Entropy (Offensive)

 Type Offensive Stats

Entropy (Offensive) is an Offensive Stats in Hellpoint. Entropy (Offensive) displays your current Entropy (Offensive) damage. Offensive Statss provide useful information on the current state of the player character.


Entropy (Offensive) Information:

  • Displays your current Entropy (Offensive) damage.
  • It deals extra damage to living type monsters, but less damage to underworld monsters(Archon ghosts) and almost nothing to machines. 
  • With enough damage, it will give a target slow effect.


How to increase Entropy (Offensive):

  • By equipping any type of Weapon, depending on the weapon the damage may vary.
  • By equipping a Conductor Effect on the Weapon that increase Entropy (Offensive) damage.



Notes and Tips:

  • ???




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    • Anonymous

      Thespians and the artillery minibosses are highly resistant to entropy dmg, which makes it an overall bad type, since these artillery guys are scattered around in the lategame

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