Location High Ateliers - Beyond Space and Time
Rewards Material: Soul of the Sentient

Sentient is a Boss and Enemy in Hellpoint. Sentient can be found at High Ateliers - Beyond Space and Time. 

Caution: Once you start the fight there is no turning back.    The fight will loop if you die but quitting to the main menu will put you back at the portal in the entrance hall.

Sentient Information

  • Sentient is the true final boss of the game. He is a being that transcends space and time
  • In order to fight Sentient, you'll need to unlock the True Ending by completing the Architect quest line. You can learn more in Endings.
  • If you complete the Prodigal Spawn quest line before you enter the battlefield, you'll have to face both Sentient and Prodigal Spawn
  • This boss is optional


Sentient Locations & Drops


How to Beat Sentient

Sentient Boss Guide:

Depending on the storyline you'll face Sentient or Sentient and Prodigal Spawn. (You can check Endings for more information).

Prodigal Spawn

If you are facing both of them its best to deal with the Prodigal Spawn first and then defeat Sentient. Try to stay as far away as Sentient as you can and fight the Prodigal Spawn alone. Sentient will still be able to perform most of his attacks but you'll have to worry less about it. Once you defeat the Prodigal Spawn, head towards Sentient.


Sentient has five giant cubes floating around him that will periodically fire projectiles at you. Each of them deal a different kind of elemental damage. Each orb dies in one hit

He has a very large array of attacks and deal different damage. Some of his attacks will reach you wherever you are so there's no point in staying away.

The best strategy is to stay below him and attack him while you run in circles. Take a couple of hits and then run in circles while you use your weapon.

When he teleports, follow him to the new location. Some of his attacks can one-shoot you if you don't have high HP and Elemental resistances, so keep an eye on each attack.

Remember that your dodge will allow you to become invulnerable for a second, so if you time it right, you'll be able to avoid all of his attacks.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Radiation Ray: He will lower his hand and you'll notice a tray of light. After a short time a wide Nihl ray will reach you. This attack has very long range. If you are quick enough, you can dodge left or right. If not, dodge at the same time as the attack materialize to avoid it.
Nihl Corss: He will summon a Nihl cross below your feet. After a short time it will materialize and deal massive damage.  This attack can one shot you. Try to dodge forward to avoid the cross.
Entropy Pools: He will summon Nihl pools below your feet. They will remain in place for some time dealing damage per second Run away from the Nihl pools to avoid the damage
Radiation Pillars: He will lower his hand and cover part of the battlefield with mist. After a short period of time the mist will materialize into Radiation Pillars. This attack takes some time to build up. You can either run away from the mist or dodge while it materializes
Energy Projectiles: He will summon 4 projectiles that deal massive Energy Damage They take some time to build up but are very quick once released. Try to dodge forward as quick as you can
Shadow AOE Attack: He will slam the ground causing a wave that deals high radiation and physical damage. When the wave is about to hit you, jump.




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      If you decide to go through the portal to fight this boss, save before hand. I went through and after reading the useful tips here, decided to port out and grind to get channeler of hell, upgrade it to 10. Halfway to my goal I accidently ported back to the the portal to take you to the last boss.

      The game ended. It didn't take me back through. It then proceeded to go to NG+ A little disappointed.

      • Anonymous

        Very strong boss with Spawn. Spawn hp = 1/3 bar. Use FIRE like against the Defos. And energy gainer on fast/medium weapon with phys/fire damage. First I Kill Sent and late chill kill Spawn(use radiation or energy)

        • Anonymous

          This boss was so frustrating initially. You're already getting hit as you spawn and all of his distance attacks are hard to avoid when PS is drawing your focus. Then I saw a suggestion to try using Channeler of Light's Way of Light attack. I put two of those down on Sentient and it melted him in 10 seconds or so, PS was a breeze after that. Really jarring when nothing is working on a boss and then something works so instantly. My level was only 80 or so, and my Channeler was around level 10 so it shouldn't take long to get it set up.

          • Anonymous

            Fought it with a +10 Disciple Ferula, EVA Suit, Leech Module and Sanity Puppet.

            Tried the nicely written out strat of taking out the orbs first but wound up getting spammed by the PS roll catching thrust into a 1shot by the floor Cross or the purple bullets from all directions.

            Decided to cheese it by just bolting straight at Sentient, hit it with a running R1 (spin to win really does charge up both the Healing module AND the Energy bar really nicely with the Leech module) and popping the Occult Seal (Max Mastery for Disciple Ferula).
            The AoE from the Occult Seal does chonky damage against Sentient, periodically pops an orb or two as they hover, AND it will guard break PS if he blocks (chunks him if he doesnt for some reason), leaving him in the recoil animation for a while which takes him out of the fight for a good few seconds. The time it takes for Sentient to turn in addition to PS being stunned by the AoE will give you enough time to get some stamina back and pull off another running R1 and pop another Occult Seal--lather rinse repeat.
            Took a couple of tries with this method after dying 20 something times fighting it "legit" but this method seemed to work pretty damn well in having simple execution, solid CC against the Orbs and PS at the same time, as well as generating hefty amounts of healing energy for the Healing Injection when Sentient eventually warps off to another spot on the arena to resume ranged spam on you.

