Interface is a Boss and Enemy in Hellpoint. Interface can be found at High Ateliers.


Interface Information

  • The Interface is the physical form of the Author, the massive A.I. that rules over Irid Novo. Its main goal is to become a god by harvesting data from all realities.
  • When the player gather 100% or more Data he will have the chance to surrender the data or refuse to do so. If you refuse, the Interface boss fight will begin.
  • You can check the Endings page for more information about interactions.
  • Fighting this boss is optional however only if you give up Data otherwise for all the other endings a fight is mandatory.


Interface Locations & Drops


How to Beat Interface

Interface Boss Guide:

The battlefield is a medium platform composed of pillars. The layout of the battlefield will change each time the Interface changes position.

You can lock on the Interface Head and on both Arms. If you are a melee user, try to focus on the hands and jump over to the edge of the platform to attack him. Be careful, if you fall you will instantly die.

Using a ranged weapon is highly advised. The Entropic Railgun is a very good choice because of the freeze debuff.

If you are having trouble with his ranged attacks, you can hide behind a pillar and wait until the Interface moves.

You can hide behind a pillar and wait for the platforms to change, but this make a take a bit.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Laser Beam: It will fire a laser beam that deals high Induction Damage Dodge left or right to avoid the laser and then attack him until he recovers
Homing Missiles: He will fire homing missiles that deal high damage The missiles are slow but deal high damage, try to run in circles to avoid them
Weapon Shots: He will shoot individual bullets to the user that deal low damage They deal low damage but are fast. You can dodge or use your shield
Melee charge: He charges forwards dealing high damage if you get too close Try to dodge forward through the boss or move to a lower section of the battlefield




Notes & Trivia

  • As of 14 August his own hands block his laser and missiles can't reach you that close, meaning you can wack away during those attacks; just be careful of his melee charge attack.
  • If you completed the Architect  questline you can see him hacking away in the far left of the map.


 hellpoint artbook 41


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    • Anonymous

      This can spoil the game for some but anyways.

      While shooting him with entropic railgun I moved forward and left to the very edge, then a little to the right. At this (hell)point Interface glitched into a small pattern of sideway moves, never attacking. Gnaw his "forearm" at your leisure. I pulled this glitch two times in a row (yeah, make sure he does not push you off the edge). Sorry.

      Not sure if it happens in all versions. I got mine from GOG. I guess it relates to the ghost/preterhuman tendency to lock in forward running with the raised shild or in the back jump.

      • Anonymous

        My build incidentally had an entropic railgun and a sword. I had difficulty until I swapped out my antigrav for something that increased my energy. This boss is easy to shoot, so if you're able, optimize shooting.

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