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Foresight is an Attribute in Hellpoint. Foresight increases damage dealt with catalysts. It is also a requirement for certain pieces of equipment. Most Weapons require a determined amount of Attribute to be used. If Players don't meed the Attribute requirements, they will still be able to be use the Weapon but will have a big penalty. Attributes can be improved by spending points when leveling up.


Foresight Use:

  • Increases damage dealt with catalysts. It is also a requirement for certain pieces of equipment
  • Can be improved by spending points when leveling up.
  • Foresight is required for occult arts and resistance.
  • Catalyst-type weapons scale with Foresight.
  • Each point assigned to Foresight increase your Nihl (Defensive) with diminishing returns



Equipment that increases Foresight:

  • ??


Equipment that requires Foresight:


Notes and Tips:

  • When working on a Foresight build, bare in mind that your main damage sources are all elemental attacks of one kind or another: Energy, Entropy, Induction, or Nihl. None of these, not even Energy, works well against all targets, and some of them may not work at all. You will want to build a diverse arsenal. 
  • Like Cognition, Foresight is mostly a ranged stat. You can (and should) have melee weapons that make use of it, but your strongest attacks will come from catalysts even after you have the Light Striker.
  • Choosing catalysts: Hedrons are mostly utility catalysts for other (melee) builds. The exception is the Hedron of Entropy, which is the only catalyst to actually project Entropy (rather than Nihl) and particularly strong against Uthos. Hands are powerful, but situational until fully leveled; their Beacon attacks are mostly single-target, but efficient, and can pierce multiple enemies. This is pretty much all you'll use them for once unlocked. Channelers are heavy artillery. They're physically weighty and often cumbersome to use, but their attacks are devastating. "Path of ______," the final active power of each channeler, is the "why" of a Foresight build, and can devastate large targets such as most bosses in seconds ... if you choose the right one. 
  • In general: Nihl and Entropy work well against Induction-oriented targets such as Daemons and their Victims, and poorly against Archons, Thespians, and related creatures. Energy (or "Light") works best against creatures of Entropy such as Archons and poorly against white-clad Sentinels and radioactive fish. Induction works well against basically anything that isn't actively resistant to it because of its high damage-over-time, but is particularly efficient against Thespians, Celestial Beasts, Arisen, Architects, Artillery, and both endgame bosses.
  • The three cosmic gods all share the vulnerabilities of their factions (Entropy/Energy/Induction). You probably won't want to kill any of them until you have completed their quests, however. The catalysts they offer can be obtained in no other way.


Cognition  ♦  Defense attribute  ♦  Energy  ♦  Health  ♦  Load (Attribute)  ♦  Reflex  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength


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