Location Observatory

Glum is an NPC in Hellpoint. Glum can be found at Observatory. Glum is a non-hostile NPC who may supply players with various crafting materials, some of which may be used for other NPC questlines.


Glum Information:

Where to find Glum

  • Can be found at:
    • Observatory
    • When you first arrive in the Observatory, following the stairs down to the area with the Tech and Medical Stations, you will find two closed doors (in the direction of the Observatory entrance; one on each side). If you look down out over the edge of the platform, you will see a series of smaller platforms leading downward, with a lit platform at the bottom of the column that holds up the center of the Observatory. The smaller platforms surrounding this column are a jumping puzzle, and following them downward will eventually take you to the lit platform at the bottom of the scaffolding. From there (make sure to grab the coin!) you may travel to Glum's room using a lift in the center of the column. Once you have reached the top, you may open both doors, which will stay unlocked for the remainder of that playthrough.


Glum Notes and Tips

  • As with many events in Hellpoint, Glum's inventory will only change upon reloading the area.


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    • Anonymous

      04 Jan 2021 03:31  

      If you a completionist then you should trade him for the following items (can't obtain anywhere else):
      Fullerene, Nano Motor, Crystal Lenses, Alloy Frame

      If you are a speedrunner that is doing True Ending (not Any%) then you *might* consider Nervous Wiring.

      Otherwise this NPC is basically useless. The fragments are pointless since they're easy to farm. Most of the materials he gives you do not have any use. Black Tempering and Nervous Wiring are the only important quest related materials. Nervous Wiring is the harder one to get because it requires the EVA suit. The only other potentially useful rare materials are Earth Minerals, Alumina, and Hard Glass.

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