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Location Observatory

Glum is an NPC in Hellpoint. Glum is a non-hostile NPC who may supply players with various crafting materials, some of which may be used for other NPC questlines.

Glum Information

Where to find Glum

  • This NPC can be found in the Observatory area.
  • Starting from the Observatory - Podium breach, go down the stairs, either to the right, or to the left.
  • (Apart from the Medical Station, and the Universal Printer, you'll notice that there are also two closed doors, one on each side, in a symetrical fashion.)
  • Once you've gone down the stairs, turn around, and go straight ahead, towards the railing.
  • Be it on the right, or on the left side, you'll notice that a portion of the railing is missing.
  • This is the starting point to a section of platforming that involves, either dropping down to a platform located at a lower height ; or jumping to a platform located at the same height.
  • There are a few Resources along the way : 1x Axions (333), 1x Carbon Scraps, 1x Inselium Rod...
  • Once you manage to get all the way down there, at the lowest possible level, you'll find Pathing ( an Omnicube Program), along with 1x Coin.
  • You can then get back to your starting point by making a running jump, in order to reach a mag-lift, that will take you up.
  • WARNING. Once you arrive up there, you'll come across a non-hostile Victim, curled up on the floor. Don't attack it. This is actually the NPC Glum, locked up in this small room.
  • You can now also unlock the two closed doors that you had previously noticed, so that you don't have to go through the platforming section again. These doors will stay opened for the remainder of that playthrough.

Glum Notes and Tips

  • As with many events in Hellpoint, Glum's inventory will only change upon reloading the area.


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    • Anonymous

      If you a completionist then you should trade him for the following items (can't obtain anywhere else):
      Fullerene, Nano Motor, Crystal Lenses, Alloy Frame

      If you are a speedrunner that is doing True Ending (not Any%) then you *might* consider Nervous Wiring.

      Otherwise this NPC is basically useless. The fragments are pointless since they're easy to farm. Most of the materials he gives you do not have any use. Black Tempering and Nervous Wiring are the only important quest related materials. Nervous Wiring is the harder one to get because it requires the EVA suit. The only other potentially useful rare materials are Earth Minerals, Alumina, and Hard Glass.

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