Arcology Limited Access Passport

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Type Credential

Arcology Limited Access Passport is a Credential in Hellpoint. Concretely, Credentials serve as keys, and are therefore used to unlock various doors, letting the player progress further into the game.


Grants access to one district of the Arcology. 

Arcology Limited Access Passport - Information / Use

  • This Credential has to be used specifically at the terminal located just next to the Arcology - Customs Bridge breach.
  • It unlocks the door leading to one of the two following "districts" : either the Sohn District area ; or the Ikari Walkways area.
  • The Arcology Limited Access Passport is "consumed" upon use (hence the "Limited Access" in the name) : that is why there are (supposed to be) 2x such Passports present in the game.
  • There is not really any good, or bad choice when it comes to where to go first : you'll have to go through the two areas anyway.

Where / How to acquire Arcology Limited Access Passport

  • 1x can be obtained by defeating the Celestial Beast boss, in the Arcology area.
    • It is (supposed to be) a guaranteed drop ; or else you wouldn't be able to progress further into the game (at least, it would be much more difficult).


  • 1x can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area, not far from the Alma Mater Atrium - Union Park breach.
    • If the game didn't pull any nasty surprises on you, this is the second Arcology Limited Access Passport you'll acquire.
    • If you spent the first one to open the door leading to the Ikari Walkways area, you'll find the second one right after having defeated the Consumer boss, on a corpse.
    • If you spent the first one to open the door leading to the Sohn District area, you'll find the second one just before the Consumer boss room, on a corpse.

Arcology Limited Access Passport - Notes & Tips

  • Some users report not receiving this item upon killing the Celestial Beast. If this happens to you, you can still progress through the game by coming back to Observatory and going to Port Issoudun from there. You will need Port Issoudun Credentials that can be found in a secret place in the Embassy (the starting zone). This will let you eventually visit all areas in the game, although in a less convenient order. (Port Issoudun is a mid-high level area). WARNING: After obtaining Arcology Limited Access Passport from Alma Mater Atrium and coming back to the terminal at Customs Bridge, you must choose to open the way to Ikari Walkways rather than Sohn District. You can access Sohn District through other means, but the only way to enter Ikari Walkways is to use the passport at Customs Bridge (as far as this editor knows).


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    • Anonymous

      Celestial beast is not dropping the passport. i restarted a character when it didnt drop the first time, the new character has a save backed up right before boss.
      2 kills no drops so far.
      i'm going to try luring the boss in the middle to see if it drops - nope.
      This save is in black hole hour by some odd chance. (yellow circle in metal circle)
      Waiting out black hole hour, and backing up again to test without ingame time event going on. will try during hell hour as last ditch effort.
      checked out gameplay video, it should appear at top right corner of screen once boss is dead, where as i am consistently getting 5 animal bones, where the pass should appear.
      The video was outside any ingame time events (no hell or black hole hour). so next try looks promising.
      First kill, nothing, no drops at all.
      Upon reloading the backup with no time events, surprise surprise. Black hole hour is back. All the items and axioms aquired are still here, I did not mess up the backup names, the game just turned its own time back.. I don’t know.
      waited until no event. still nothing.

      There is a console mod for hellpoint but it currently needs a hotfix so that's a nogo.

      TLDR: passport not acquired, troubleshooting failed!

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