            • Anonymous

              This a very difficult fight compared to the rest of the game and I noticed that a lot of people were having trouble with it so I thought I’d do a quick strategy write-up. Following the points below, I was able to beat Sentient at level 50-something with weapons at +7.

              Infinitemilk’s juggling strategy

              Following these steps to the letter can make the fight much more manageable, even trivial with enough practice.

              1. As soon as you load in, run directly towards Sentient, whilst dodging its attacks and skirting around the Prodigal Spawn (his aggro can be avoided for a few seconds, but this is not strictly necessary).
              2. KILL THE ORBITING ADDS. This is the most crucial step of the strategy, as it reduces the number of incoming attacks dramatically. They take only a single shot to kill, and are most easily dispatched with locked-on shots from the Railgun, whilst strafing around Sentient. If the adds are not killed, dodging their attacks whilst simultaneously dodging Sentient’s constant barrage of attacks is next to impossible. If you are not using the railgun, any other projectile weapon should work, or even a thrown weapon skill, but you may need to charge your enemy bar with a few quick attacks to sentient in between shots. Equipping a leech body mod can make this less risky.
              3. Stay close to Sentient to dodge its attacks. This may seem counterintuitive, but once the adds are down almost all of Sentient’s attacks are much easier to dodge from close range. The forward beam and cone of light attack can be avoided by running behind Sentient. The floor-based attacks can be dodged through or ran out of as usual. The central wave which spreads through the floor is now slightly harder to dodge, but it can be pre-empted by simply watching Sentient and dodging immediately after it gathers a large ball of light to its chest. The hardest attacks to dodge are the floor pentagram and the projectiles which appear from different directions. However, these can be seen coming and in most cases simply running/rolling away from where you were standing is sufficient to avoid most of the damage. TIP: stay unlocked except for right before you need to attack, this will make dodging much easier.
              4. Deal with the Prodigal Spawn. Although not strictly necessary, it will make the fight even more manageable if he is dispatched first, since he has an annoying habit of sprinting all the way across the map and roll-catching with his spear. The best strategy is to wait for Sentient to begin a more easily dodged attack, make sure to be well clear of it, charge PS with 1-2 strong attacks (weapon-dependent) and then retreat, rinse and repeat. His shield can be annoying, but a properly timed sprinting strong attack with nearly any weapon should be enough to knock him flying. The aim of the timing is to approach him before your attack connects, causing him to lower his shield and begin winding up his own attack, then having the strong attack land while his shield is down. This is much easier to reliably reproduce than it sounds. Killing PS will also reduce the boss health bar by around a quarter.
              5. Stay on top of the adds. It is highly likely that before PS can be dispatched, Sentient’s orbitals will respawn. Should this occur, the immediate priority should shift towards picking them off again, preferably before they can launch a single attack. Luckily Sentient will usually teleport away as they respawn, which gives you a chance to sprint away from PS and quickly gun them down. Again, not doing this ASAP will make the fight many orders of magnitude harder.
              6. Switch to Sentient. Now that PS is dead, the fight becomes even simpler. Dodge Sentient’s attacks, run directly behind it and give it one or two strong attacks before backing off slightly and repeating. In terms of distance, there is a sweet spot of being close enough to dodge directional attacks, but just far enough to see the central AOE attack coming. When around half of Sentient’s health has been drained, it’s attack patterns will vary slightly. Most noticeably, it will now summon 3-5 line patterns on the floor instead of two. Running and rolling away should be enough to avoid this. If you are using the railgun to ping the adds, the fight can be sped up considerably by switching to the light grenade attack and emptying the clip into Sentient between your melee attacks, but this will depend on how confident you are at switching fire modes with everything else going on.
              7. Dab repeatedly on the festering corpse of this boss which is ten times harder than any part of the rest of the game.

              Following the above steps will make the fight not easy, but manageable. The key is to remain disciplined, keeping to 1-2 attacks at a time, switching targets immediately and using the bare minimum of lock-on. There is also a level of un-learning involved as Sentient’s massive health pool means that it cannot simply be brute-forced down in a matter of seconds like the rest of the bosses in the game.

              Hope this helps someone!

              • Anonymous

                This boss is very easy to burn with Way of Flames skill from Channeler of Hell. And when it burns, then Prodigal Spawn is not a problem.

