Light Striker

Type Melee Weapons
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
10 10 10 10
20 20 20 20
Power 20 Leech 07
Tenacity 07 Weight 06
Physical 30 Induction 00
Energy 31 Entropy 00
Nihl 00 Radiation 00

Light Striker is a Melee Weapon in Hellpoint. Light Striker is used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses from a close distance. Melee Weapons have different attack values and unique abilities making them more or less effective depending on the enemy or situation. It is sword type weapon, characterized by its quick swings with available animation interrupting dodges. Its useful against both single enemies and hordes too while having a moderate swing speed and damage. Damage is extremely high for its attack rate when fully upgraded, however.


The sword that came from Truth, it shines light upon the wicked and strikes them down simultaneously. Let it be remembered so that never again shall we meddle in the affairs of God."


Where to find Light Striker


Light Striker Abilities

  1. conductor_effect_icon_hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxConductor Effect: Equip a Conductor to increase potential.
  2. lightstrickermasteryLight Striker Mastery: More Damage with the weapon.


Light Striker Notes and Tips

    • Endgame melee weapon. The Blacksmith's dialog upon being given the Soul of the Sentient asserts that the fragment has the potential to destroy all things. 
    • Much like the Thespian Hook, the Light Striker's strength is sheer damage potential. Its weakness is its weak Leech and lack of special moves. Works well as part of a sword-and-board style using a heavy shield. 
    • Native damage in Physical and Energy. Appears designed to work well with any conductor.


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    • Anonymous

      Ramiel's Ablator is a better choice, a fast weapon that does more damage. Archon Greatsword does more damage than both of them and still has decent speed.

      • Anonymous

        *Coughs in Archon Greatsword* Sorry was a little light saber supposed to compare to a galaxy void sword? Didn't think so

        • Anonymous

          More things are resistant to light than fire... And the stats are almost useless to scale... I'm at ng 6 and I now use hellfire staff and a great sword.. weapon mods are far more important which are all at 15+ on me and 12 each wep skill.. I have sewing anlace as back up and entropic railgun as backup(incase I'm dealing with one of few mins fire resistant)... You rly get the best all around weps early.. thespian mace for those who are wondering ain't worth the same moveset at twice the stam.. shields are a waste of time too.. especially when I get 1 pieces at this point.. js boss weps are fun trophies but mostly toys.. I've maxed all the weps.. great lil souls like... Architect glitched on me 3 times... So getting this fcker was annoying

          • Anonymous

            THE endgame weapon, not even slightly balanced against other late-game weaponry such as the archon spear. Mine started out comparable to the spear with the self-same dex conductor I'd been using-- about the same damage per hit, faster attack, fewer features (no ranged/area attack, etc.). Fair enough.

            Then I unlocked the damage buff.

            The only factors that make this totally-not-a-lightsaber close to forgivable are (1) that it's basically a "you won!" prize toy for people who reached and beat the game's ultimate enemy (the Sentient seriously does not play nice; hope you brought your radiation meds); (2) it requires 10's across the board in all offensive stats.

            These two factors are more or less nullified by the points that (A) you can crank the difficulty down (even I didn't know you could go below the starting level until I got summoned to help somebody who was playing at -4, which was extra hilarious because I turned up around lvl 170 armed with this goddamn thing) and (B) if you haven't already you'll soon be cranking the difficulty and those straight-10's will look like a small starting investment towards your incipient godhood.

            "Light" may be objectively the best conductor to go for, and therefore Cognition the best stat, but frankly just outfit this thing to work with whatever you're already doing (possiblye exception: Foresight?) and it will absolutely wreak misery and havoc. I will say that it makes high-"NG" bosses a lot less damage spongy, and therefore more fun. Could be good for a glass cannon build; it's great for Bloodborne-style dodge-and-slash.

            Otherwise, it's apotheosis with a hilt. Kinda boring really, ya know?

            • Anonymous

              Lets get serious, this is the reason why cognition is better than foresight. On both builds you have equal ranged weapons but only the light striker with an light conductor which scales with cognition will do decent dmg (cause of the amazing 30 innate light dmg), while having the highest leech of all weapons. Also for sure this is objectively the best weapon in the game.
              So guys get used to that sword moveset of officers glaive and thespian hook, since when u enter ng+ u will never see another moveset againt.

              • Anonymous

                Light Striker has 1 mastery stage and it increases the physical damage from 30 to 50 its calles LightStriker Mastery

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