Induction (Offensive)

 Type Offensive Stats

Induction (Offensive) is an Offensive Stats in Hellpoint. Induction (Offensive) displays your current Induction (Offensive) damage. Offensive Statss provide useful information on the current state of the player character.


Induction (Offensive) Information:

  • Displays your current Induction (Offensive) damage.
  • Deals more damage to Thespians
  • Deals less damage to Daemons


How to increase Induction (Offensive) :

  • By equipping any type of Weapon, depending on the weapon the Damage may vary.
  • By equipping a Conductor Effect on the Weapon that increase Induction (Offensive) Damage.



Notes and Tips:

  • ???




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    • Anonymous

      Only the big demons and the small fireball shooting ones are resistant to induction. When you want to play a pure foresight build without investments in str/ reflex, you should definitely go for an induction conductor on your melee weapon. Available in the invasion event in sohn district.

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