Uthos Gavel

Type Melee Weapons
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
18 00 00 11
75 00 00 10
Power 40 Leech 13
Tenacity 100 Weight 17
Physical 26 Induction 12
Energy 00 Entropy 00
Nihl 00 Radiation 00

Uthos Gavel is a Melee Weapon in Hellpoint. Uthos Gavel is used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses from a close distance. Melee Weapons have different attack values and unique abilities making them more or less effective depending on the enemy or situation. It is heavy type weapon, characterized for its slow and not cancelable attacks, only using vertical swings for its main combos. Have the highest stagger potential allowing even single hits to stagger normal enemies and double hits staggering big ones.


A sledgehammer of judgment that condemns t misery anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves beneath its anvil. The God of Suffering inflicts pain in unequal measure upon all living things a sordid role that is as arbitrar as it is fundamental.

Where to find Uthos Gavel

Uthos Gavel Abilities

  1. conductor_effect_icon_hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxConductor Effect: Equip a Conductor to increase potential.
  2. stamina_regen_infux_weapons_abilities_icon__hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxStamina Regen Influx: +6% Bonus to Stamina Regen.
  3. damge_infux_weapons_abilities_icon__hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxWeight Handling: The weapon feels lighter in the hand.
  4. flaying_whirl_icon_hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxFlaying Whirl: Spin the weapon around imbed in flames.
  5. damge_infux_weapons_abilities_icon__hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxDamage Handling: Better able to mitigate damage.
  6. strenght_handling_weapons_abilities_icon__hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxStrength Handling: Increases Strength capabilities.
  7. judgement_strike_icon_hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxJudgement Strike: Strike the ground causing a big AOE attack dealing massive damage and sending enemies flying.

Uthos Gavel Notes and Tips

  • Basic attacks will stagger or interrupt most enemies attacks. The Judgment ability's AOE will as well.
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      07 Aug 2020 11:37  

      I prepared my strength build to use this weapon but I finally got it and started using it I found it very underwhelming damage wise. If your looking for a hammer just use the Thespian Mace which has much higher damage. I hope they make these boss weapons powerful in the future and not as weak as they are now.

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