Type Consumables

Ration is a Consumable Item in Hellpoint. Ration can be given to the walking dead in exchange for materials. Consumables are a special type of items in Hellpoint that can affect the player character and the word inside the game.


One would be ill advised to consume this in its current state or its original state.

Ration Use and Effect

  • Can be given to the walking dead glum in exchange for materials.
    • The position (time) of the black hole determines what he offers


Where to find Ration:

  • 1 x can be found at the open area in Control Room at Sohn District.
  • 1x can be found inside a building at Port Issoudun.
  • 1x Can be found at Arisen Dominion. At the beginning you will see an open room. Head up using the stairs. Turn right on the first level and you will find a small passage. Keep going, you will find a split. Head left. Cross the bridge and defeat 1x Whip Victim and 1x Headless Victim. You can find it dropped in the room.
  • 1x can be fond at Arcology Underside. After completing the Hell Hour Time event near to Central Mall breach go inside the building using the stairs on the left, and you will find it there.

Ration Notes and Tips:

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