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Hellpoint Walkthrough


Observatory is a Location in Hellpoint. The Observatory is located at the middle of the station. It also acts as a Hub where players can upgrade their equipment and conect with other areas. There are no enemies at the Obervatory.


General Information


Video Walkthrough

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NPCs in the area


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Equipment & Upgrades

Key Items

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Full Observatory Walkthrough

When you enter the observatory go up the stairs and turn left. Enter the door and go up using the stairs.


Head down to the first level towards the structure located in the middle. Beside the structure you will find a corpse with a full Ancient Warrior Set: 1x Ancient Warrior Helm, 1x Ancient Warrior Armor, 1x Ancient Warrior Gauntlets and 1x Ancient Warrior Boots. Interact with the object and a Breach will open that you can use to upgrade your character. This Breach also connects to the Embassy – Great Halls breach allowing for quick transport.


Use the stairs next to the breach and go down. You will find 1x Antiquated Officer Glaive, 1x Reflex Melee Conductor +1 and 1x Strength Melee Conductor +1.


You will also find a Tech Station, a Weapon Editor and a Utility Station.

  • Tech Station (or Universal Printer): Allows you to Process Resources, Print Modules and Dismantle Equipment.
    • Process Resources: Allows you to process raw resources into usable Materials
    • Print Module: allows you to create Equipment based on Models you have collected. You will need resources to craft them
    • Dismantle Equipment: allows you to destroy equipment to obtain resources.
  • Weapon Editor (or Upgrade Equipment) allows you to upgrade your weapons by using Conductors.
  • The Medical Station (or Medical Station) allows you to Heal your character using Axions or upgrade your healing method.


Turn back and head to the lowest level. Here you can find useful tips on the wall. If you go left you can find 1x Carbon Scraps at the end of the platform. Head to the other side of the platform and you will find a closed door that leads to Port Issoudun. Once you get the Port Issoudun Credentials and open the door, you'll be able to pick up 1x Martial Melee Conductor +1


Go back to the first level and use the stairs to your right to go to the 3rd level. Once upstairs turn left and go inside the first opening. You can jump down to obtain 1x Carbon Scraps. Jump down again and use the stairs to return to the upper level. Turn left again and past the door you will see a lift to your right. Go up and pick up 1x Axion x999.


Head down and follow the path to your right until you find the end of the platform. To your right you will see a lift. You will have to jump right and use the interaction button to reach another lift. Do this two times to reach the top.


Once on top you will see three columns. Jump on each of them and go up the structure. You can find 1x Scrapped Heat Shield on the way up and 1x Breach Synchronizer on top. Turn left and go down to find 1x Coin on the edge.

NOTE: You can reach the closed gallery if you jump from the edge of the building. You will take substantial damage so a full health bar is recommended. On the gallery you can find: 1x Model: Light Shield Conductor, 1x Material: Charged Prism and 1x Axions (3333). You can jump down to leave the building and you will have to climb up again to keep going.


Look around and search for the lift on one of the walls. Walk through the structure to reach the lift and go up. Once you reach the top you need to jump backward to reach another structure. Look backwards and press the UP and Jump button to reach it.


Walk through the structure and jump to reach the next Lift. Once on top jump backwards to reach safety. You can find 1x Coin on the edge. Jump without running. On the structure to your left you can find 1x Coin and to your right you can find 1x Inselium Ingot. Jump to the other side and use the lift to reach the upmost level. Here you can find 1x Healing Proficiency.


Head back to the observatory main floor and you will see platforms heading down. You will have to jump over them to reach the bottom. You can find 1x Axion (333) on the way down.


Once you reach the bottom you will find: 1x Coin, 1x Axion (333) and 1x Pathing. Turn back and you will see a lift. Jump over and go up to open a door leading back to the main Observatory Structure. You will find Glum. Glum will give you Materials in exchange for Rations.


Head to the first level and turn left. You will see a green area that is now open. You will see 3 doors each of them leading to Arcology.




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Trivia & Notes:

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