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Type Firearms
strength attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px reflex attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px cognition attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px foresight attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px
00 00 08 00
00 00 70 00
rate item icon 02 range icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 15000
energy cost icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 05 weight stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 04 / (02)
physical icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00 induction icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00
energy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 15 entropy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00
nihl icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00 radiation icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00

Railgun is a Firearm in Hellpoint. Firearms are used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses from a distance. Firearms have different attack values and unique abilities, making them more or less effective, depending on the enemy or situation.


A very ancient electromagnetic projectile launcher, badly recreated and deserving of retirement. These firearms were useful to take out enemy personnel without damaging the surrounding infrastructure.

Where / How to acquire the Railgun

  • 1x can be found in the Arcology area, alongside a Firearm Conductor, before the Celestial Beast boss fight.
    • From the Arcology - Funicular breach, go up the stairs ; you'll arrive in a vast room.
    • The Firearm you're looking for is sitting in front of a pile of rubble, to the far right side of this same room.


  • 1x can be found in the Sohn District area.
    • Starting from the (aptly named) Sohn District - Corpse Pit breach : when facing the breach, and having the lowest part of the mag-lift at your back ; turn around, and climb upon the nearby pile of corpses, until you reach its highest point.
    • From there, turn left ; then go forward, and slightly to the right, aiming for the doorway with the light blue lighting you can see in the distance.
    • Pass the threshold, and head in a diagonal, forward, and to the right, in order to reach the corner of the opposite wall, that you can already see from here.
    • Pass the corner, and go straight ahead, until you arrive at a stack of crates, leaning against the wall, to your left.
    • Turn slightly to the right ; then, head toward the opening in the fencing that you can see at a distance.
    • Pass the opening, turn slighty to the right, then head toward the "container" that you can see in the distance, leaning against the right wall.
    • Go around the container ; look up, and you'll see the corpse of a hanged man ; in this general direction, you'll also distinguish, in the distance, a door, with some light blue lighting.
    • Once you've reached, and passed this automated door, turn slightly to the right, and head toward that doorway.
    • Pass the threshold, and take a few steps forward : you're now in a new, relatively open section of the level.
    • Cross the bridge, take a few more steps forward, and you'll arrive at a first crossroad.
    • Turn left, go down the stairs, and take a few steps forward : you're now at a second crossroad.
    • Turn left, and pass the doorway, right in front of you ; go down the stairs, and pass another doorway.
    • WARNING. As soon as you enter the room, the door will close behind you, and you'll get ambushed by 4x Embalmers.
    • Once you've gotten rid of them, go grab 1x Railgun, sitting there on a pedestal.
    • (Afterward, the only way to exit this room, is to interact with a switch, located on the inside, which will open the door again.)


  • A Kickstarter Railgun can be acquired at the very beginning of the game, in the Embassy area.
    • Right after leaving the first room in which you spawned, you'll find yourself in a corridor.
    • A bit further, to your left, you can interact with a terminal, which will ask you to "enter your personal ID to claim your belongings".
    • Enter the code "642017", and you'll receive the Kickstarter Railgun, along with 1x Kickstarter Linked Espadon, and 1x Kickstarter Cross Shield.

Railgun - Weapon Abilities

  • light shell hellpoint wiki guide 75px I. Light ShellStandard Light projectile.
    • This active ability costs either 4, or 5 Energy Points to use (For some reason, this value is inconsistent : most of the time, it's 4 EP, but sometimes, it's 5 EP, mainly on the very first shot fired in a volley. Tested on both the Railgun, and the Kickstarter Railgun).
    • The Railgun then fires a high velocity projectile, at potentially a very long range (if you don't rely on the lock-on, and aim manually).
    • It deals a relatively low amount of Energy Damage per shot, but this can quickly stack up if you spam the ability, thanks to a high firing rate, and a low Energy cost.


  • strenght handling weapons abilities icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px II. Strength InfluxIncreased Strength capabilities.
    • Once this passive ability is unlocked, it provides a flat bonus of +2 to the Strength Stat, as long as the Railgun is an "active" weapon (it must be both equipped in the menu, and visible on the character model). It can be easily verified, since the stats displayed in the menu are then modified accordingly.


  • damge infux weapons abilities icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px III.  : The weapon feels lighter in the hand.Weight Handling
    • The Railgun has an initial Weight value of 4 ; once this passive ability is unlocked, this value permanently goes down to 2 (hence the two different numbers featured on this page).


  • light grenade launcher weapons hellpoint wiki guide IV. Light Grenade Launcher : Launches a time-detonated Light grenade.
    • Once this active ability is unlocked, it costs 12 Energy Points to use.
    • The Railgun then launches a grenade ; if it hits an enemy (that is not actively blocking with a shield), it will detonate right away, inflicting a high amount of Energy Damage. Since it is, by essence, an AoE ability, even if you're locked on a particular mob, any other that is close by will still get hit by the blast.
    • If the grenade doesn't hit an enemy, it will bounce off surfaces (the floor, the walls...), and detonate on its own after a few seconds. You can get creative, and use the rebound to increase the effective range of the ability, but it becomes much harder to reliably hit you target.
    • Since the projectile is launched at a relatively low angle when you're locked on, if you're aiming at a particularly tall / large mob (Lava Daemon, Small Consumer), the grenade can just awkwardly bounce off between its feet. If you wish not to waste your Energy in such an inefficient way (and save yourself the embarrassment), either aim manually ; or get closer, just out of reach. Positioning is key.




  • light grenade launcher hellpoint wiki guide 75px VII. Surface Light Damage  Creates a harmful zone of Light damage.
    • Once this active ability is unlocked, it costs 19 Energy Points to use.
    • Whether you lock on an enemy, or aim manually, whenever this ability is used, the Railgun first fires a "projectile", identical to that of the Light Grenade Launcher active ability (same sound effect, same visual aspect for the initial "projectile").
    • Wherever the "projectile" lands, it then creates what can roughly be described as "an inverted vortex of Light" (a central, vertical "column", combined with a circular area on the ground, which "pulsates" every second in a semi-spherical shape).
    • This subsequent AoE is stationary, and lasts approximatively 15 seconds, before disappearing.
    • If the initial projectile hits any enemy directly, it deals a low amount of Energy Damage (slightly superior to that of a single shot of the Light Shell active ability).
    • Any enemy that goes through, or stays in the subsequent AoE, gets damaged by a very low amount of Energy Damage, that can stack up over time.
    • If you lock on an enemy, the initial projectile goes straight through it, and the subsequent AoE then systematically appears behind your target ; since the vast majority of the enemies come toward you, it goes without saying that this is extremely counter-productive.
    • A way to get around this issue would then be to aim manually at the ground, slightly ahead of the enemy, and then fight in melee inside the AoE, so that your opponent suffers the stationary effect for its full duration.
    • Unfortunately, even in such a perfect scenario, you'll discover that, for some strange reason, the AoE also damages you ; which, until proven otherwise, is really an exception among all the AoEs that the player can generate via the use of weapons.
    • Don't worry, upon discovering this fact, the sheer disappointment you'll feel will kill your character more swiftly than the actual effect of the AoE will : because, to make things even worse, the damage output is, in all objectivity, criminally low / downright pathetic.
    • All the listed downsides make it really hard, if not impossible, to justify using this ability : all it can do, the two other active abilities of the Railgun can do it far better, in a more efficient, and cost effective manner.

Railgun - Notes & Tips

  • ?

Railgun - Screenshots

railgun green  railgun classic

Kickstarter Railgun (Green color scheme)                   Railgun


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