Healing Proficiency

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 Type Consumables

Healing Proficiency is a Consumable Item in Hellpoint. Consumables are a special type of items that can affect, either the player character, or the surrounding world.


Enhances the selected healing method. Can be used at any Health Service Station.

Healing Proficiency - Use / Effect

  • The Healing Proficiency is a consumable item, that can be used specifically at a Medical Station, in order to "upgrade" the various Healing Methods that can be found in the game.
  • (The "Health Service Station" that is referred to in the ingame description of this item is, in fact, the Utility Station / Medical Station. The earliest one you can come across is located in the Observatory area, just next to the Observatory - Podium breach.)
  • "Upgrading" a Healing Method, actually translates to increasing the maximum number of charges potentially available for this particular Healing Method.
  • WARNING. There are only a grand total of seven Healing Proficiencies, scattered throughout the game ; and the locations in which these can be found are generally far from being obvious, or easy to reach. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put a bit of thought into which Healing Method you decide to spend them on.
  • With that being said, you can't really go wrong with using the first few you find, in order to upgrade the Healing Injection you  acquired at the very start of the game.
  • It would also be wise to keep some, in order to upgrade the Anti-Rad Injection (To counter the radiation build-up, prevalent mostly in the Arisen Dominion area) ; and the Purging Ritual (To cure the Insanity condition, prevalent mostly in the Port Issoudun area).

Where / How to acquire Healing Proficiency

  • 1x can be found in the Embassy area, inside the INB Vault.
    • The door granting access to the Vault is locked (What kind of a Vault would it be if it wasn't...) ; so, first, you'll need to get the appropriate key (See INB Vault Key for more detailed instructions).
    • Note that you can acquire the Healing Proficiency in the Embassy area, even before fighting the Archon Slaver ; but you won't actually be able to use it before you defeat that boss, and gain access to the Medical Station present in the Observatory area.
    • With that being said : the following instructions assume that you have already opened the shortcut that allows a much shorter route between the Embassy - Pond breach, and the Archon Slaver boss fight.
    • Incidentally, it will also allow you to get to the item you're currently aiming for much faster. (If you haven't opened that shortcut yet, see Archon Slaver for more detailed instructions).
    • Starting from the Embassy - Pond breach : face the "window" (logically, the breach is now at your back), and go forward, and to your right.
    • Climb the pile of crates, until you reach a higher floor.
    • From there, turn to the right, and aim for the wide doorway flanked by two Sentinel statues, where you previously opened the shortcut.
    • Watch out, 1x (real) Sentinel is patrolling the area : fight it or run past it, your choice. But since it tends to follow you around, chances are, you'll have to defeat it anyway, before the next step.
    • When you are on the threshold of the doorway, facing the great hall, with its succession of pillars : head in a diagonal, forward, and to your right, and then interact with the first section of wall you come across.
    • This will reveal a secret door, giving you access to a whole new subsection of the level. Turn left, and go towards the doorway you can see across the room.
    • WARNING. There are 2x Vipers waiting for you, with one on either side of the doorway : so don't fall prey to such a poor ambush.
    • Just a heads up : from this point onwards, there is a relatively high concentration of numerous Vipers ; and a wide assortment of all the possible declinations of Victims (Cannon fodder ; Melee ; Ranged ; Tank).
    • It is extremely dark, even by this game's usual standards (if you go grab the Healing Proficiency as early as possible, you won't have acquired Omnicube Light yet) ; and, to top it all off, there are a lot of crates, blocking your line of sight : so stay on your toes.
    • From the ambush point : turn right ; forward ; turn left, and go down a first set of stairs.
    • The next set of stairs is destroyed in its middle section, so don't fall, and jump over the gap.
    • Turn right, and continue to go down the stairs, until you reach the lowest floor.
    • When facing the only corner of the room lit with a "normal" white light, and not with an ominous red light ; turn right, and go hug the wall located on this side of the room, under the staircase.
    • Continue to hug the wall, now located on your right, until you reach the corner of the room : you'll discover a recess, that you could have easily missed, since you can't see two feet in front of you...
    • At the bottom of this recess, there is a tile, of a slightly different color than the floor you were on : step on it. It actually serves as an elevator / lift, and will take you down after a few seconds.
    • The INB Vault is now finally in sight. As you approach, 2x Victims will spawn on either side. After you have dispatched this nuisance, go unlock the door with the INB Vault Key.
    • The Healing Proficiency is sitting there, on a pedestal, along with 1x Coin, on the floor, to the right.
    • (Another door, opened via a switch located inside the INB Vault, will allow you to get back to the rest of the level.)


