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Location Ikari Walkways

7500 Axions

??? Axions (during Black Hole Hour)

Artillery P17 (during Black Hole Hour)

Artillery is a Boss in Hellpoint.

Artillery Information

  • A defensive Artillery unit. It uses its massive Firearm to perform long ranged attack, and its giant shield to protect itself.

Artillery Location

  • This boss can be found in the Ikari Walkways area.
  • From the Ikari Walkways - Crashed Tram breach, turn towards the adjacent crashed tram, and go inside.
  • From there, you can see a set of stairs in the distance, after a pile of crates, and a pile of rubble. Go up these stairs.
  • Cross the bridge, and go down the stairs.
  • Don't go straight ahead, but turn around, and head inside the building.
  • After continuing a bit in this direction, you'll find a staircase to your left.
  • Up these stairs, you'll see the ominous orange glow, signaling the entrance to the boss room.

Artillery Drops

  • When you defeat the Artillery, it yields an amount of 7500 Axions (NG - Standard difficulty). (Needs confirmation.)
  • This value is increased to ??? Axions during Black Hole Hour (NG - Standard difficulty).
  • When you defeat the Artillery during Black Hole Hour, it also drops Artillery P17. (Supposedly...Evidence proves otherwise.)

How to Beat Artillery

Artillery Boss Guide:

This bossfight is rather easy, you just need to dodge his attacks and wait for the opportunity to strike back.

His shield can protect him from damage, try to dodge his attacks and then attack him from behind while he recovers.

After a few shots he will need to rest. Use this opportunity to strike back

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Shield Charge: He will protect himself with the shield and rush forward dealing damage. Dodge left or right.
Weapon Attack: He will charge his weapon and fire at you. Use your dodge to avoid the damage.
Weapon Slam: He will perform a quick slam forward Try to run in circles around him to avoid getting hit
Flamethrower: He will use his weapon to spread fire in a wide arc in front of him Run backwards and wait for the fire to extinguish.




Notes & Trivia

  • ??





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    • Anonymous

      Is this boss really supposed to drop an Artillery P17 when you defeat it during Black Hole Hour? I've done just that, on 2 different playthroughs, and I haven't gotten anything of the sort : so I must really question the validity of this information.

      • Anonymous

        If you have a shield equipped (preferably the Kickstarter sentinel cross or the standard variant) and have it raised while locked at him (press r) you 100percent immune to his flamethrower and getting hit does not take away stamina. (All other attacks do though) So take the opportunity and shield bash the chonker(sprint at him while having shield raised.

        • Anonymous

          Is the Artillery P17 an 100% drop during Black Hole Hour? Because I beat him during BHH and didn't see a loot cube or get a Pick Up prompt.

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