First Archon Knight

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Location Sohn District
Rewards 1x Model: Archon Spear

First Archon Knight is a Boss and Enemy in Hellpoint. First Archon Knight can be found at Sohn District.


First Archon Knight Information

  • One of the four Archon Knights that are currently guarding the Station.


First Archon Knight Location & Drops


How to Beat First Archon Knight

All of the Archon Knights seem to behave identically. Their attacks are powerful, but they have few HP and are especially vulnerable to attack from behind. Damage can be snuck in at various points, but the most reliable is after a thrust attack, which they use frequently as long as the target is out of melee range. Missing this attack leaves the Archon's back completely exposed. A quick step to avoid the thrust and a second to move in behind the Archon will position the player to do damage very quickly, potentially ending the fight in only a couple passes.  


First Archon Knight Boss Guide:

The First Archon Knight wields both a spear, and a shield.

The best strategy is staying away from him and wait for his thrust attack. Dodge and strike back to avoid getting blocked by the shield.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Thrust Forward: It will launch itself ahead dealing damage Dodge left or right and strike back
Ranged Nihl: It will create a path of Nihl directly in front of him that will remain for a time dealing damage. Dodge left or right and avoid the Nihl patch
Melee Nihll: It will create a small Nihl patch below him Try to run away from him and lure him to a different area
Two Hit Combo: It will perform a quick combo with its spear Use your shield to block him or dodge two times and strike back




Notes & Trivia

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