Uthos the Ashen Born

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Location Alma Mater
Rewards Fragment of Uthos, the Ash-Born
Union Condos Key
33.33% Data

Uthos the Ashen Born is a Boss and Enemy in Hellpoint. Uthos the Ashen Born can be found at Alma Mater.


Uthos the Ashen Born Information

  • One of the three Cosmic Gods that inhabits the station.
  • Enter the ominous monolith and take the lift up to the boss room.  This allows you to talk to the boss.  When asked "Tell me, is suffering good?", answer with "Suffering is the only truth.", then later when asked "Become Uthos Executor?", answer with "Yes'. You will be tasked with collecting 10 Fragment of a Thespian.  These are dropped by the Small Consumer. The reward for completing this is the Amber Prophet Hand and Axions (11111).
  • You can revive him by speaking with the Ministry of the Union. In order to do so, you'll first need to complete Tribal's quest line.


Uthos the Ashen Born Locations & Drops


How to Beat Uthos the Ashen Born

Uthos the Ashen Born Boss Guide:

The battlefield is big, so you'll have a lot of space to move around and use all the weapons at your disposal.

Uthos can use a wide variety of attacks, so try to learn each of them to be ready.

Most of his attacks deal Induction damage, so try to make sure to bring a set that counters that. The Cube Cooling Omnicube can also help you.

Try to stay near him and lure his attacks, dodge or block and then strike back. When he performs his meteor attacks run away and user a ranged weapon to deal damage.

The best opportunity to attack is when he throws the disks. Run towards him and attack (The disks won't hit you if you stay beneath him).


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Magma Explosion: It will raise his hands and create veins of lava around him. It deals damage when you stand over them Avoid the Magma patches and lure him to a different area
Divine Discs: He will kneel and throw divine discs at you while remaining immobile. If you get too close they won’t hit you and you can attack.
Divine Meteor: He will raise his fingers and two or three meteors will fall from the sky dealing damage on impact and leaving lava patches. Run in circles around him to avoid the meteors and then avoid the magma patches
Hand Grasp: He will quickly walk forward and grab you with his hands dealing high damage and then dropping you again. Roll forward and attack him from behind
Hand Stomp: He will strike the ground with both hands dealing high damage. He will leave lava patches in the impact zone. Dodge backwards and wait for the attack to finish. You can use a ranged weapon to deal damage
Feet Stomp: He will strike the ground with his feet dealing high damage and leaving a lava patch on the impact zone. Dodge backwards and then jump back to attack him
Dark Meteor: He will open three portals and a metor will come out of one of them at random dealing impact damage and leaving a patch of fire. Run In circles and wait until the meteor lands.
Leap Attack: When at range, he will quickly leap to the player dealing damage. Roll left or right and then attack him
Stomp and Arm Swing: While close, he will sometimes stomp the ground with his left (right while facing) foot, and then follow up immediately by swinging his arms towards the left one side at a time. If standing/not moving, the stomp may stun you trapping you in a combo that deals large damage.  Dodge backwards/away and avoid the initial stomp, then dodge attack him.




Notes & Trivia

  • You can beat Uthos the Ashen Born by keeping the distance. He has some attacks that leave him vulnerable after the initial impact, so just wait for his AOE Attacks and then dodge in, lands 3 or 4 hits and dodge away.




You worship other gods than me.

What do you speak?

Answer: Suffering is the only truth.

You are young. You know pain, but you've yet to know hell.

Accept my marking.

Embrace your demise. Surrender your soul to me.

(Become Uthos Executor?)

Answer: Yes
Only the strong joins in my communion. Your mind and body is ready for the ultimate agony.
I can burn your soul and forge it better. You shall slay the weak.
The Thespians from above, despicable parasites and their puppets who are wasting away the meaning of life.
Shred them to pieces my slave, and show me ten of their carcasses. I will give you a taste of the fire from below.
Answer: No ???
On Returning with 10 Thespian fragments  Welcome, my slave.  Hmm, I can smell the pain in your flesh.  I've enjoyed watching your work. Give me those fragments and take this.  Persists on slaughtering bodies in my name, from now to eternity.  Go.

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    • Anonymous

      Updated the moves on this guy, because he kept insta gibbing me with his 3 hit combo lol.
      Is a mean stomp into arm swing that killed me in one combo if not healing with the Nanobots simultaneously. No lava either, and only like 12 health also, so not exactly tanky (65 induction and 29 phys res.)

      • Anonymous

        I got this one first try by keeping my distance. He has some attacks that leave him vulnerable after the initial impact so I just waited for his AOE Attacks and then dodged in, landed 3 or 4 hits and dodged away.

        • Anonymous

          When talking to him you need to agree with him about pain being good. If you don't, he'll kick you out of the underworld automatically. You can still re-enter and start the conversation over to get the quest.

          • Anonymous

            If you enter the ominous monolith and jump into the boss room, this will allow you to talk to the boss which will give you a task of collecting 10 Fragment of Thespians. These are dropped from the Gluttonous Thespians. The reward for completing this is the Amber Prophet Hand.

            • Anonymous

              If you go through the monolith you can not only talk to the guy, but also get a quest. Killing 10 big fatties (gobblers) in Port Issodoun you can then get 11111 axions and an Amber Hand, an induction focused alternative to the other two models (light and entropy, I believe).

              • Anonymous

                Entering the boss arena after connecting to the shadow monolith allows you to speak to the boss rather than fight him.

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