Alma Mater is a Location in Hellpoint. Located at the core of the Station, the Alma Mater is home to Uthos the Ashen Born.


Full Alma Mater Walkthrough

Arrive From Alma Mater Atrium

Note: If you arrived from the Alma Mater Atrium, Start this guide from "Underground" and move backwards.

Arrive from Arcology Underside

As soon as you enter you will see a door to your right, open it to acquire 1x Sandstorm Goggles.


Defeat 3x Small Archon and 1x Sentinel and use the stairs to your right, you will find 1x Material: Solid Plasma.


Keep going and you will find an elevator on your right, a monolith leading to the Underground at the back and a dark room on your left.


NOTE: You can open a secret passage next to the elevator, this will lead you to a secret room with Material: Fission Core and a door leading to the Alma Mater – Belvedere Breach.



If you head into the underworld you can find 1x Breach Synchronizer, on top of the statue 1x Healing Proficiency.

You can also talk to Uthos while in the Underworld before you defeat him

Uthos the Ashen Born

The elevator will lead you up where you can fight Uthos the Ashen Born Boss.

Defeat him and you'll obtain Fragment of Uthos, the Ash-Born, Union Condos Key and you will unlock the Alma Mater – Utho’s Agora breach.


Alma Mater Institute

Go left and defeat 2x Sentinel and 1x Siege Victim. There are also many Small Archon enemies in the room. You can turn on the lights by pressing a switch located on the rear-left part of the room.


NOTE: If you run straight to the main stairs on the room you will notice that there is a false floor and you will drop into a conduct. Here you can find 1x INB Vault Key  (Alma Mater Institute).

Go up the stairs located in the middle of the room. You will find the complete Theurgist Set and an Occult Conjuring Table.


Go back and head to the right corridor and go inside the room. Use the magnetic lift and avoid the traps. Jump through the hole on the ground to pick up 1x Material: Charged Prism

NOTE: Between two sets of stairs, you can drop down. This will grant you Dark Sentinel Set and INB Vault Key. With this key you can go back down to a set of stairs with two knights, on the base of those stairs there's a secret door, and another one just behind first, here you can use your vault key and get Artilery OLX


Head back to the corridor and go down the stairs


NOTE: You can find a secret room on the wall at the bottom of the stairs with 1x Cognition Module inside.


You will find an open area. Here you can find 1x Material: Charged Prism and 1x Inselium Rod.


Head right, jump over the structures and go down through the platforms to find 1x Entropic Shield Conductor +1.


Head back and turn left this time. There is a door with a switch. Open it to stabilize the Alma Mater – Offices breach. There is also a way back to Alma Mater Atrium – Tenements Breach.


Inside the first room you will find 1x Thespian Mace. Continue ahead and go up.


In the final room you will find the Omnicube Auto-Heal module below a hanging corpse.


Go down and after the room with the computers you will see an opening going down the building. Here you will find 1x Model: Corrupted Disciple Shield and 1x Breach Synchronizer.


Go outside and go up the stairs, you will find the Alma Mater – Belvedere Breach and 1x Daring Effigy.


Go back outside and go left. Jump to the concrete platform and defeat the enemies. Jump to the building using the platforms and you will find a small room where you can gather a lot of data and pick up Axions (1111) and Material: Solid Plasma.


Open the door and head to the room in front. Here you can find the complete Sentinel Set and on top the Omnicube Quantum Light module.


Go back to the corridor and head down through the stairs to pick up 1x Fearful Effigy. Here you can gather various Data and acquire 1x Model: Induction Shield Conductor and 1x Refined Carbon.


Call the elevator and head down.


NOTE: When you call the elevator jump on the roof when it's close to arrive. This will allow you to pick up Vacuum Isolator which is hidden near the ceiling.



Go straight from the elevator and you will find a room with a broken monolith. As soon as you enter the walls will open and you will be ambushed by 4x Small Archon. After you defeat them you can pick up 1x Entropic Shield Conductor +1 behind the monolith.


Go down to the lowest level and you will find the Alma Matter – Lobby Breach. Explore the area and you'll find a door leading back to the Alma Mater Atrium. This will lead you to the upper floor outside the gallery




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Trivia & Notes:

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    • Anonymous

      There is a white/blue reptilian in the offices area for me. Seems like a mini-boss of sorts, and I checked if it would spawn outside of hell hour. Yup. Scared the **** out of me, beware fellow spawn.

      • Anonymous

        In the walk-through of Alma Mater Underworld section it says that you can find the blue prints of this set in the conducts located on the false floor where you get the INB Vault key and underworld sentinel set.

        But, the game is bugged and you cannot fall down into the conducts under the false floor in the underworld version of the area, because the wall is placed on top of the opening where you have to drop down to get this set. So you CANNOT get it right now until it is fixed.

        • Anonymous

          Another missed interesting secret, which I have no idea what it changes in the story, you mustn't go to the Uthos the Ashen Born boss section before doing this. Go to the Underworld through the monolith (it is next to the elevator to the boss room), and while being in Underworld it allows you to travel to the boss Uthos the Ashen Born and talk to him, he will give you a question to which you can reply with gives answers. I gave the answer "Suffering is neither good or bad" (something like that), and I got teleported back to the real world after he was disappointed by my answer, saying that it was a weak answer I gave him.
          I didn't tried to go back into Underworld and speak with him again, so you anyone wishing can try to see how many times it works, and what sort of reactions will happen to different answers you will give.

          • Important secrets that were missed here, In the large dining hall before elevator to the boos room, between two sets of stairs, you can drop down. This will grant you Dark sentinel set and INB Vault key. With this key you can go back down to a set of stairs with two knights, on the base of those stairs there's a secret door, and another one just behind first, here you can use your vault key and get Artilery OLX amongst other goodies.

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