Second Archon Knight

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Location Alma Mater Atrium

11500 Axions

17250 Axions (during Black Hole Hour)

1x Nihl Rock

Second Archon Knight is a Boss in Hellpoint.

Second Archon Knight - Information

  • One of the four Archon Knights that are currently guarding the Station.

Second Archon Knight - Location

  • This boss can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area.
  • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Shanty Entrance breach : when facing the breach, and having the only pillar present in this room at your back, turn left.
  • There's an opening in the wall, leading to a narrow passageway : go down the stairs.
  • From this point, you're not really spoiled for options when it comes to the possible paths you could take : so just go straight ahead.
  • You'll come across a small room, that barely offsets the feeling of claustrophobia you'll get from this whole subsection ; go down a short set of stairs, and continue straight ahead.
  • From this point on, you'll encounter a high concentration of Small Archons, plus a few Red Vipers, thrown into the mix for the sake of diversity.
  • (On the way, you'll see a door to the right, that you can open by interacting with a switch ; you'll come face to face with 1x Small Archon, the only occupant of an otherwise perfectly empty room.)
  • WARNING. A bit further, you can go down a short set of stairs, and enter another small room ; x2 Small Archons are waiting for you, one on each side of the room, out of sight.
  • Once you've dealt with them, go up another short set of stairs, and pass the doorway.
  • You're now at a crossroad ; turn left, follow the corridor, and you'll come across a doorway to the left.
  • Pass the threshold, and turn right ; there's a long series of staircases. Go up.
  • Watch out, there's 1x Small Archon in the middle of the stairs, and any fall would be fatal.
  • Once you've climbed the stairs all the way to the top, pass the doorway, and turn left.
  • 1x Small Archon Knight is patrolling the corridor here ; either you'll see it right ahead of you, or you'll cross paths once you pass the second corner to the right.
  • WARNING. In this same corridor, you'll find a switch on the wall, to the left ; once you've interacted with it, it will open a panel, revealing a medium sized room, containing no more than 5x Small Archons. Yeah, the devs went a bit overboard here...
  • Use hit and run tactics and / or AoE attacks ; don't let yourself get swarmed, or you'll be stunlocked to death by these hentai rejects.
  • Other than its original inhabitants, there's absolutely nothing in this room, not even a secret door for good measure...
  • Back on track : continue to go forward in the corridor ; turn right ; then, after a few more steps forward, you'll recognize, to your right, the familiar orange glow, signalling the entrance to a boss room.

Second Archon Knight - Drops

  • When you defeat the Second Archon Knight, it yields an amount of 11500 Axions (NG - Standard difficulty). (Needs confirmation)
  • This value is increased to 17250 Axions during Black Hole Hour (NG - Standard difficulty).
  • When you defeat the Second Archon Knight, it always drops 1x Nihl Rock.

How to Beat Second Archon Knight

Second Archon Knight Boss Guide:

The second Archon Knight wields both a spear, and a shield.

The best strategy is staying away from him and wait for his thrust attack. Dodge and strike back to avoid getting blocked by the shield.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Thrust Forward: It will launch itself ahead dealing damage Dodge left or right and strike back
Ranged Nihl: It will create a path of Nihl directly in front of him that will remain for a time dealing damage. Dodge left or right and avoid the Nihl patch
Melee Nihll: It will create a small Nihl patch below him Try to run away from him and lure him to a different area
Two Hit Combo: It will perform a quick combo with its spear Use your shield to block him or dodge two times and strike back




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      I was mentally prepared for a touch battle with this guy at +4 difficulty so buffed my Railgun to +22 with my melee being Prodigal Spawn with only a +10 Light Conductor.

      I didn't get a chance to fire a single shot. He died in two running melee attack twirls before I knew what had happened. I don't think the fight lasted 10 seconds. These guys are so weak to Light Damage it doesn't even matter what kind of build you're running. I've never laughed so hard at a Boss fight.

      • Anonymous

        So is this guy the one I killed in two hits through the the monolith I'm so confused with this body fight

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