Locations Embassy
Alma Mater
Arcology Underside
Drops Material: Hard Glass

Sentinel is a hostile Enemy in HellpointSentinel can be found at Embassy, Alma Mater and Arcology Underside. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Axions, loot and to acquire experience to unlock Weapon Abilities. Please note that Sentinel is not the official name and is listed as such for the community to discover and record each enemy type.


Sentinel Enemy Description

  • A white knight wielding a giant sword and a cross shield


Sentinel Combat Information

  • Sentinels are a tough opponent. They have high hp, deal high damage and can protect themselves using their shield. Try to lure their attacks and the strike back while they recover. Avoid hitting their shield when you can
  • When confronted from a distance, they can summon spears that come beneath the players feet. Keep running to avoid them
  • Weak to damage over time caused by Radiation.


Sentinel Location


Sentinel Drops


Sentinel Notes & Tips

  • There are statues depicting the Sentinels at various locations in Irid Novo. In at least one instance, an actual Sentinel is posing as a statue.



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