DLC in Hellpoint is downloadable content that was released post-launch. Blue Sun, the game's first DLC, was released on July 12th, 2022. It is unknown if there will be more DLC in the future.


Blue Sun

Blue Sun offers three new locations, new armor sets, two-handed weapons and a contract system. New features such as stats respec and inventory management also come with the update.

hellpoint blue sun

New Enemies:

  • Inmate
  • Alpha
  • Eye Warden
  • Giant Scorpion
  • Guest of the Feast
  • High Thespian
  • Philomycus Spawn
  • Black Ops Soldier
  • Tainted Black Ops Soldier
  • Turret
  • Giant Scorpion
  • Shade
  • Breach Mimic
  • Core Technician


New NPCs:


New Armor:

  • High Thespian set
  • Business set
  • Guest of the Feast set
  • Devilish Depraved set
  • Stetson
  • Mask of Minion
  • Mask of Gluttony
  • Mask of Envy
  • Mask of Avarice
  • Mask of Lust
  • Mask of Wrath
  • Mask of Sloth
  • Mask of Vanity
  • Black Op set
  • Tricorn
  • Black Op Assault Armor set
  • Black Op Support Armor set
  • Black Op Incinerator Armor set
  • Crimson Sentinel set
  • Vist set
  • Hero of the Motherland set
  • High Archon set
  • Recon set
  • Hunter set
  • Core Technician set
  • Bucket
  • Ivory Business Suit set
  • Nanocarbon set



New Items:

New Mechanics:



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