Our Preying Hostess

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Location Alma Mater Atrium - Athenaeum

12600 Axions

18900 Axions (during Black Hole Hour)

1x Alma Mater Institute Credentials

1x Old Hostess Mask (during Black Hole Hour)

Our Preying Hostess is a Boss in Hellpoint.

Our Preying Hostess Information

  • A Medusa-like creature, hidden beneath a subtle mask.

Our Preying Hostess Location

Our Preying Hostess Drops

  • When you defeat Our Preying Hostess, she yields an amount of 12600 Axions (NG - Standard difficulty).
  • This value is increased to 18900 Axions during Black Hole Hour (NG - Standard difficulty).
  • When you defeat Our Preying Hostess, she always drops 1x Alma Mater Institute Credentials (which, as the name indicates, allows you to unlock a door, leading to the Alma Mater area).
  • When you defeat Our Preying Hostess during Black Hole Hour, she also drops an Old Hostess Mask.

How to Beat Our Preying Hostess

Our Preying Hostess Boss Guide:

She is very aggressive and can deal moderate damage. If you have a shield use it to defend yourself from most of her attacks.

When she removes her mask run as far away as possible. If you have a ranged weapon it's the best opportunity to deal damage.

She can quickly reach you by performing a leap, so it's best to stay close and lure her attacks.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Whirlwind Attack: Spin forward while performing a whirlwind on the air dealing medium damage consecutive times. You can use your shield or perform three consecutive dodges
Slice Attack: Grow spikes on the scythe and perform a diagonal strike (will phase throw walls) Wait until she is about to attack and doge left
Medusa Attack: She will take off her mask causing an AOE dementia. When she is about to remove her mask run as far away as you can. You can perform ranged attacks on her
Leap Attack: Will leap at your location dealing medium damage. Dodge forward and attack her
Three Hit Combo: It will perform a three hit combo while moving forward. Use your shield or dodge behind her.




Notes & Trivia

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