Lore for Hellpoint describes the current state of the Irid Novo station and the rituals that are being conducted.

Hellpoint Lore

Story and Setting

The game is set in the aftermath of a massive quantum cataclysm called the Merge. In the blink of a second, every living being quickly lost their mind as their memories and bodies were merged with alternate versions of themselves from parallel universes. The accident also attracted entities of immense power that should have been left alone, in the depths of other dimensions.

You play as a mysterious, nameless character called the "Spawn" whose intentions are entirely determined by your choices. You wake up in the derelict Irid Novo space station, in orbit around a super-massive black hole.

As you advance thorugh the station, small pieces of information will begin to unveil as you read computer data and talk to various NPCs.

The Author

Soon after the beggining of the game you'll learn that you were created by The Author to gather data and help to save the station. He will tell you that after the Merge everything has been corrupted and that he is sick.

Later into the game, you'll find that The Author is in fact a polemic Massive A.I. project conducted by the directives of the Irid Novo Station. The objective of The Author is to gather data of all parallel universe to acquire the ultimate sapiens and be able to become a god and fix humanity problems, no matter the cost that this might take. At the end of the game the player will be able to decide if he wants to surrender the data or if he wants to stop The Author and fight him.

Ministry of the Union & Cosmic Gods

The Ministry of the Union is in charge of the rituals being performed at the Irid Novo Station. Its main goal is to gather enough information from the Gods and the Parallel univrse to become Gods themselves. In order to do so, they want to corrupt the Author. They conjured the Cosmic Gods: Undisturbed Defas Nemundis, Ozyormy Goija, the Master of Puppets and Uthos the Ashen Born. They also created the Spawns to gather and provide the information directly to the Author.

The Ministry does not care about the million deaths caused by the rituals and think that when they become gods everyone will have their right place in the new world.

Prodigal Spawn

The Prodigal spawn is a mysterious character that seems to be a Spawn just like you (During the Complete True Ending, he tells you that he was born in the station just like you). He has become rogue and has his own plans for the station. He will ask you to ally with him and perform an evil ritual at Alma Mater. During the True Endings, you can see him fight alongside Sentient.

Just like you, the Prodigal Spawn seems to be able to retain his memories and thoughts after traveling to parallel realites and universes. During the Complete True Ending, he tells you that he thinks that with time, you'll start thinking as he does.


Various documents, writings and logs can be found throughout Irid Novo, that illuminate what has happened on the station.



Alma Mater Atrium
3rd floor office
These results show an unbelievable spike in reported cases of depression and mental disorders in the last ten years. This is not good. Might explain the multiple outbursts of violence witnessed on Irid Novo.
Could it be the radiation? Something wrong with our food or drugs? I've bought a shuttle ticket to next weeks convention. I need to speak abouth (!) this.
Alma Mater Atrium
2nd floor bookcase
 For decades we've possessed the technology to synchronize quantum vibrations within a small concentrated space, authoring the signature of another reality, and yet we've always resisted against using it.
Not only do we intend to move forward with the project, but we believe that piercing a meta-connection through multiple realities, all at once, should be established as soon as possible.
While organic matter cannot remain intact when passing through dimensional breaches, a synthetic being in stasis may be able to survive the transition.
(You've gained knowledge about the Piercing of Dimensions.)
Alma Mater Atrium
3rd floor bookcase (1)
 2027: Powerful Transhumanist cults force populations to increase bandwith with AI lest they become part of an obsolete class. The beginning of the great human purge. Population: 8.014 billion.
Alma Mater Atrium
3rd floor bookcase (2)
 2049:  Earth's population begins to recover following the massacres of the globalist regime. Estimate: 776 million people.
Alma Mater Atrium
3rd floor bookcase (3)
 2061: The First Exile. Dozens of colonies leave Earth permanently, giving birth to whose (!) who would become the mystical "People of the Stars". The members of this young species are distinguished by their pale skin tone, tall stature, wider pupils, and complete lack of body hair.
Alma Mater Atrium
3rd floor bookcase (4)
2475: The first successful space-tearing operation, followed shortly by contact with the race known as the Arisen. After the initial shock and a few localized conflicts, relations between humans and Arisen become quite fruitful.
Alma Mater Atrium
3rd floor bookcase (5)

2552: Launch of the Irid Novo project, a great collaboration between Arisens and Humans. Entering operation in 2560, Irid Novo eternally orbits the black hole Sagittarius A*, harvesting energy and making new natural discoveries such as the exploitation of Axion particles.

