Arisen Dominion is a Location in Hellpoint. Residence of the Arisen and home to Undisturbed Defas Nemundis.



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Full Arisen Dominion Walkthrough

Enter from Embassy, you will find yourself on an open room. Stabilize the breach and pick up 1x Carbon Scraps.


Head up using the stairs. Turn right on the first level and you will find a small passage. Defeat 1x Headless Victim, you can read a message on the wall to gather Data.


Keep going, you will find a split. Turn right and open the door. You will have to fight 1x Small Celestial Beast. After you defeat it explore the room to find 1x Inselium Ingot, 1x Entropic Melee Conductor +1. You can also inspect the wall to gather Data and learn about the Massive AI. This info can be used to talk to the Architect NPC and progress on that alternative ending.


Go back to the split and head left. Cross the bridge and defeat 1x Whip Victim and 1x Headless Victim. You can find 1x Carbon Scraps and 1x Foresight Channeler dropped in the room. Keep going up, defeat 3x Crawling Victim and pick up 1x Ration. Open the door and you will find yourself back at the second level of the main ladder of the Arisen Dominion.


Cross to the other side of the stairs and defeat 1x Small Celestial Beast. Go up using the stairs to your left. This will lead you to a small room with 1x Whip Victim inside. Activate the control panel on the wall to gather data and open the door to find 1x Breach Synchronizer. You can also jump to the feet of the statue to pick up 1x Inselium Ingot.


Go back to the main stairs and heda to the 3rd level. You can find 1x Carbon Scraps to your left. There is a small passage on each side protected by 1x Small Celestial Beast. You can find 1x Inselium Ingot on the right and 1x Axions (111) on the left.


Continue ahead. Cross the bridge explore the area to pick up 1x Carbon Scraps , you can fight the enemies or ignore them (you won't be able to continue through the gate even if you defeat them). There are 1x Small Two-Handed Arisen Congretaor, 1x Small Handle-Carrier Arisen Congregator (It can drop Axions (444) or Refined Carbon), 2x Crawling Victim, 4x Whip Victim, 3x Small Celestial Beast and 1x Headless Victim. This is a difficult fight and you might want to lure them in small numbers.


Jump over the boxes to your left to continue. You can read an inscription in the wall to gather Data. Keep going and go down the ramp. Defeat the enemies and pick up 3x Carbon Scraps. Go up using the magnetic lift. Be careful as 1x Small Two-Handed Arisen Congregator and 1x Crawling Victim are waiting for you. You can open the door going to the main stairs from here.


There is a room to your left. You can stabilize a Breach and find 1x Refined Carbon inside. Go back and get near to the stone door. It will open as you come close to it. Explore the area behind the stairs. Go inside and read the monument, you will get Data. You can find 1x Refined Carbon.


Grand Gallery

Go up the stairs. You will find 1x Small Candle-Carrier Congregator waiting for you. Defeat it and pick up 1x Axions (777). There is a locked door to your right leading to the Sun Hall.


Go on and you will reach a Grand Gallery. There is a ledge to your left with 1x Axions (777). You can sprint and jump to reach it.


Continue ahead and on the other side of the room you will be able to Stabilize a Breach. There's an elevator in the middle of the room. You can activate it by using the Seals located across the Arisen Dominion.



NOTE: There is a secret room you can access from here. While facing the way you just came from with the Candle-Carrier Congregator, head right until you reach a doorway. Instead of entering the doorway head left along the edge. Along the wall you will see what looks like two golden doorways with platforms in front of them. Press the interaction button on the second one to open a secret room. Here you will find 1x Leech Enhancer and 3xMaterial : Thermal Steel.


Head to the pillars located left from the bridge. You can pick up 1x Axions (999) There. You can also use the magnetic lift on the tower next to the pillars to reach the top. You will find Material: Active Core there.


Go back to the breach and jump over the broken bridge behind it. You will find 1x Linked Espadon.


Go right and climb the stairs. Once you reach the top area walk through the edge. Pick up Axions (3333) and head back.


Go right and then enter the gap to your left. Defeat 1x Small Candle-Carrier Congregator and keep going. You will have to jump down, to continue. The door on the other side of the bridge will open and 2x Small Candle-Carrier Congregator and 1x Small Two-Handed Arisen Congregator will come out.


After you defeat them explore behind the stairs to find 1x Axions (777). Go inside the room where the enemies came out, there is 1x Disciple Shield and 1x Seal of the Anima Inside. Explore the room on the left and read the passage on the wall to obtain information about the Patriarch.


Head back outside and go down using the magnetic lift located right of the stairs.


Note: If you go down the ramp you will find a magnetic lift leading back to the main Level.

Go up the ramp and use the magnetic lift, Go up the stairs and defeat 2x Small Candle-Carrier Congregator. Behind them you can find Seal Of the Snake.


You can also activate a switch that enables a magnetic lift leading back to the main level. Explore the level to find 1x Inselium Ingot and 1x Axions (555). You can take two different paths from here


Path 1

Go back inside the building and head left. You will have to defeat 1x Small Two-Handed Congregator and 1x Small Celestial Beast. You will reach a small room with 1x Axions (7777) Thespian Npc and a Tech Station inside. Talk to him repeatedly and he will ask you about the AI. Once you defeat Undisturbed Defas Nemundis you'll be able to talk to him and meet him at Port Issoudun to continue his quest line.


Go down using the magnetic lift, you will be able to open two doors leading back to the main area. Go back up and keep going, Defeat 3x Small Celestial beast and pick up Seal of the Patriarch.


