Daemon Scythe

deamon scythe melee weapon hellpoint wiki guide 220px
Type Melee Weapons
strength attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px reflex attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px cognition attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px foresight attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px
9 0 0 0
75 0 0 0
power stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 40 leech stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 12
tenacity stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 80 weight stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 6
physical icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 32 induction icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 0
energy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 0 entropy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 0
nihl icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 0 radiation icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 0

Daemon Scythe is a Melee Weapon in Hellpoint. Melee Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses in close combat. Melee Weapons have different attack values and unique abilities, making them more or less effective, depending on the enemy or situation.


A weapon used by Daemon shepherds to cull the herd. Not exactly designed for battle, but fearsome nevertheless.

The weapon requires strength to use, but can be swung precisely from above or in wide arcs.

Where / How to acquire Daemon Scythe

  • 1x can be found in the Ikari Walkways area.
    • Starting from the Ikari Walkways - Crashed Tram breach : turn towards the adjacent crashed tram, and go inside.
    • From this point, you can already see a staircase in the distance, right ahead of you, after a pile of crates, and a pile of rubble. Get to, and then climb these stairs.
    • Cross the bridge, turn left, and go down the stairs.
    • From there, follow the path that goes right ahead (Watch out, some portions of the floor are missing).
    • At the end of this path, enter the building to the right : you 'll find 1x Daemon Scythe on the first floor.


  • 1x can be found in the Arcology area.
    • (To gain access to this part of the level, you first have to use 1x Arcology Limited Access Passport at the terminal located just next to the Arcology - Customs Bridge breach.)
    • Starting from the Arcology - West Square breach : when having the breach at your back, take a few steps forward, and make a running jump while aiming at the nearby mag-lift.
    • Grab it in mid air, and go all the way up ; then, make a lateral jump to the left, in order to get over the grate (To prevent any...frustrating mishap, make sure that your character is actively leaning in the direction in which you want to go, before jumping).
    • Once you've landed safely, take a few steps forward, and go up the stairs.
    • From this point on : turn right ; forward ; turn left ; forward.
    • At the second "crossroad" : turn right ; take a few steps forward ; climb the short set of stairs ; turn left ; then climb a second, longer set of stairs.
    • You're now in a vast, open area, where you'll encounter a high concentration of Victims, among many crates and containers, blocking the lines of sight.
    • From here, turn left ; take a step forward, and turn left again. Then, head toward the cubic "monument", that you can see in the distance (it is the only element lit by some stark white lighting) ; and go around it, on its left side.
    • Once you've reached the pedestal of the monument, look for a very narrow passage between some containers, and some rubble (located roughly straight ahead of you, once you pass the corner of a container).
    • When you emerge from this narrow passage, head toward the lit doorway that you can see in the distance, forward, and slightly to the right.
    • Pass the threshold ; turn right and go forward, then go up the mag-lift.
    • Once you're up there, turn right, and make a running jump in order to cross the gap, and reach the other platform, located at a slightly lower height.
    • From the spot where you landed, turn right, and just go straight ahead.
    • As you arrive at the very end of this large platform, the only way to progress further, is to turn right, and make another running jump.
    • Take a few steps forward, and you're now in a vast room, with two series of four pillars on each side. Just go straight ahead, until you reach the doorway on the opposite side of the room.
    • Since the door with the pinkish lighting right in front of you is closed, turn right, take a few steps forward, and drop down onto the lower platform.
    • Turn left, and go down the mag-lift. (This area is really a whole lot of nothing...)
    • Once you're down there, turn right ; then head forward, and slightly to the right, until you reach a doorway.
    • As you pass the doorway, you're now at a crossroad. (If you turn right, and follow the path, you can open a shortcut, that could save you some travel time, if anything goes awry.)
    • Turn left, and follow the only available path ; you'll come across an armor-clad humanoid, minding its own business on the other side of a grate. This is actually an NPC, the Architect, that you'll encounter again later, in the Sohn District area.
    • If you continue along this path, you'll soon arrive at a second crossroad.
    • Take a few steps forward, turn right, and pass the doorway : as you enter this small room, the first thing you'll notice, is that it contains a lot of breakable crates.
    • It is in this room, more or less hidden behind some crates, that you can find 1x Daemon Scythe, lying on the floor.

Daemon Scythe - Weapon Abilities

  1. conductor effect icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxConductor Effect : Equip a Conductor to increase potential.
  2. damge infux weapons abilities icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxWeight Handling  : The weapon feels lighter in the hand.
  3. health influx icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxHealth Influx  : 6% bonus to max. Health
  4. in flames melee abilities hellpoint wiki guide 64pxIn Flames  slowly slam down like a staff, powerful fire in front of attack.
  5. leech influx icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxLeech Influx  : More energy is drawn from blood.
  6. damage influx icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxDamage Influx  : Improved fighting skills deal more damage.
  7. hell below icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxHell Below : quickly slam down like a staff, moderately strong thorns in front of attack.

Daemon Scythe - Notes & Tips

  • With an empty off-hand, L1 does a powerful overhead strike. Which costs average stamina and is quite fast compared to the weapon's other attacks. This is similar to the Glaive.
  • The weapon overall is very slow and unwieldy. The strong attack is a wide slash, but is followed up by pokes, making strong attack combos ineffective against groups of enemies and nimble enemies. Simarily the fast attacks are almost as slow as the strong and consist of precise overhead slashes.
  • The moveset is quite similar to scythes and pole arms from Dark Souls 2, though only the one handed moveset, which is generally not very good.
  • It is best used for an opening strike and to one hit weaker mobs, before switching to a faster side arm for stronger more nimble foes.
  • It is a is a halberd type weapon, characterized by its wide and slow attacks. It hse a moderate stagger potential, and a high attack damage, acompanied by a high AoE potential. It is useful against hordes, but not practical against single enemies.


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      On ps4 version of this game most of this weapons abilities upgrades don't work, Weight Handling, Health Influx, and Leech Influx do not apply buffs. Additionally the abilities for "In Flames" and "Hell Below" are swapped in upgrade position and have the wrong icons, so at Lvl 4 you get "Hell Below". Its a shame because once you get used to the slow opening combos the weapon is really good since the follow up attacks are faster. Also the "Hell Below" skill is actually really good for its cost at doing some aoe damage.

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