Ikari Walkways is a Location in Hellpoint. The Ikari Walkways is a large and open area connected by Trams.



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Full Ikari Walkways Walkthrough

Arrive from Arcology

As soon as you enter you will be able to stabilize the Ikari Walkways – Estate Square Breach.


Go outside and turn right, you will find the Ortega Tower door (its closed for now). You can also find 1x Raw Inselium and 1x Carbon Scraps dropped on the street.


Go up and collect the items on the corridor. You can obtain 1x Daring Effigy and 1x Inselium Ingot. You can jump over the broken bridge to your right to obtain 1x Axions (3333).


Jump down and head left. You will see a way down and two items on the other side. If you have the Omnicube Quantum Light you can see an invisible structure on the left that you can use to cross. There you can find 1x Decrepit Warrior Shield and 1x Carbon Scraps.


Go back up and head right. There’s a door to your right. Open it to find 1x Regenerative Nanobots and 1x Model: Restored Heat Shield. Go outside and turn right again. Enter the alley to find 1x Mind Vessel F.M.


Continue ahead. Jump from the edge to reach the platform on the right. You can pick up 1x Material: Charged Prism there.


Go inside the tram and pick up 1x Reflex Melee Conductor and 1x Coin. Go outside and at the end of the bridge you will find the Ikari Walkways – Crashed Tram Breach and 1x Daemon Robe dropped on the ground.


Go back and look below the tram. You will see a structure that you can jump to. This will lead you inside a building with 1x Omnicube Jukebox (Program D). Go up and interact with the computer to gather Data. You can also find the Hedron of Light inside a broken tram


Go up using the magnetic lift and this will lead you to the beginning of the Locaion. Go back to the tram and go up using the stairs located on the left. There is a switch on the wall left of the stairs that you can use to access a secret area. Here you will find 1x Coin and 1x Model: Officer's Glaive. You can open the door leading back to where you picked up the Prism.


Cross the bridge and turn right Go inside the building located on the right corner. You can pick up 1x Daemon Scythe inside. Go outside and explore the area in front to pick up 1x Inselium Rod.


Head Back and turn left from the bridge. Continue ahead and pick up 1x Omnicube Light. On the room on your left you can also find 3x Material: Metallic Glass. Go up the stairs. Here you can fight Artillery Boss, but don't fight him just yet.


Go up and jump over to the other tramp. Inside you can find 1x Healing Proficiency.


Go down the stairs and head inside the building. Defeat the enemies and go up using the stairs. You can use the Omnicube Quantum Light to reveal scaffolds leading to Axions (2222).


Continue ahead. On the next room you will find 1x Rail Poignard and in the next one 1x Breach Synchronizer and gather data.


Go down using the magnetic lift. Use the switch located on the right to activate the bridge leading back to the Breach.


Black Hole Door

Turn around and explore the area. You will find a big Balck Hole Door.


If you cross it, you will go down through the stairs until you find a big hall. When you go inside you will be ambushed by many enemies. After you defeat them you can interact with the corpse to acquire the complete Depraved Set.



Head back to the boss area and fight the Artillery Boss.


After you defeat the boss you can access an elevator on the back of the room that will lead you to Alma Mater Atrium. There you will be able to open a door leading back to the horde event at the end of the hall.


Go up and continue. You will find an open room with a corpse on the stairs. Here you can pick up the complete Disciple Set.


You can open a secret room to find 1x Strength Module. Go up using the Magnetic lift and you will find yourself at the other side of the tram line. Continue ahead and you will find a way leading to the Alma Mater Atrium.


Continue ahead using the stairs you will drop next to the Tram. Walk through the edge and go down using the magnetic lift. Jump to the other side and stabilize the Ikari Walkways – Underail Breach. There is a door leading to Alma Mater Atrium.



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    • Anonymous

      So... the dev forgot to set up a exploit corrective measure... explains why people always say go here instead of sohn first... If you set up the tram(after the Artillery boss) to ram the guys on the tracks you will net ~3k Axions per entry into Ikari Walkways up the difficulty and you will get about 5k(closer to 4k and some change) bonus per effigy you use... so long as you have some of the fearfuls to reduce the difficulty after you're done "farming" you can max out whatever stats you want for just a few seconds of load time... completely broken area...

      • Anonymous

        "Arrive from Arcology
        As soon as you enter you will be able to stabilize the Ikari Walkways – Estate Square Breach."

        Well this is just plain damn untrue! There is no breach in the area by the entrance from the Arcology, hell it looks nothing like this!

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