Model: Daemon Cannon

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Type Printing Model

Model: Daemon Cannon is a Printing Model in Hellpoint. Printing Models are used either at an Universal Printer, or at an Occult Conjuring Table, in order to craft Weapons, Shields, Armors, and Upgrade Chips.

Model: Daemon Cannon - Information / Use

  • It can be used at an Occult Conjuring Table, in order to craft a Daemon Cannon (You can only get this specific Firearm via crafting ; it can't be found throughout the various levels of the game, or looted from defeated enemies).
  • It is important to precise that the crafting has to be performed specifically at an Occult Conjuring Table. If you try to do it at an Universal Printer, Model: Daemon Cannon won't show up in the list of the different Printing Models available to you.
  • Required Materials :

Where / How to acquire Model: Daemon Cannon

  • It can be found in the Embassy area, in one of the secret rooms ; and, conveniently, directly next to an Occult Conjuring Table.
  • This secret room is located in the same relatively open, but complex area, where you can find the lift you have to take in order to get to the Archon Slaver boss room (In case of doubt, see the walkthrough).
  • There is an unnamed NPC, who uses the same model as the basic Victims (You can briefly talk to him, just for the sake of curiosity : he foolishly thinks he is safe behind bars).
  • When you face this NPC, hug the wall to your left. Once you pass the corner, you have to interact with the wall ; it will reveal a secret door.
  • A magnetic lift will take you up to the location of Model : Daemon Cannon (along with 1x Refined Carbon, and 1x Inselium Rod).
  • (...that is, if you manage not to botch the subsequent jump required to get there, and suffer an humiliating death at the hands of gravity. If this is, or has been the case, don't feel too bad : it happens to the best of us.)

Model: Daemon Cannon - Notes & Tips

  • ?
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