Weapons in Hellpoint are the player's primary offensive option to inflict damage on Enemies and Bosses and come in varied applications. Players can acquire new Weapons by exploring the different Locations, inside chest, by Crafting using their respective Models or by killing Enemies or Bosses.

There are three types of Weapons in Hellpoint, Melee weaponsFirearms and Catalysts. All weapons have their own abilities, these abilities will unlock as you deal damage with that weapon.

There are two main Character Slots: Main Hand and Off-Hand. You can equip Melee Weapons on your main hand or a Catalyst and Shields and Firearms on your Off-Hand. Players can equip a Main Hand Weapon and Off-Hand equipment at the same time.

Attention: in case of editing or adding Damage values to Weapons, be sure to have them at the right requirements, for example: to add a weapon with 2 in strength requirement to the wiki be sure to have 2 strength, no more, no less. without Upgrade Chips equipped. 

Weapons Categories In Hellpoint

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Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies at close distances. They can be found on different Locations, dropped by the different Enemies or can be crafted using their respective Model

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Firearms are used to deal damage to Enemies from a distance. They can be found on different Locations, dropped by the different Enemies or can be crafted using their respective Model

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Catalysts are used to deal damage to Enemies from a distance. They can be found on different Locations, dropped by the different Enemies or can be crafted using their respective Model




Melee Weapons
















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    • Anonymous

      if someone is good with editing wiki sites, lets do this please, lets contribute and get all the dlc stuff in here, this is annoying as ****

      • Anonymous

        What does bonus do? Seems like there is a lot of guesses but no one really knows. Please someone explain it to me. Does it affect weapon damage? Do I need to take bonus into account when trying to figure out what weapon does the most damage?

        • Anonymous

          After completing the game several times with each possible build (pure cognition, foresight etc.) acquiring every weapon and the platinum i want to share some gener things about the weapons and therefore possibke build.
          Strongest weapon without doubt is the light striker, it gets the most dmg with a pure cognition build with a light conductor, every single other weapon isnt even comparable. The one other interesting melee weapon is the fera of the prodigal spawn: the running r1 does 4 hits which with leech enhancer leech like 30 energy per hit, per enemy. You dont need the have the required stats. Combine this with the fact that conductors dont have a limit in lvl ups the most effective way to play the game is: gk for pure cognition or pure foresight, push strength to 10 to wear the best armour (aegis) ignore the other 2 offensive stats completely and use ur gun/catalyst. Push energy to like 25 i think, to have at least 120 energy to have the leech of the 0 dmg dealing but high leeching ferula in full effect. You also get a full heal instance per 4 hits. To start the game easy you can begin with pushing str to 10 and using a strength weapon until you get the ferula, after this push your catalys/ firerarm conductor.
          At some stages you need to be able to wear the eva suit before u can acquire the aegis armor, you dont need to push reflex or cognition to wear it, you can use the reflex and cognition module until you got the aegis. You also dont need much stamina since all you do physically i***** and run with r1 running attacks once in a while.
          Keep in mind that the light striker is still stronger than that with more dps, but not as safe and easy and only available after archieving the perfect ending and then going tk the workshop in ng+.
          The fera is acquired in ikari walkways, the recipe for the corrupted one in port issodoun.
          After beating the 2nd boss you can already visit both areas.

          Last but not least catalyst vs firearm. Short answer: railgun grenade mode.
          Long explanation: At first the dmg types: induction is great since it has a dot and thus more dps than the other types, but a lot of enemys are resistant to it (red fish, the big daemons, the small demons shooting fireballs, the other small guys shooting lasers with two guns), nihl is horrible with no extra effect vs npc and all the dark enemies that you find in alma mater and the underworlds are resistant to it. Entropies slow is not bad, but thespians and artillerys are resistant, artillerys are everywhere in later areas. Radiation is only existent on the mouth of filth, which is a bad weapon. Last but not least light/energy dmg which is effective vs everything with only the blue fishes being slightly resistant.
          In summary light is the most reliable dmg type. If you like to travel to the observatory a lot to switch out your conductor to a proper weapon for the area youre heading to, feel free to prefer other dmg types, but especially if you dont know what to expect take energy/light dmg.
          Why the railgun and no catalysts? It shoots faster than any cast of the catalysts, besides the hedrons scattershots which are awesome but only effective in melee range. The dmg of the grenade is the strongest single target shot of all catalysts and firearms, besides the not so handy artillery shots. It has small aoe and you can dodge almost instantly after you shot, unlike anything the channelers and hands can do.
          The only thing which catalysts can do better is killing big slow moving bosses with the corridor attacks: way of flame, light etc.. But they have a long cast time in which you could have shot 3 grenades.

          Thank you for your attention, feel free to disagree since in the end everybody has his personal playstyle. I find myself always going for a pure physical build on my first playthrough of souls likes, but in this game more than in any other, its quite accessible for beginners to focus on ranged weapons, i hope i could show that a little with this text.

          • Anonymous

            Winged Halberd is missing. Found in Arisen Dominion behind the giant statue’s head after filling out some kind of requirement

            • Anonymous

              I heard there was a Kickstarter exclusive melee weapon and firearm, which I unfortunately missed out on. Is anyone aware of what they are?

              • Anonymous


                -Tomahawk (Got from achievement)
                -Entropic Railgun
                -Etek Aveos (Nemundis cult)
                -Hedron of Entropy
                -Deliberate Burden (Lost items ID)
                -Sewing Anlance
                -Light Strike (True final boss)

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