Archon Slaver

Location Embassy

3333 Axions

Archon Slaver is a Boss and Enemy in Hellpoint. Archon Slaver can be found at Embassy.


Archon Slaver Information

  • An Archon made of pure energy
  • This boss is not optional


Archon Slaver Locations & Drops

  • Archon Slaver can be found at Embassy
  • Drops
    • 3333 Axions (normally)
    • 5000 Axions (during Black Hole Hour)


How to Beat Archon Slaver

Archon Slaver Boss Guide:

The Archon Slaver can be difficult fight because you won't have enough equipment to fight him and you will have to rely on your shield and dodge.

His attacks will freeze you, this will make both your movements and attacks slower. At two opposing walls there are vents giving off heat, which may be used to counter the freeze effect. (Stand on the vent to build up heat and to reduce freeze)

Stay near him and bait his attacks. His attacks are slow so you'll have plenty of time to dodge. Take one or two strikes and then repeat.

Don't get greedy with your strikes, as he can deal a lot of damage if he gets a combo on you.

The best time to attack him is when he performs his Double Hit. Deal as much damage as you can before he recovers


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Three Hit Combo: He will perform three consecutive Keep dodging until the combo finishes
Double Hit: He will strike with both hands dealing very high damage in front of him Dodge right and attack him as many times as you can
Swipe: He will perform a horizontal swipe Dodge left, right or backwards
Vertical Swipe: He will perform a vertical swipe with very long reach Dodge right or left




Notes & Trivia

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    • 11 Aug 2020 02:53  

      It's actually 'Slaver' not Slayer. Also always try to get behind if you can, massive damage increase. The two grates on each end of the arena are heating pads as well which you can use to quickly get rid of the cold debuffs.

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