  • 1x can be found in the Observatory area.
    • Starting from the Observatory - Podium breach : head in the opposite direction to where the Weapon Editor is located, until you reach a staircase.
    • Go up the stairs, and turn left.
    • Go straight ahead, and turn right : you'll find a series of staircases, connecting the different semi-circular floors of the Observatory.
    • Go up the stairs, until you reach the highest floor.
    • Turn right, and go straight ahead, until you reach what seems to be the end of this semi-circular floor.
    • If you look closer, there is, in fact, a platform located slightly at a lower height, that lets you access a mag-lift.
    • Starting from this first mag-lift, you'll have to perform a succession of two lateral jumps to the right, in order to reach two other mag-lifts.
    • Now that you've set foot on the "roof" of the Observatory, you'll see, right ahead of you, a succession of three "columns", of increasing heights : you'll have to jump from one to another.
    • You can walk on the semi-spherical dome (Watch your footing, some sections are missing...). Head towards its most central, and highest point : this is where you'll find 1x Breach Synchronizer, sitting on a pedestal.
    • Turn around, so that the void of space is at your back ; from this spot, a bit further down the dome, and slightly to the left, you can see an item glowing ; and, in the distance, you can already see another mag-lift, straight ahead.
    • Once you've grabbed 1x Scrapped Heat Shield, go up the mag-lift.
    • After a reverse jump, you'll then have to perform a running jump to reach, yet again, another mag-lift.
    • After another reverse jump, this is now the trickiest part...
    • From here, you can see what can be described as four very roughly semi-circular structures / "platforms" ; and ANOTHER mag-lift, on the other side of this space.
    • With the objective being at the other end of this very mag-lift, you'll have to perform at least two running jumps to get there.
    • The trick is to sprint along the most straight parts of each semi-circular platform, in order to gain momentum, while aiming at the "triangular shapes that go upwards" of the next platform you wish to reach.
    • Once you're almost there, the cherry on top : a last jump, that you have to perform with practically no room to gain momentum, while frantically mashing the key, in order to grab the mag-lift in mid air.
    • Congratulations! Somehow, you have managed to survive one of the most, if not the most cruel / sadistic section of platforming in the game. Here is your reward : 1x Healing Proficiency, sitting there on the floor, surrounded by cryptic messages.


  • 1x can be found in the Arcology area ; but getting to it requires the Omnicube Quantum Light (which you won't acquire until later in the game : either in the Alma Mater Atrium area, or in the Arisen Dominion area).
    • Starting from the Arcology - Customs Bridge breach : face towards the 5 regular-sized doors, and the 2 hangar doors (logically, the bridge is then behind you).
    • Approach the illuminated logo, by taking a few steps forward.
    • From there, turn to the left, and go straight ahead, until you reach the wall.
    • Turn left again, and go down the stairs ; then, use the mag-lift to go down.
    • Turn to the right ; go forward, until you reach a portion of platform, going to the right.
    • Turn right, take a step forward, and turn left (so that you are already positioned properly for the next steps).
    • This would be the time to activate Omnicube Quantum Light ; look down, and it will reveal a certain number of platforms.
    • Adress a prayer to whichever deity you believe in, utter the magic words : YOLO, and just drop down.
    • You will take some substantial fall damage, but you should still be alive (To put things into perspective, with a Health Stat of 16, I lost more than the 3/4 of my Health bar).
    • After all these emotions, take a well deserved, and rather necessary shot of Healing Injection ; then, drop down again to the lowest platform.
    • Turn to the left, and go grab 1x Axions (333), lying on the floor a few steps away.
    • To progress further, you'll have to make two running jumps, since some portions of the "floor" are missing.
    • Once this is done, pass the doorway ; make another running jump ; and grab the mag-lift in mid air.
    • From there, you can go either up, or down. (If you choose to go down, you can pick up 1x Coin, located on a tiny platform.)
    • If you go up, after a few more nerve-racking jumping shenanigans (Gotta love the reverse jumps you have to perform, while the camera clips through the model of your character, preventing you from seeing anything...), you can finally grab 1x Healing Proficiency.
    • (Mercifully, if you interact with the nearby switch, it will open a panel, letting you get back to safety without having to go through all this again.)


