Celestial Beast

Location Arcology
Rewards Arcology Limited Access Passport
5x Material:Bones (Black Hole)

Celestial Beast is a Boss and Enemy in Hellpoint. Celestial Beast can be found at Arcology.


Celestial Beast Information

  • Celestial Beast is a giant Tiger like creature that uses vines and his claws to attack you. He can also breathe fire from his mouth and leap over you.


Celestial Beast Locations & Drops


How to Beat Celestial Beast

Celestial Beast Boss Guide:

The best overall strategy is keeping a medium distance and wait for him to leap over you, dodge and strike back.

When he uses his vines jump backwards to avoid the damage. The best opportunity to attack him is when he uses his Fire Breath ability, as he remains immobile.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Leap Attack: He will leap from a medium distance dealing high damage Roll to avoid the attack and then strike back
Charge Attack: He will charge forward and deal moderate damage. Roll to avoid the damage and strike him back.
Vines Attack: He will use his Vines to attack you from a distance. If you have a Shield use it to prevent as much damage as you can. If you don’t have a shield jump backwards.
Fire Breath: He will fire Breath from his mouth while remaining stationary. Use the opportunity to attack him and deal as much damage as you can. Once the attack is over jump backwards and avoid the fire until it extinguishes.
Tail Attack. If you approach him from behind he will strike you with his tail. Try to attack him from the sides to prevent the attack.




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      19 Aug 2020 03:36  

      keep a medium distance from him to avoid his tentacles and stay directly in front of him to bait out one of his leap moves. Easy to dodge, get a swing or two in, rinse and repeat

      • Anonymous

        05 Aug 2020 09:21  

        Just use Scrapped Heat Shield (you can find one in Observatory, on web-like concrete structure on the topmost floor). This old steel boi block all of Beast's attacks really well.
        All you need is block the attack and make 1-2 hits and then block again. Watch your stamina and this fight will be extremely easy.

        • Anonymous

          03 Aug 2020 01:26  

          pretty easy fight. bait out all his attacks and remember the moveset for his tentacles. when the tentacles come out you should be out of range, if successful, burn him down with your gun.

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