Multiplayer in Hellpoint allows players to quickly join and start a co-op match or fight each other. Both players will be playing as a Spawn and progress together. During Multiplayer, loot and experience is shared among both players.



1. Press T while in-game. In the menu that appears, select the Online tab (Z, X to navigate).
2. Find the 8-digit match code.
3. Share it with another player.

Second Player

The instruction for the second player:
1. Press T while in-game. In the menu that appears, select the Online tab (Z, X to navigate).
2. Select Enter match.
3. Enter the 8-digit match code (Up, Down to navigate).
4. State your intentions (co-op or PvP).


Game Types

Hellpoints allow players to online co-op, online PvP, shared screen co-op, and split-screen PvP.

Co-op Multiplayer

To join a player in shared screen, you just need your friend to plug in a control and press the start button. The screen will be split during co-op Multiplayer

Online Multiplayer

To join someone in online co-op walk to a Breach and select the online option. This will allow you to join other people game.


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    • Anonymous

      Copy form devs discord channel:

      Q.: I can't connect to my friend? What gives?
      A.: Is NAT and UPnP green for both you and your friend?

      * If NAT is yellow or red, you can look to lessen any restrictive NAT settings in your router.
      * If UPnP is red, you should be able to turn it on in your router settings.
      * If for some reason both you and your friend have all of those green, look up online if your internet provider are using Carrier-Grade NAT (CG NAT). If it's the case, you can usually call them and ask to be removed from behind that. It hides you by sharing an IP with other people.

      ..... for me it is last one..........

      • Anonymous

        Online does not work for me and a friend, it is just greyed out. We both have activated a breach but we cannot select the online option much least share a code or whatever...cant even get to that step....

        • Anonymous

          Hey! I'm trying to play online with a friend but we are both unable to connect to the other game... We enter the 8-digits code and the little white loading icon shows, but after some time (maybe 1 or 2 minutes) it disappears and absolutly nothing happens... Not even a screen to tell us that the connection failed... We are at the beginning of the game (the Arcology zone).

          Thanks anyone for the help!

          • Anonymous

            Online co-op is the only reason my brother and I bought the game. It's a good thing we got it super cheap on Gamivo because we're both quitting after discovering this game's very off-putting, un-fun, un-fair form of player tethering. Example: I was the game host. We were both fighting an especially dangerous enemy. I made a stupid move and got knocked down. Instead of being able to possibly get saved by my brother we are instead BOTH teleported right back to the beginning. It's very unfair to the 2nd player to not be able to try to save the day if Player 1 screws up.

            • Anonymous

              Does anybody know how matchmaking works? I saw some videos where people were pvping at lvl 100 with +10 conductors so ill stay at that too, but i couldnt verify how good that works to find opponents.

              • Anonymous

                I have a question. Is it possible to bind the coop save selection from the start button of my controller ?
                I would like to play another character but anytime I go to the menu and press the validation button, it starts the split screen coop with my other save...

                • Anonymous

                  That’s a ****ing lie about joining multiplayer through the breach you daft ****. This games online multiplayer doesn’t work in its current state.

                  • Anonymous

                    Wtf I preordered this stupid game to play with my friend and then they rip the online multi out before launch.

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