Port Issoudun is a Location in Hellpoint. The Station's ship landing area, now corrupted by Thespians.


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Full Port Issoudun Walkthrough

Arriving from Observatory

Cross the port on the observatory, continue ahead and stabilize the Port Issoudun - Docking Bay Breach. Head down to the starting area.

Arriving from Sohn District

You will arrive at the starting area on the edge of Port Issoudun. There are some boxes to your left. Jump over them and use the lift to go down. You will find 1x Inselium Rod and on the other side of the platform 1x Daring Effigy.


NOTE: There is a locked door on the left side. Once you defeat Undisturbed Defas Nemundis the Prodigial NPC will be here and open the door to you.



Behind the Door

Go through the tunnels, there is a Black Hole Door on your right. If you go inside you will have to cross the bridge and defeat the enemies. Go down using the magnetic lift. When you enter the small room the floor will go down and you will be ambushed.

Once you defeat all enemies go through the gap on the wall and you will find 1x Sanity Puppet, 1x Foresight Channeler and 1x Axion Condenser.

Keep going until you find a small room with 1x Model: Catalyst Conductor inside. Turn right and jump to pick up 1x Channeler of Hell.


Go down using the magnetic lift. You will find 1x Template: Heir of Chaos. Open the door and it will lead you near the Breach at the middle of Port Issoudun



Head back upstairs and walk towards the bridge. You will have to fight 1x Melee Thespian and 1x Small Consumer.


To your left you will see 12x Melee Thespians. Try to lure them in small groups, so they don't overwhelm you.

After you defeat them pick up 1x Axions (222) and read the passage on the wall to gather Data. You can also find 1x Refined Carbon and 1x Axions (222) behind the boxes on the other side of the bridge.


Continue to your right and enter the building. Inside you can find 2x Refined Carbon, 1x Ration and 1x Freight Credentials. As soon as you pick up the Freight Credentials the doors will close and 6x Vicious Hand and 2x Melee Thespian will appear.


After you defeat them go back to where you defeated the 12x Melee Thespian and open the door using the Credential. Go down using the magnetic lift. Be careful as 1x Vicious Hand is waiting for you.


Continue ahead and defeat the monsters on the next room. Jump to the lower area and pick up 1x Diamond Ingot. Use the magnetic lift to go up. Here you will find 2x Melee Thespian and 1x Material: Black Tempering.


Head to the back of the room and use the magnetic lift. Here you will find a Breach to stabilize and the complete Revolute Warrior Set: 1x Revolute Warrior Helm, 1x Revolute Warrior Armor, 1x Revolute Warrior Gauntlets, 1x Revolute Warrior Boots.


Go back to the lower area and take the stairs to your left. You will find a small room with many enemies. Here you can find 2x Carbon Scraps, and 1x Vault Credentials A.


Turn left. Head through the conduct and jump down. You will find 1x Model: Restored Warrior Shield. Continue ahead you will find 1x Material: Charged Prism and 1x Inselium Ingot. At the end of the passage you will find a magnetic lift taking you back to the small room.


Head Right, jump over the structures to reach the other side. Defeat the enemies in the area and activate the interrupter. This will open a timed door shown on the picture below. Inside you will find 1x Coin and 1x Model: Light Melee Conductor.


NOTE: If you look up you will see an opening near the entrance of the room. Step below the gap and after a few seconds the floor will start going up. Defeat 1x Devourer, 3x Vicious Hand and 2x Thespian. You can pick up 1x Second Fool's Head and 1x Thespain Hook


Use the magnetic lift going up, Jump to the other roof and you will find 1x Silo Key.


Jump down and defeat the enemies. Inside the room you will find 1x Carbon Scraps and 1x Anti-Rad Injection.


Keep going straight ahead. You will find 1x Inselium Rod. Go inside the building to your left to pick up 1x Red Saber Weapon. Head down using the magnetic lift. Pick up 1x Mind Vessel O.B. and read the text on the wall to gather Data.


Go back outside the building and keep going. You will have to fight 1x Lava Daemon Alpha.


Go Straight:

Go down the stairs to find Model: Sewing Anlace. There is a lift to your left leading to a lower area.


Go Left:

You can find 1x Axions (888) to your right. Head to Vault Door Room. You can find 1x Diamond Ingot here. You will be missing one key so go up the stairs and go back to the Breach and open the door heading to Silo.


Open the door next to the Breach. You will find Material: Antimatter Gyro. Continue ahead and at the end of the passage you will be able to read A Pattern Eye Four: 5624 7947.


Go down using the magnetic lift. You will have to fight 1x Vicious Hand and 1x Small Hostess. Keep going down. You will find 1x Inselium Rod and on the bottom you will have to fight 2x Brute Enemy and acquire 1x Tram Activation Key.


Continue ahead and you will find a circular room. Jump down using the structure. You can find 1x Inselium Rod and 1x  Model: Fourth Fool's Head along the way.


Once you reach the bottom head left. There will be a small room with the models for the Major Thespian Set: Model: Major Thespian LeggingsModel: Major Thespian Gloves and Model: Major Thespian Armor.


Head to the main corridor and jump down. After you defeat the enemies you can find 1x Cube Cooling Omnicube. You can also find 1x Axions (222).


Continue ahead this will lead you to the other part of the bridge located at the lower level of the elevator. You can find Vault Credentials B on the bridge. Jump down. You will have to fight 2x Brute Enemy, 1x Lady Enemy 2x Melee Thespian and 2x Vicious Hand.


Explore the area to find 1x Model: Strength Melee Conductor 1x Fearful Effigy. You can also find 1x Embalmer Goggles.


Go up the stairs and open the door. This will lead you to a control room. Here you can find 1x Diamond Ingot and 1x Inselium Ingot. There is a Tech Station, an Occult Station and a Utility Station here.


Go back down and head to the edge of the room and you will find a ramp. You can find Model: Corrupted Ferula there. Turn right and jump down. You will find 1x Diamond Ingot. Go down using the magnetic lift.


At the bottom you will find a computer that can be used to activate the High Ateliers energy allows you to access the possible Endings. The code you need to insert is "72501"


Head back using the elevator located on the other side of the bridge.



You can participate on an event at the Vault Door Room. After you complete it you can obtain: 1x Material: Accelerator, 1x Daring Effigy, 1x Alarm Omnicube Module, 1x Material: Charged Prism and 1x Fearful Effigy.



You will now be able to open the Vault located on the Vault Door Room.


Behind the gate you will find 1x Breach Synchronizer and 1x Material: Organic Fiber.

 silo_location_13_hellpoint_wiki_guide_600pxAt the end of the room you'll find Ozyormy Goija, the Master of Puppets. Defeat him to acquire 1x Fragment of Ozyormy Goija


After you defeat the boss a breach will open in the room. Continue ahead and you will find 1x Arisen Dominion Credentials. Open the door leading back to Embassy. Go up using the magnetic lift. Open the door leading near the area where you begin.


Head to the closed door just before the area where you fought the Boss. Open the door using the Arisen Dominion Credentials. This will give you access to the Arisen Dominion



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