New Game Plus for Hellpoint features information regarding the following assets that can be brought into playing another playthrough after finishing the game for the first time. Players will see some differences with the initial playthrough, and get to carry over certain progress.


New Game Plus

How to Unlock New Game +?

After completing one of the Endings, players will re-spawn at the beginning of the game. Depending on the ending a different cinematic will play.

What carries over to New Game +

What Changes in New Game +?

  • All NPCs respawn
  • All Equipment respawns (You can get them again)
  • NPCs quest lines are reset
  • Breaches are reset
  • Bosses are Reset as well as Locations and locked doors (including secret doors)
  • +1 difficulty level (but the effect of lowering/increasing from Daring Effigy/Fearful Effigy)

What doesn't carry over to New Game +

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    • Anonymous

      Synchronized breaches sadly don't stay synchronized, didn't see any of my synchronizers carry over because something forgot the r on that part if those actually do so I thought once you open them again you can transport to them...

      • Anonymous

        When I fight the sentient for the true ending, after defeating the boss my screen goes black. I could still hear my char walking on map, but can't see anything. Try to warp back to embassy, same black screen. Do alt+F4 to see if solves, and now im stuck on a loop. If i enter in the Beyond Space and Time, the Sentient is still here alive with the prodigial spawn, but there is no lifebar for the boss, or music. If i kill it, nothing happens, and if i go back to embassy, this repeats. My save file is F******* corrupted, right? Im on PC, if someone wants to see this bull****, you can find me on facebook - Antonio Antunes - i can send the save file - of course, after learning where the game save it.

        • Anonymous

          Joined ng+ yesterday on ps4: both fearful and daring effigys DID carry over. Gonna do a fast run in this one and then ise the 16 darings ill have in ng+2 for some juicy axions in the ikary walkways.

          • Anonymous

            Wait, so your effigies are supposed to carry over? Someone better tell my copy of the game that because mine disappeared when I started NG+ lol

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