Prodigal Spawn

Location Arisen Dominion
Port Issoudun
Alma Mater

Prodigal Spawn is an NPC in Hellpoint. Prodigal Spawn can be found at Arisen Dominion. Prodigal Spawn is a mysterious NPC that will offer you to conjure a dark ritual over the station.


Prodigal Spawn Information:

  • You will first meet him at the Arisen Dominion, on the second floor in the room with the Universal Printer. When standing on the platform above the Grand Gallery breach, where you can press the switches to activate magnetic lifts leading back to the breach, head into the room with the two Candle - Carrier Congregators guarding the door. Head left and follow the stairs to find him. He will tell you that he will wait and see what you are capable of doing.
  • When meeting him first, he will reference Nemundis, referring to him as God of the Outer Consciousness. Further he will ask your opinion on AI. If inquiring about the Author, he will tell you, that the Author is the mass AI and that he would have to kill you now that you know this if everybody wasn't dead soon anyway.
  • After you defeat Undisturbed Defas Nemundis he will move to Port Issoudun. Head to the closed door located beneath the tram located where you arrive from Sohn District. Speak to him, and he will offer you to open the door and to retrieve something for him. Explore the area and acquire the Template: Heir of Chaos.
  • He will now move to Alma Mater. He will be standing on the platform overlooking the black hole, directly opposite the elevator that leads to Uthos the Ashen Born. Talk to him and he will ask you to craft the Heir of Chaos.
  • Heir of Chaos Recipe
  • Once you have the Heir of Chaos speak to him. Give him the Heir of Chaos, and he will tell you that you are already late. He will perform a ritual and disappear. This will complete his quest line.
  • By completing his Quest line, you'll be able to acquire the Complete True Ending, by defeating him alongside Sentient in the final battle.


Where to find Prodigal Spawn


Prodigal Spawn Notes and Tips

  • There may be a bug where Prodigal Spawn lacks the purple highlights on his armor and a separate one, where he is running in circles on a staircase near his intended location. Interestingly Prodigal Spawn is featured in the icon of the Shattered Mirror achievement without the purple highlights on his armor



Initiate Enjoying your little tour?
At least someone here hasn't completely lost hope.
It's commendable... and ultimately pointless.
Talk (again) Ha ha ha!
O great Nemundis, God of the Outer Consciousness!
Can we only imagine the knowledge of a thousand worlds?
Yes, the Ministry did summon Him. And He needed it's call.
Truly, nothing is forbidden now.
Talk (again) You're a stubborn little one, aren't you?
Fine, tell me this
What do you think about artificial intelligence?
Look around. No one can hear us. This is a safe space, so speak your mind.
What do you think about artificial intelligence?
Answer: Is it the Author? ??
Answer: Isn't that rather frowned upon? ??
Answer: It would take it's rightful place as God.

I see you've read our book.
I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the truth. I could see it in your eyes.
This is what the order of the Prying Eye is all about.

-- You have gained knowledge about the Order of the Prying Eye

We have great hopes for you, Spawn, so you shouldn't waste time.
See you around.

Answer: ... Heh heh... I can see this is all going right over your head.
Or is it?
What's going on behind those dark eyes?
There is rage brewing. You compensate in brawn for what you lack in brain.
Well, keep going, Spawn. See where your feet take you.
We have great hopes for you, Spawn, so you shouldn't waste time.
See you around.
Talk (again) Not now. Let's see how much you're willing to endure first.


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    • Anonymous

      11 May 2021 23:51  

      I guess the quest can be quite bugged: i couldn't find him in Arisen Domination, nor in Port Issoudun after killing Nemundis. Surprisingly, the closed door under the tram was open, even when he wasn't there. I could get the recipe for the heir, and finally the spawn showed up at the ritual site (Alma Mater, throne room, then stairs opposite to elevator for the ashborn god. The first time he bugged and couldn't finish the ritual, i backported to the last breach and went there again, could say the same line that i got the heir and at last the quest was finished. So there is hope when you can't find him before.

      • Anonymous

        08 Dec 2020 03:41  

        When meeting him for the first time I found him walking in circles on the stairs with the celestial beast and the congregator that leads to the room he is supposed to be in. It seems like sometimes he walks to his normal location starting from the balcony above the Grand Gallery breach, where you press the buttons to lower the magnetic lifts. I don't know if this is a bug or if he always makes this trip when you load into the area, but if you don't see him in his normal room he may be stuck somewhere in between there and the breach.

        • Anonymous

          13 Sep 2020 19:36  

          After defeating Nemundis he was at the observatory where he gave me a foresight booster module. Then he was at port Issoudon

          • Anonymous

            09 Aug 2020 23:05  

            I never found this guy in Arisen Dominion, but after beating the 3 main bosses he showed up in the Observatory (near the path to the Embassy). Afterwards he moved to the Port and I was able to continue the quest from there.

            • Anonymous

              07 Aug 2020 10:41  

              Glitch: it seems that if you exhaust his dialog at Port Issoudun before he is able to unlock the door, he won’t open it.

              • Anonymous

                06 Aug 2020 08:18  

                His achievement seem to be " Shattered Mirror " but doing his quest and killing him with the final boss doesn't complete it.
                Someone got any idea ?

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