Energy (Offensive)

 Type Offensive Stats

Energy (Offensive) is an Offensive Stats in Hellpoint. Energy (Offensive) displays your current Energy (Offensive) damage. Offensive Statss provide useful information on the current state of the player character.


Energy (Offensive) Information:

  • Displays your current Energy (Offensive) damage.
  • Deal extra damage to underworld monsters(Archon ghosts) and normal to everything else.


How to increase Energy (Offensive):

  • By equipping any type of Weapon, depending on the weapon the damage may vary.
  • By equipping a Conductor Effect on the Weapon that increase Energy (Offensive) damage.



Notes and Tips:

  • ???




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    • Anonymous

      Best dmg type in the game. No enemy is resistant while all the nihl themed ones (those who inhabit alma mater and the underworld realm) have a natur weakeness to it.
      The best melee weapon in the game (light striker) has 50% energy dmg. Thats no coincidence.

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