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Omnicube is a special type of item in Hellpoint. 


Once the pinnacle of reprogrammable nanotech, the Omnicube was relegated to the status of children's toy when the printing of nanotech within building structures became commonplace. Some still find it useful for tasks such as mining or exploration.

Omnicube Information / Use

  • The Omnicube has its own dedicated inventory slot.
  • It allows players to load up to three different Omnicube Programs.
  • These programs can be switched at any given time (you don't have to interact with a breach, or a specific type of Station).
  • These programs can then be switched on and off, by pressing the designated keys.
  • Only one program can be active at a time ; it is important to precise that, in most cases, it then consumes a bit of Energy over time, a fact that is never made clear in the game.
  • The Omnicube Programs provide an array of different features, which are more or less useful, in essence (the Jukebox Programs...), or depending on the situation (for example, Cube Cooling is very situational).

Where to find Omnicube

  • It can be found in the Embassy area, just after you have :
    • 1. Defeated the Archon Slaver boss ;
    • 2. Communicated with the Author, via the terminal present in the next room
  • These two steps are mandatory : if you don't defeat the Archon Slaver boss, you can't access the terminal ; and if you don't communicate with the Author, the door allowing you to progress further into the game simply won't open.
  • Once this door has opened, the Omnicube is right ahead of you, on a pedestal, along with Omnicube Transposition, just before the door leading to the Observatory area.

Notes and Tips

  • The Omnicube is...the Omnicube ; not an Omnicube Program, obviously. It has been put into this category, mainly for the sake of classification.



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