Scrapped Heat Shield

Type Shields
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
8 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
Stability 50 Stamina Regen 40
Deflection 3500 Weight 11
Physical (Defensive) 100% Induction (Defensive) 70%
Energy (Defensive) 75% Entropy (Defensive) 70%
Nihl (Defensive) 70% Radiation (Defensive) 70%

Scrapped Heat Shield is a Shield in Hellpoint. Scrapped Heat Shield is used to block the attack of the enemies and Bosses. Shields have different defense values that  make them more or less effective depending on the enemy or situation.


 A vestige of an old welding shield that has melted together and become stuck in the retracted position. Heavy and impractical, but still capable of withstanding strong blows.

Where to find Scrapped Heat Shield

  • Can be found at the Observatory. Once you are on top level, you will see three columns. Jump on each of them and go up the structure. You can find 1x Scrapped Heat Shield on the way up
  • 1x can be found at Alma Mater Atrium arriving from Alma Mater. Outside the Union Park. Head left and go down the stairs. Defeat the enemies and jump outside through the window. Jump to the other building and start making your way down by using the scaffolds. You can find 1x Scrapped Heat Shield on one of them.


Scrapped Heat Shield Notes and Tips

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