  • 1x can be found in the Ikari Walkways area.
    • From the Ikari Walkways - Crashed Tram breach, turn towards the adjacent crashed tram, and go inside.
    • From there, you can see a set of stairs in the distance, after a pile of crates, and a pile of rubble. Go up the stairs.
    • Cross the bridge, and go down the stairs.
    • Don't go straight ahead, but turn around, and head inside the building.
    • After continuing a bit in this direction, you'll find a staircase to your left.
    • Up these stairs, you'll find the entrance to the Artillery boss fight.
    • Don't enter this room ; instead, continue to climb the stairs (either to the left, or to the right).
    • You'll arrive at a tram ; you'll need to do a running jump in order to reach another tram, across a small gap (Quite an infuriating jump, because the upper part of your character model can easily hit the doorframes, causing you to fall to your death...).
    • Once you've managed to get there, the item is lying there, on the floor.


  • 1x can be found in the Arcology Underside area (Central Mall subsection).
    • Starting from the Arcology Underside - Central Mall breach ; when facing the breach, and having the door leading to the Alma Mater Atrium plaza at your back ; take a few steps forward, and turn right.
    • From there, you just have to go straight ahead (Watch out, there's 1x Sentinel in the passageway to your left, that certainly won't take kindly to your presence).
    • On your way, you'll pass three stacks of crates to your right ; you'll also come across a path going right, but it leads to locked bunker doors, so ignore it.
    • Instead, approach the pillar with the strange and shiny "letters" / "pictograms", right ahead of you.
    • From there, there's a wide passageway going to your right ; in the distance, past some benches, you can see a first doorway, right ahead of you ; and next to it, just a bit further, there's a second doorway, lit by neon tubes : this is the one you're aiming for.
    • Pass the threshold ; turn left, a few steps forward, and climb the stairs ; once you're up there, pass the doorway to your left.
    • From there, turn slightly to the left, and head toward the wide passageway you can already see from here, past stacks of crates to your left, and to your right.
    • As soon as you enter, you're greeted with the familiar sight of 1x Sentinel, standing between you, and what you're coveting.
    • Once you've vanquished its guardian, go grab 1x Healing Proficiency, sitting on a pedestal, right ahead of you, in a second, smaller room.


  • 1x can be found in the Arisen Dominion.  In the starting area, Solar Promenade. During the Accretion Hour, go all the way up the stairs and enter the orange fog wall in front of the entrance to the Arisen Palace. Defeat the enemies and you will receive the item. Note: Enemies change based on how many cosmic gods you have defeated, so this encounter will likely be easier if you complete it as soon as possible. 


  • 1x can be found in the Alma Mater Underworld area, on the pillar in front of the Small Archon Knight. After entering the Monolith, head into the central room with the Small Archon Knight and exit via the left doorway. Enter the room straight ahead containing several Small Archon and enter the overhead vents using the magnetic lift on the side of the room. At the end of the vents drop down to the pillar with the item.

Healing Proficiency - Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      The Arcology healing proficiency is a little misleading.
      When you see the platform below, turn back around. There will be girders you can jump to and jump down from with out taking fall damage.
      The guide makes it seem like you need to have enough health to survive the fall. Also, the light cube isn't really required here. You might need to turn up your gamma in settings a tad, but the girders pretty easy to see.

      • Anonymous

        there is one in archeology, past the boss, near the 999 axion loot cube. Use the quantum light to see hidden platforms. When you are at the bottom just bo back across the bridge and up the rails. There is also a gold coin if you take the rail down

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