Keep going up, once you exit the building head left through the edge. From here you can either go left or right. The right passage will lead you to the Arisen Palace, which then leads into the Alma Mater Atrium. If you want to complete the Arisen Dominion you should use the right passage.

Arisen Palace

If you turn right you'll notice platforms along the way. Use them to reach the bottom.


Turn right and follow the path. You can find 1x Inselium Ingot on the opening to your right.


Jump over the broken bridge and you'll be able to find the Arisen Palace.


Stabilize Breach, pick up 1x Antigravity Module and 1x Diamond Ingot. You can use the transport to reach Alma Mater Atrium.


Right Passage

Jump over to the other side and go back inside using the opening to your left. Defeat 2x Small Candle-Carrier Congregator and pick up 1x Omnicube Quantum Light.


Activate the switch on the wall. A gap will open on the ground. You can head down and jump left to find 1x Omnicube Jukebox (Program C).


Jump down and you will reach the entrance of the Grand Gallery. The door to the Sun Hall will be open and you will be able to acquire Seal Of Chaos inside.


Path 2

Go back inside the building and head right, go up the stairs and defeat 1x Small Celestial Beast.  Go through the door to your left and jump to the other side of the plataform. You will have to defeat both Small Two-Handed Arisen Congretaor.


Jump down and keep going, use the stairs to your left to go down. You will find yourself in a big room with a Blue Sun in the middle. There is a small room to your right with 1x Material: Beating Heart and an Occult Station.


Go back and head left this time. Defeat the enemies and pick up 1x Disciple Ferula.


Keep going and cross the blocked wall by walking through the edge (As shown in the screenshot below)


Turn left and enter the gap. Defeat 2x Small Celestial Beast and pick up 1x Inselium Ingot and 1x Axions (444). After beating the beast explore the area. You'll find a secret door. Drop down and you'll be face  a jumping puzzle. The best way to beat this puzzle is to remove all your equipment (Including Weapons and Armor) and run straight through the middle. You won't fall down. You can also use your Quantum Light Omnicube to check which tiles won't collapse. Finish the jumping puzzle and you'll get 1x Hedron of Entropy alongside 1x Axions (22222), 1x Coin 1x Catalyst Conductor and 1x Diamond Ingot.

Go back outside and enter the building. Go down the stairs and pick up 1x Purging Ritual.


Head outside, you will have to face 1x Small Two-Handed Arisen Congretaor and 6x Small Candle-Carrier Congregator. After you defeat them you can pick up 1x Axions (1111).



Continue ahead and open the locked door to your right. Head down using the stairs and you will reach the bottom level called the Mausoleum.


You can find 1x Axions (4444) dropped on the ground. Head left and defeat the enemies. You can pick up 1x Radioactive Melee Conductor +1.


Continue ahead until you reach the other end of the hall. You can find 1x Axions (2222), 1x Inselium Rod, 1x Material: Accelerator, 1x Refined Carbon and 1x Axions (555) along the way. There is a secret room on the middle of the wall. Here you can find 1x Filter Goggles.


Go down the stairs until it splits. When it does, turn left and go down to obtain Mouth of Filth. Go back to the split and head down, turn left and defeat the enemies. Use the magnetic lift to keep going down.


You will reach a small room, pick up 1x Refined Carbon. There are three concrete panels on the wall. Press the interaction button on the one in the middle to open a secret door. Here you will find a Medical Station and 1x Axions  (3333) below. Go back to the room and go outside.


Walk through the platform until the road splits. Head left and pick up 1x Carbon Scraps and 1x Material: Pulse Mineral. Had back and head inside the building to find and stabilize a breach.



Go outside and explore the area below the building. There is an inscription on the wall near the radiation river that provides you the A Pattern Eye Two: 2602 9417. You can also climb the rock on the middle of the river to acquire 1x Material: Earth Minerals.



NOTE: You can find a hidden passage behind the Radioactive Cascade. Behind, you can find a prisoner cell and a monolith that leads to the underworld.


If you head into the underworld you can explore the area to fight the Fourth Archon Knight boss which rewards you with 1x Eye of the Patriarch.



Use the magnetic lift on the right and continue ahead. Turn left and you will find the elevator leading back to the Grand Gallery.


Turn left and keep going until you find a room with runes on the wall. Beneath the runes you will find a painting with Channeler of Light.


Ministry Audience Chamber

Head back to the elevator and go up to the fourth floor, the Ministry Audience Chamber. You will see stairs leading to a closed door on one side and a room on the other. Walk through the room and talk to the council. Tell them you want to commune with Undisturbed Defas Nemundis and the door located on top of the stairs will open. You can use the Monoloth to head into the Underworld and talk with Nemundis, or continue straight to fight him.


Head to the other side of the room, walk inside and the boss fight against Undisturbed Defas Nemundis will begin. When you defeat Nemundis you will be rewarded with Fragment of Nemundis, The Undisturbed, Data and the Arisen Dominion – Undisturbed Defas Nemundis breach will open. Head down to the Arisen Palace and use the Tram to reach the Alma Mater Atrium.



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      From the breach in the Grand Gallery, make your way up to the horseshoe-shaped pathway above the breach. Go inside from the Seal of the Snake and turn left. Walk along the raised walkway where the celestial beasts are patrolling. In the section after the Tech Station, look left. There are no windows. Pick one of the middle openings and do a running jump. You can reach the top of the horseshoe path. Carefully make your way to the middle where the giant statue is. You can make a running jump from the very back edge of the roof and reach the platform behind the giant statue and obtain the Winged Halberd. It's a really nice weapon if you have the stats.

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