Whale Bone Halberd

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Type Melee Weapons
strength attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px reflex attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px cognition attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px foresight attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px
19 00 00 00
75 00 00 00
power stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 40 leech stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 10
tenacity stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 80 weight stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 15
physical icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 40 induction icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00
energy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00 entropy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00
nihl icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00 radiation icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 00

Whale Bone Halberd is a Melee Weapon in Hellpoint. Whale Bone Halberd is used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses from a close distance. Melee Weapons have different attack values and unique abilities making them more or less effective depending on the enemy or situation. It is a halberd type weapon, characterized for its wide and slow attacks, have moderate stagger potential and high attack damage acompanied with high AOE potential. Its useful against hordes, but not practical agains single enemies.


A heavy piece made of parts of the spinal cord of an enormous animal. These mystical megalodons have keep watch since time immemorial, as benevolent guardians should.

The weapon requires strength to use, but can be swung precisely from above or in wide arcs.

Where to find Whale Bone Halberd

  • It can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area (Union Park subsection).
  • (These instructions assume that, instead of going to Sohn District with the first Arcology Limited Access Passport, you went to Ikari Walkways first. All in all, this doesn't change much, apart from the route you'll have to take in order to reach what you're aiming for.)
  • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Union Park breach: exit the room containing the breach.
  • Turn right, and go right ahead ; pass the corner of the building, and then aim for the entrance to the Union Park, that you can see in the distance, right ahead.
  • WARNING. As you progress further into the Park, you'll enter the firing range of 2x Small Artillery. They are equally annoying as the two that can be found at the Alma Mater Atrium "plaza", but they are (relatively) easier to reach.
  • Your first order of business should be to get rid of them, making the exploration of the whole Union Park subsection all the more pleasant. It means that you'll have to backtrack a bit, in order to make sure you haven't missed anything, but that is a small price to pay.
  • If you prefer to run around like a headless chicken, preferably from cover to cover, hoping not to get hit by the humongous "cannonballs" being shot at you every few seconds (and benefitting from a generous tracking...), feel free to ignore this recommendation.
  • Once you've reached the entrance, turn right : from there, you can already see the glow of an item, located at the foot of a tall, triangular structure.
  • One set of stairs later, you can grab the Whale Bone Halberd.
  • This is but one possible location where you can get this Melee Weapon ; in another playthrough, it was still in the Union Park, but I found it somewhere else.
  • If memory serves : once you've reached the entrance of the park, go straight ahead, until you reach a bridge.
  • Cross the bridge ; from there, stay on the same course, full steam ahead, until the first fake tree you'll come across.
  • Then, head in a diagonal, forward, and to the left ; you'll reach the imposing carcass of an animal (?) of some sort.
  • The Whale Bone Halberd can (sometimes) also be found lying there, on the ground, in the middle of this carcass.

Whale Bone Halberd Abilities

  1. conductor effect icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxConductor Effect: Equip a Conductor to increase potential.
  2. stamina regen infux weapons abilities icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxStamina Regen Influx: +6% Bonus to Stamina Regen
  3. foresight handling icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxForesight Handling: Increases Foresight capabilities.
  4. bone toss icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxBone Toss: Throw sharpened bones.
  5. damge infux weapons abilities icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxWeight Handling: The weapon feels lighter in the hand.
  6. strenght handling weapons abilities icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxStrength Handling: Increases Strength capabilities
  7. celestial lobtailing icon hellpoint wiki guide 64pxCelestial Lobtailing: They are always watching over us.

Whale Bone Halberd Notes and Tips

  • At some point in the game, this item will become unobtainable. Unknown what causes this, but could be tied to killing the gods.


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    • Anonymous

      The Bone Toss skill deals a lot of damage when used point-blank. It became my to-go skill to delete big enemies and bosses.

      • Anonymous

        If you want to get this weapon these are guaranteed steps to do so. Step 1, After the Celestial Beast fight proceed to the Sohn District. Step 2, defeat the bosses there and proceed to the Sohn Control center. Step 3, do not take the transit, take the path past the transit that will lead you back to the tower elevator/arcology bridge breach. Step 4, from the arcology bridge breach proceed through the center door that will take you to Alma Mater Atrium. Step 5, defeat the consumer boss and you will find the Whalebone in its designated place.

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