                • Anonymous

                  This boss is BS but I beat it on PC—NG at level 119 with a deliberate burden +20, Artillery Shield with Induction+6 (100% damage reduction to 3 elements). Gear was Sandstorm Goggles, Aegis Chest/gloves, Major Thespian Legs.

                  Str 24, Load 45, health 15 stamina 15.

                  The attacks are random and hard to see the tells from melee.

                  Killing Prodigal first took about 1/4 of bosses health. Maybe 4-5 hits.

                  Wasn’t able to kill any of the satellites with a railgun; had to resort to jump attacks to kill them.

                  When he dips his hand and drags along the “ground” he’s sending something along the ground, get to his side or behind and hack.

                  When he lifts his hands up, he’s going to do one of the more problematic attcks, so block until the hands come down to the rest position.

                  Jump Attacks with Deliberate Burden are very risky due to the recovery period, but clearly I got through it without too much patience. Just block all the time.

                  • Anonymous

                    I.. can't do anything.. if I keep.. on getting knocked down.. you ****ing ****s.
                    What the **** is wrong with you.

                    • Anonymous

                      So ...

                      (1) PS4 Pro does in fact struggle, can confirm. Lighting and textures load ... not right, a lot, and the result is that you're fighting silhouettes quite a bit.

                      (2) Yes, this fight is hell. Bring your radiation meds. Also, clear the orbiting modules as fast as you can (helpfully, they only seem to have 1 hp each; the prophet hands are great for this). Even once that's done, stay aware of your surroundings; this thing has at least two attacks that can kill you outright with little warning and no chance for recovery after the first hit.

                      (3) This thing has WAY high HP, especially considering how much of a cakewalk most of the rest of the game can become. Even if you've been ratcheting up the difficulty the entire rest of the game and are approaching level 150 with a level 25 archon lance, you might want to ratchet that difficulty back down for this.

                      (4) If you don't have an overpowered weapon of another type, remember that backstab (dagger or anlace only) is beautiful. Helpfully, the thing seems to regard "turn around" as a move, not something it does in between moves.

                      Good luck, spawn, and give it hell! ... be assured it will return the favor.

                      • Anonymous

                        JUST F*** THIS BOSS, every tip you could find here WON'T WORK! Such a shame to quit right now but I'm not going to farm for better weapons and stats, his attacks are OP AS F****, making AOEs of hell with prodigual always on your ass, and you can't keep him from aggro for the whole fight, after 1 or 2 teleports from sentient, you'll eventually aggro him. And finally WHY CAN'T I SEE **** on PS4 pro?! It's always too dark to see anything HOW CAN YOU RELEASE A GAME THIS UNFINISHED?! I CAN'T FIGHT THE LAST BOSS IN THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK!
                        WTF?! DIDN'T THEY TEST THEIR GAME?! Small studio OK, but this just SUCKS!
                        So frustrated by this I just wanna send hatemail to those f***ers!

                        • Anonymous

                          Did everything in game just to have real true ending but failed miserably at sentient + npc. This fight makes me want to puke due to all graphics effect and constant camera jumps. I succeeded many times at killing npc and tried lowering sentient hp slowly while constantly killing his orbs (he respawns them like crazy) but every time I die from unannounced super attack that drains my whole hp at once. F**k this, uninstalling this game because of it. Unless they fix his attacks or make this area less puke-generating I am not trying this for 100th time. Gonna play some ds 3 or sekiro where enemies and boss-fights at least make sense. Funny that I almost got him on 1st try but it does not change anything because every time I die from similar attacks - magic rockets from sky which I cannot see (because they spawn on my ass) or triple magic star appearing under my legs with no time to react.
                          Wanna see how I die? Here is video:

                          • Anonymous

                            Killed the sentient in less than five seconds by placing a Way of Flames from a +10 Channeler of Hell underneath him

                            • Anonymous

                              Jumping over the wave still damages me, hitboxes are all bigger than they should be on every attack from sentient and prodigal's heavy attack slam. Sentient's wave animation seems to glitch alot and doesn't happen, giving me no warning it's coming. Damn near impossible to do this fight w two heals, and having to save/quit and farm em every time is infuriating beyond words, especially when you get 1shot while doing it even w 200hp on ng w full aegis armor. Can be done, but you gotta 'get gud' and have a decent build or your screwed like me as my stats are all over the place trying out all the stuff.

                              • This fight is stupid but only because it loops. Want to change equipment? Either Close the game or try to change it on the fly. Why the devs thought that was a great idea is beyond me. Otherwise, not a terrible fight.

                                • Anonymous

                                  IMO: Don't listen to what is written above.
                                  - Run away from Prodigal Spawn - You will not trigger him
                                  - Get close enough to shoot the surrounding orbs
                                  - Dance around Sentient and hit him with everything you have.
                                  - Once the sentient is dead 1v1 the Prodigal Spawn - He's so easy without the Sentient around.

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