Embassy is a Location in Hellpoint. Players will start their game at Embassy and progress to other locations. They will also come back at the end of the game to reach the High Ateliers.



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Full Embassy Walkthrough

Players will start the game inside a pool and without any equipment. Walk forward and pick up 1x Healing Injection. Equip it and continue ahead.


Cross the door. There's a computer located on the left side of the corridor. Interact with the computer and input the code "100408". You'll acquire 1x Facial Hairs, 1x Heavy Delivery and 1x Deliberate Burden. On the other side of the glass you can pick up 1x Axions (333). Then input the code 642017 and you will get the kickstarter kit:   1x kickstarter link espadon, 1x kickstarter railgun and 1x kickstarter cross shield. The most interesting part of this kit is the espadon wich is relatively fast and light for a heavy weapon. The others are just railgun and cross shield with a green skin.


Continue ahead and interact with the switch. The window will open. Head down and stabilize your first Breach. You can pick up 1x Pipe next to the breach.


Go Down the stairs and defeat 1x Victim. You can pick up 1x Scrap Shield next to it.


Cross the bridge (Be careful not to fall down) and 1x Victim will come out of the wall. You can open a secret door right in front of you before the stairs. On the other side you'll find 1x Column and a corridor.



Continue through the corridor and defeat the Victims. There's a magnetic lift to your right. You can go up and jump to the other side to reach 1x Axions (99). Go through the door and defeat 3x Victim. 


Use the stairs going up and keep going until you reach an open area. Go down and jump to the other side of the bridge. Inside the building you'll find 1x (Axions 222)


Go down the stairs. There's a closed cell to your right. To open this cell you'll need to die, respawn and run to this location as fast as you can. Inside you can find 1x Catalyst Conductor. You can open the cell by using the switch.


Continue ahead and in front of the next building you can open a secret door on the wall. Go up using the magnetic lift.


As soon as you go up check the wall on your right to find a second secret door. Inside you can find 1x Coin and 1x Port Issoudun Credentials. Go back and next to the Occult Station you'll find the Model: Daemon Cannon, 1x Refined Carbon and 1x Inselium Rod.


You can drop to a platform with 1x Axions (777) located to your right. Follow the platform and drop to the roof of the building (This is the roof of the building located in front of the secret door). Drop to the back and you'll acquire 1x INB Vault Key. Go back up and drop inside the building. Defeat 1x Ranged Victim and pick up 1x Axions (333).


Head outside and defeat all enemies. You can find 1x Raw Inselium outside the building to your right and 1x Axions (222) inside.


Turn right and explore the back area. Here you'll find a ramp with 1x Axions (111 Inside). Head back to the center of the room and call the elevator. Go up and reach the long corridor.


To your left you can pick up 1x Carbon Scraps. There's 1x Sentinel patrolling the area. Turn right and follow the corridor. At the end you'll find another 1x Sentinel a door. Open the door and you'll open a shortcut back to the Breach. You can also pick up 1x Inselium Rod.


There's a secret door on the wall. Go inside and defeat 3x Viper and 3x Victim. You can pick up 1x Carbon Scraps. Drop down and defeat another 3x Victm and 2x Viper.


There's a secret elevator on the lowest floor. Use it and you'll reach the INB Vault. Here you can acquire 3x Material: Bones and 1x Healing Proficiency.


Go back up and open door leading to a vacuum room. Be careful, you'll start running out of air when you go outside the station. You'll also suffer radiation damage and you will most likely die. Head outside and jump through the platforms. Here you can find the complete Broken EVA Outfit Set, 1x Coin and 1x Daring Effigy and 1x Axions (777). You can also find a Black Hole Door with the White Prophet Hand inside.


Head back to the main corridor of the Embassy and continue ahead. You can find 1x Axions (111) along the corridor. There's an open door on the right wall. Go inside and continue ahead. You'll reach a room with a big hole in the middle. There's 1x Axions (111) on the corner. Continue to the last chamber, inside you'll find 1x Ceremonial Dagger. Be careful, as many enemies will spawn when you pick it up. You'll also find that one of the walls in the first room is open. You can pick up 1x Axions (222)


Head back to the main corridor and open the close door with a switch to your right. Defeat the enemies and pick up the Model: Cross Shield.



Head back to the main corridor for the last time and go up the stairs to face the Archon Slaver. Once you defeat him you'll be able to stabilize a breach. Interact with the computer. You'll acquire the Omnicube and the Omnicube Transposition.


Continue ahead and use the door to reach the Observatory



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    • Really vague about which walls the secret doors are on. The first one mentioned is around the corner to the right of the locked cell and I still haven't found the one in the sentinel hallway.

      • Anonymous

        Here are the codes I've seen (first two already listed)
        100408 - Facial Hairs, Heavy Delivery, Deliberate Burden
        642017 Kickstarter Link Espadon, Kickstarter Railgun, Kickstarter Cross Shield

        663911 - Halloween Alien Helmet (limited time, no longer available)

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