situation.


An Omnicube program that uses Axions to bring the user back to the last quantum anchor or "Breach" visited.

Omnicube Transposition Information / Use

  • Omnicube Transposition is an Omnicube Program, that provides the player a means to effectively teleport to the last breach activated / visited.
  • In that sense, the obvious comparison would be the Homeward Bones in the Dark Souls series ; although, here, the item is not consumed upon use ; so, basically, it's the Aged Feather of Dark Souls 2.
  • This ability still has its cost, as it substracts a certain amount of Axions from the total you were currently holding, each time you wish to teleport.
  • It is hard to determine through testing if this cost is a fixed amount ; or if it has an inherent maximum limit ; or if it increases, as you level up...
  • Thankfully, Omnicube Transposition can still be used, even if you're carrying 0 Axions.
  • This ability is especially useful if you're stuck somewhere (generally after one of the numerous sections of platforming, littered throughout the game...) ; you don't feel especially confident in your capacity to get back to safety ; and you certainly don't want to lose all the Axions you're currently carrying.
  • On a more technical side, it is good to note that this ability takes some time to activate, after you have confirmed its use ; so, don't switch to another Omnicube Program, or activate it multiple times, while thinking it's not working because of the slight delay.

Where to find Omnicube Transposition

  • It can be found in the Embassy area, just after you have :
    • 1. Defeated the Archon Slaver boss ;
    • 2. Communicated with the Author, via the terminal present in the next room.
  • These two steps are mandatory : if you don't defeat the Archon Slaver boss, you can't access the terminal ; and if you don't communicate with the Author, the door allowing you to progress further into the game simply won't open.
  • Once this door has opened, Omnicube Transposition is right ahead of you, on a pedestal, along with the Omnicube, just before the door leading to the Observatory area.

Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Playing on Xbox, and it isn't taking any. Also seems to make my axions appear next to the last breach I teleported to, even if I'm nowhere near it, when I did.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone know how many axioms this cost to use. I know ot doesnt take all but i have no clue if it was half or 25 percent

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