Red Saber

Physical Defense 19 Energy Defense 0
Dark Defense 0 Quantum Defense 0
Induction Defense 0 Entropy Defense 0
Radiation Defense 0 -
Strength Attribute Reflex Attribute Cognition Attribute Foresight Attribute
0 50 0 0
Stamina Stat 10 Tenacity 12
Strength 16 Leech 7
Load 2 -

Red Saber is a Melee Weapon in Hellpoint.



Red Saber information

Recreation of the favorite weapon of an old powerful Arisen outlaw of a difficult era. It is impeccably restored, yet inspires a kind of obsession.

This acrobatic style of combat covers a wide area around the fighter while packing a surprising punch. Many of its moves include multiple hits in one attack.



Red Saber Locations

  • Dropped by one of the spawnings in between the rooms containing the Vault Credentials A and B



Red Saber Abilities

  1. Saber Potential
  2. Upgrade Stamina cost
  3. Upgrade Leech
  4. Shredding Leap
  5. Upgrade Stamina
  6. Upgrade Energy
  7. Speed Up



Red Saber Notes and Tips

  • These values are the weapons in its maxed weapon proficiency
  • Proficiency for melee weapons in Hellpoint is trained on how much usage on the specific weapon being used not on all weapons of the same kind. So you can, for example, have two Officer Glaive but only the one being used is the only one where proficiency is gained.
  • Proficiency is needed to gain weapon abilities




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