Sohn District is a Location in Hellpoint. The Sohn district consist of small alleys and tall buildings.


Full Sohn District Walkthrough

When you reach the Sohn District you will obtain 1x Coin. Go down using the magnetic lift and stabilize the breach. Continue ahead until you find a split.


Left Alley

You will have to fight 4x Lava Enemies. There are some stairs to your left with 1x Tool Victim on top. From here you can jump into the metallic frame. Be careful not to fall and go outside and jump to the roof. Here you will find 1x Fearful Effigy. Jump down and defeat the enemies. There is a door to your left. Activate the console to open the door leading inside the building.


Right Alley

Turn right  and fight 3x Tool Victim and 1x Viper. Keep going and fight 1x Lava Miniboss. You can also find an alley with 1x Viper and 1x Axions (111)


Climb the boxes to find the Arisen Set: 1x Arisen Coat and 1x Arisen Robe. There is a door to your left that requires Ministry Credentials to open.



Keep going through the alley until you see a door to your right. When you get close the door will open and you will have to fight 1x Beam Tool Victim. Head inside the building using the door to your right.


Cross the small bridge and turn right. Go down using the magnetic lift and defeat 3x Viper. You'll find 1x Decrepit Warrior Shield dropped in the room.


Go back and this time use the left passage. Go down and turn left, you will find a small room. As soon as you go inside the door will close and 4x Tool Victim will drop from above. Defeat them and pick up 1x Railgun. Use the control panel next to the door to go back. Continue ahead and fight 2x Tool Victim and 1x Viper. You will see an opening to your right.


Path 1 (Short Passage)

Continue ahead you will find the room leading to the alley where you previously opened the door. Keep going and defeat 2x Beam Lava Enemies and 2x Lava Enemies. You can find 1x Axions (222) dropped in the ground.

Note: You can defeat a Horde Event here. Once complete, you'll acquire 1x Induction Melee Conductor


NOTE: There is a secret door on the left. If you open it you can follow the path to stabilize the Sohn District – Balcony breach.


You will see a door to your right. If you go inside you will have to fight 3x Viper. Once outside, you will see some stairs going down. From there look backwards and you will see a way below the stairs. Here you will find many enemies and 1x Axions (444) and 1x Firearm Conductor +1.


Go back and keep going. You will find a room with Arisen Congregators boss.


Path 2 (Long Passage)

Go through the opening. There is another opening to your left. Go inside the opening on your left. Go up using the magnetic. Jump to the roof of the building and pick up 1x Axion (444).


Defeat the enemies on the roof. You can find 1x Axions (666). Walk to the left part of the building and jump over to reach 1x Photon Amplifier. You can also inspect the drawing on the wall to obtain DATA.


Jump back to the floor and use the scaffold to reach the next building. You can find 1x Key to Dargass Tower on top of it. Go back to the magnetic lift that you used to reach the roof.

Keep going and turn right, you will find a small room with a magnetic lift. Use it to reach the upper level, here you will find 1x Hostess's Mask and an Occult Station. Interact with the Occult Station to create or dissemble items. Jump down using the opening on the floor. You will find 1x Axions (444).


Exit the room There is a hidden door on the wall. Open it to find 1x Red Saber and to open a passage back to the main building.


Go back and use the stairs on the other side of the building. On the uppermost level you will find 1x Lava Mini-Boss, 1x Beam Tool Victim and 2x Tool Victim. In the small room you will find a painting on the wall. Read it to obtain Data.


Jump through the opening on the wall. Fight 2x Viper to obtain 1x Axion (222). Jump down and defeat all enemies. Go inside the building. Here you will find 1x Disciple Shield.


Go down using the magnetic lift. You will find 1x Inselium Ingot. Keep going and you will find a big area filled with enemies. To your right you can start the boss fight Arisen Congregators. You can use a magnetic lift on your left to go up.


Defeat the enemies and cross the bridge, go up the stairs and drop inside the room. There are many enemies inside the room and you can easily become overwhelmed. Try to stay on a corner of the room.


Open the door, on the next room you can find 1x Model: Warrior Saber. Open the next door and fight 1x Lava Mini-Boss, here you can find 1x Axion Condenser. Cross the third door, here you will find 1x Material: Accelerator and an elevator. Use the elevator to continue, this will lead you to a room with a Black Hole Door.


If you go past the door, you will have to fight First Archon Knight which will reward you with 1x Model: Archon Spear. A bridge will be created and you will be able to pick up 1x Axions (333), 1x Diamond Ingot and 1x Blood Ritual.


Go back to the room where you found the Axion Condenser. There is an opening on the floor. Jump down to find 1x Ministry Credentials and 1x Axions (3333). Jump down to go back to the inside of the Sohn district building.


Go to the Sohn District alley and use the Ministry Credentials to open the door. Inside you can find 1x Sinew Reinforcement. Go up and defeat the enemies. From here you can go to the roof to find 1x Research Goggles and 1x Daring Effigy or cross the bridge to the other building where you can find a hidden wall and some Axions.

Head back inside the main building and defeat the Arisen Congregators.


Control Room

Once you defeat the boss you'll acquire 1x Arisen Dominion Credentials go up the stair and you will reach an open Area. There is a building to your right, go up the stairs and go inside and you will be able to stabilize a Breach.


You can also talk to the Architect NPC and access a Crafting Table. Once you are done, you can explore the area around the building to find 1x Axions (333), 1x Axions (444) 1x Axions (555) and 1x Ration.

NOTE: In order to continue with the Architect NPC quest line you require information about either Mass AI or Dimensions. The first can be acquired at the Arisen Dominion and the latter after the Our Preying Hostess boss. Also you should do this before beating any of the three major bosses (like Port Issoudun's boss). Otherwise he will move to Observatory.


Use the stairs located in front of the building. This will lead you to a small conduct filled with Vipers, when the road splits turn left.


Jump down and you will find 1x Small Transporter. After you defeat him interact with the console and go back upside. You will notice a new path has opened. Go inside and turn right.


Defeat 1x Beam Tool Victim and open the door, you will find 1x Breach Synchronizer.


Go inside the next door and you will also find 1x Tram Activation Key and 1x Axions (444).


Go back to the open area and head down using the stairs located in the middle. Keep going down until you find an interactive panel. Activate it. This will lead you to Arcology through the elevator.


Head back to the Sohn District. You will see a Vehicle on the left. Go inside and activate it. This will lead you to Port Issoudun.




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