Prying Tool

Type Melee Weapons
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
03 03 03 03
25 25 25 25
Power 21 Leech 05
Tenacity 35 Weight 04
Physical 14 Induction 00
Energy 00 Entropy 00
Nihl 00 Radiation 00

Prying Tool is a Melee Weapon in Hellpoint. Prying Tool is used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses from a close distance. Melee Weapons have different attack values and unique abilities making them more or less effective depending on the enemy or situation. It is an axe type weapon, characterized for its quick and short ranged attacks with high stagger potential and lots of animation canceling aviable. Shorter range than swords, but higher DPS.


A rare and ancient tool for those who prefer raw physical force over the use of machines. Only two of these relics still exist, and it is unlikely that a third will ever be created.

Where to find Prying Tool

Prying Tool Abilities

  1. conductor_effect_icon_hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxConductor Effect: Equip a Conductor to increase potential. 
  2. stamina_regen_infux_weapons_abilities_icon__hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxStamina Regen Influx: +6% Bonus to Stamina Regen
  3. energy_infux_weapons_abilities_icon__hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxEnergy Influx: 15% bonus to max. Energy
  4. prying_tool_throw_melee_abilities_icon_hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxPrying Tool Throw: A powerful astral prying tool throw.
  5. cognition_handling_melee_abilities_icon_hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxCognition Handling: Increases Cognition capabilities.
  6. reflex_handling_weapons_abilities_icon__hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxReflex Handling: Better usage of Reflexes.
  7. berserker_melee_abilities_icon_hellpoint_wiki_guide_64pxBerserker (Prying Tool): A fast flurry of devastating attacks.


Prying Tool Notes and Tips

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  • This weapon is a reference to iconic Crowbar of Gordon Freeman, protagonist of Half-Life series.
  • Description refers to Half-Life 3 which is highly anticipated, but unlikely to ever be released.


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