Model: Light Shield Conductor

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Type Printing Model

Model: Light Shield Conductor is a Printing Model in Hellpoint. Printing Models are used either at an Universal Printer, or at an Occult Conjuring Table, in order to craft Weapons, Shields, Armors, and Upgrade Chips.

Model: Light Shield Conductor - Information / Use

  • It can be used at an Occult Conjuring Table, in order to craft a Light Shield Conductor (You can only get this specific Upgrade Chip via crafting ; it can't be found throughout the various levels of the game, or looted from defeated enemies).
  • It is important to precise that the crafting has to be performed specifically at an Occult Conjuring Table. If you try to do it at an Universal Printer, Model: Light Shield Conductor won't show up in the list of the different Printing Models available to you.

Where / How to acquire Model: Light Shield Conductor

  • 1x can be found in the Observatory area.
    • Starting from the Observatory - Podium breach : head in the opposite direction to where the Weapon Editor is located, until you reach a staircase.
    • Go up the stairs, and turn left.
    • Go straight ahead, and turn right : you'll find a series of staircases, connecting the different semi-circular floors of the Observatory.
    • Go up the stairs, until you reach the highest floor.
    • Turn right, and go straight ahead, until you reach what seems to be the end of this semi-circular floor.
    • If you look closer, there is, in fact, a platform located slightly at a lower height, that lets you access a mag-lift.
    • Starting from this first mag-lift, you'll have to perform a succession of two lateral jumps to the right, in order to reach two other mag-lifts.
    • Now that you've set foot on the "roof" of the Observatory, you'll see, right ahead of you, a succession of three "columns", of increasing heights : you'll have to jump from one to another.
    • You can walk on the semi-spherical dome (Watch your footing, some sections are missing...). Head towards its most central, and highest point : this is where you'll find 1x Breach Synchronizer, sitting on a pedestal.
    • Face towards that pedestal ; you can see the void of space, in the distance.
    • Turn left at ninety degrees, and go straight ahead (Again, watch your footing, a section is missing ; just dodge forward to get over the gap), until you reach a plane "platform".
    • You'll recognize the succession of three "columns"of increasing heights, on either side of the platform. From the perspective of symetry, you're now on the exact opposite side of where you initially arrived on the "roof" of the Observatory.
    • With the semi-spherical dome at your back, drop down to the right side of the platform.
    • From there, stick to the edge of this lower platform, so that you can see the Observatory - Podium breach in the right lower corner of your screen ; and follow it until you reach a structure that sticks out a bit.
    • This is now the trickiest part ; it is quite hard to describe, so perhaps it's best that you get an idea for yourselves. (Since, apparently, this Wiki doesn't allow external links, there's a video on YouTube, untitled "How To Get Inside Gallery Without A Key (Early Game Access) | Hellpoint Guide" ; from 3:12 onwards, is the part you're looking for.)


  • 1x can be found in the Bowels subsection of the Sohn District area, that you can only access by following the Architect's questline.
    • After fulfilling certain pre-required conditions (See Architect for more details), you can begin a scripted escort mission. The starting point is just next to the Sohn District - Control Center breach, where you can first meet this NPC.
    • Along the way, the Architect will open two doors that you couldn't have opened on your own (unless you kill him, I suppose, since he drops the Architect Credentials ; but, for obvious reasons, I haven't tested that option).
    • It would be pointless to write a detailed walkthrough, since, for the most part, this new subsection is rather linear (there is only one part, near the beginning, where you can kind of go in circles, due to the layout, until you find the elevator / lift you need to take in order to progress further).
    • Regarding the item that you're currently aiming for, for the sake of clarity, let's say that there are several "key moments" during the escort mission. 1. The Architect opens the first door. 2. First elevator. 3. Second elevator. 4. The Architect will go and stand in a pre-determined spot, telling you that he has to "rest". 5. If you talk to him again, he opens the second door (There are actually two doors, your previous dialogue choices determine which one gets opened). 6. After you both arrive at what the Architect describes as a "supply cache", end of the escort mission.
    • Despite the fact that this particular area is rather confusing, you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding 1x Model: Light Shield Conductor between (2.), and (3.), on top of a stack of crates.

Model: Light Shield Conductor - Notes & Tips

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