Strength Melee Conductor

Type Upgrade Chips

Strength Melee Conductor  is an Upgrade Chips in Hellpoint. Strength Melee Conductor can be equipped on a melee weapon at a  Weapons Editor to improve melee weapon damage based on Strength.

Upgrades Chips are a special type of item in Hellpoint that can boost your stats or powers. Upgrades themselves can be leveled up with Axions.


 Strength Melee Conductor Use/Information:


Where to Find Strength Melee Conductor :

Strength Melee Conductor Notes & Tips

  • Gives equipped melee weapon a buff ability that increases tentacity (increasing likelyhood of interrupting or knocking down enemies)
  • Other notes...




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    • Anonymous

      09 Sep 2020 17:25  

      I just played with the Officers Glaive +1 for 17 hours before realizing this is possible. This is what I loved about Dark Souls, discovering mechanics after so long...

      • Anonymous

        31 Aug 2020 08:36  

        Im confused when it comes to upgrading. If I have a Column +5, do I need 6 Strength Melee Conductors to upgrade it to Column +6?
        I feel like I'm near the end of the game and never figured this out. I just go up the Weapon Editor from time to time to see if I'm able to upgrade or not. Would be nice to know tho how to upgrade.

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