(NOTE: Sagittarius A* is a real-life celestial object, which most likely is a supermassive black hole.)

Alma Mater Atrium
3rd floor crafting room

The truth is that the Arisen have succeeded where we have failed. A perfect transposition of consciousness, memory, and personality into an immortal synthetic form. Strangely, they still don't embrace eternal existence, but choose to end their lives at the age of 152 Earth years.

(NOTE: An identical note can be found in the Arisen Dominion.)

Alma Mater Atrium
Union Park
Hidden room requiring passcode
I know, I lied to you. But there was no way I was going to let you fly away and leave us behind. I don't care if I outlive anyone we know after a month, we're coming with. Besides, you'd go crazy without us after a week on this dreadful station.
See you soon,
Alma Mater Atrium
Shanty Entrance
Above the Breach
This year marks the 200th anniversary of the creation of Irid Novo. Thousands are expected to attend the festivities in Union Park this Sunday.
Since its inception as a mining facility and central trading post in 2565, Irid Novo has grown to become an elite research center and colony, welcoming courageous souls from all over the galaxy.
Alma Mater
Next to the Black Monolith
Chaos and depravity are shredding our once great civilization to pieces. We remember the past, yet we choose to succumb to our appetites through the new conformity, once again and once more before the end.
Alma Mater
Computer Station
--Ministry Credentials approved.
Suspicious conversation recorded.
Oh, sure, the grind continues. Here I am, working on a space station billions of miles from home, spinning around a singularity, yet all I see is the same godforsaken cubicle I was stuck in on Esperanto. Don't get me wrong, there's great night life here, and it's always nighttime. But I hate to say that sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be here. Sometimes I wonder if I could make myself disappear and go stare at Sagittarius for just a couple of hours. Well perhaps I'll do just that. It's not like I'm ever going to see home again anyway. That's why I'm so glad you came along. Ha ha, yeah, careful. Even if I'm careful, they can track me anywhere on the station, so... I still think it's worth it. Would you come with me? Yeah, I know, of course I won't do it. It was just a thought. Is it against the law to have thoughts? Anyway, time to get back to it. See you later.
--End of recording
Alma Mater
Desk with hanged person
Why is this bill about A.I. experimentation is (!) constantly being brought back to the chamber? If you need more protection against these lobbies, please let me know. People are getting sicker, supplies have stopped coming, the last thing we need is a moral panic around mass A.I., especially if expressed by a human, if you don't mind me saying. Sata, I strongly urge you to reconsider your position upon receiving this letter.
Alma Mater
PDA near elevator
We've seen the numbers: The quantum overlapping effect spreads across the entire universe at the speed of light. We can only speculate about what happened to our colleagues at the other end of the galaxy. But I'll never know. Witness the worship of the upturned intellect.
Arisen Dominion
hidden area with Leech Enhancer
The Arisen are AI
Only truth will save us
High Ateliers
Researching Axion particles seems to yield surprises on a daily basis. I'm struggling to identify exactly where the possibilities approach their limit. I trust our investors will be very satisfied with these results.
High Ateliers
Stated objective: communicate with alternate realities for the purpose of synthetic replication. In a confined space, synchronize quantum vibrations to the signature of another specific reality. The experiment was a success despite an unforeseen overlapping effect with multiple realities.
These results are in accordance to Dr. Joie's theory regarding the possibility of near-infinite computing power.
Expecting the Ministry to move forward with the agenda.
Ikari Walkways
Ortega Tower
My contact has stopped responding. I think information has surfaced about my experiments. I did well with the time I had. I succeeded. My instruments can stop people from leaving this plane.
I performed tests on countless subjects, and I was ready to present my work to the Theurgic Circle. At least I had time to gather my notes from the Athaneum and send them to my descendants on Ellion. That is, if any of them are still alive...


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      I can't find anything on the whole "Thespians" thing. The most on-the-nose interpretation is that the Thespians, if true to their name, are playing a part. What are they, and why are they doing it? Their bodies, and the Thespian armor we get, are like freaky flesh interpretations of Shakespeare-era costumes. Are they pretending to be a demonic interpretation of being human, or is this just how they look? Are they actually in a play of sorts, playing at what they appear to be, while being something else? Anyway, yeah. Thespians.

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        I'm curious as to how the sentient fits into all of this was it made by the council? is it the author ascended? Or is it just some random god.

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