Arisen Congregators

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Location Sohn District

19000 Axions

28500 Axions (during Black Hole Hour)

1x Arisen Dominion Credentials

Arisen Congregators is the Boss of the Sohn District area, in Hellpoint.

Arisen Congregators - Information

  • This boss fight takes place in a small battlefield where you'll face two enemies. One carrying a censer, and the other one carrying a staff.

Arisen Congregators - Location

  • This Boss can be found in the Sohn District area.
  • WARNING. It is highly recommended to not even attempt to confront the Arisen Congregators, without having stabilized the closest breach first : that would be the Sohn District - Balcony breach, which is relatively hidden from the player.
  • In comparison, the Sohn District - Corpse Pit breach, which you can't really miss at the very start of this level, is unfortunately located way too far, if things don't turn out in your favor during the boss fight.


  • Starting from the (aptly named) Sohn District - Corpse Pit breach : when facing the breach, and having the lowest part of the mag-lift at your back ; turn around, and climb upon the nearby pile of corpses, until you reach its highest point.
  • From there, turn left ; then go forward, and slightly to the right, aiming for the doorway with the light blue lighting you can see in the distance.
  • Pass the threshold, and head in a diagonal, forward, and to the right, in order to reach the corner of the opposite wall, that you can already see from here.
  • Pass the corner, and go straight ahead, until you arrive at a stack of crates, leaning against the wall, to your left.
  • Turn slightly to the right ; then, head toward the opening in the fencing that you can see at a distance.
  • Pass the opening, and go straight ahead, until you reach a doorway with a light blue lighting, to your left. (On the way, you'll see a path going to the left : ignore it.)
  • Enter this tiny control room, and interact with the blue "doorknob" : this will open a "bunker door", just outside (For once, you can actually see the direct effect of your interaction, through the window.)
  • Go through this bunker door, and simply go straight forward. (On the way, you'll see, first, a path going to the right ; then, just a bit further, and also to your right, a mag-lift, going up ; ignore both of these elements.)
  • You'll soon reach a wide crossroad ; turn left, and take a few steps forward ; to your left, just walk past the "container", and approach the pile of corpses that comes right after.
  • Go interact with the wall located just behind this pile of corpses : this will reveal a secret passage.
  • Pass the opening now present in the wall, turn right, and take a few steps forward, until you reach the edge.
  • As you can already see and hear, there are several Vipers standing between you and your (intermediate) objective, in the room below : drop down, and get rid of this nuisance.
  • Once this is done, find the only doorway that will let you exit this room, and go up the stairs.
  • Then, turn right, take a few steps forward, and take the mag-lift, going up.
  • Interact with the switch located forward, and to the right : this will open the adjacent door, and reveal what you've been looking for.
  • Take a few more steps forward, and stabilize the Sohn District - Balcony breach.


  • Now that you've secured a much more convenient save point, the path to the Arisen Congregators couldn't be more straightforward.
  • Drop down on the "platform" below, and just go straight ahead, until you arrive at at staircase, going down.
  • (Watch out : on the way, don't fall into the large hole, where a good portion of the floor is missing. It is not a fatal fall, but you would find yourself surrounded by enemies.)
  • Once you've reached the staircase, go down, and continue in that direction ; soon enough, you'll recognize the ominous orange glow, signalling the entrance to a boss arena.

Arisen Congregators - Drops

  • When you defeat the Arisen Congregators, they yield an amount of 19000 Axions (NG - Standard difficulty).
  • This value is increased to 28500 Axions during Black Hole Hour (NG - Standard difficulty).
  • When you defeat the Arisen Congregators, they always drop 1x Arisen Dominion Credentials (which let you unlock a door in the Embassy area, granting access to the Arisen Dominion area).

How to Beat Arisen Congregators

Arisen Congregators Boss Guide

Each Congregator has its own health bar but you won’t be able to see it. If you only attack one Congregator when the total bar reaches 50% the one you are attacking will die.

The best strategy is focusing on the Candle holder one first. Try to use the structures to hide from the other boss attacks and use a hit-and-run strategy. The Ranged attacks from the two handed weapon Ccongregator deals very high damage so always keep an eye on him and hide when he is about to perform them.

Once you defeat the Lantern Congregator circle around the other one and wait for his attacks. Use his recovery time to deal damage until you defeat him.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Two Handed Weapon
Front Shield: Summons a shield in front of him then throw it towards the player dealing damage This attack has very low range stay away from him
Ranged Attack: It will cast a series of energy arrows from a distance Run to avoid it. There seems to be a bug involving the collision of the arrows
Triangle Shield: It will cast a shield in a triangle shape and create an explosion Wait until the shield wears off and stay away to avoid damage.
Teleport: It will teleport near the player Use the opportunity to attack
Lantern Holder
Ranged Attack: It will throw razor like attack towards the player Use your shield or try to hide behind a wall.
Candle Attack: It will attack using its candle dealing damage and slowing your movement Use your shield or dodge to either side.
Blue Fire Ball: It will cast a giant blue fireball and throw it to the player Try to hide before it throws the fire ball.
Kick: Kick the player at close range Block or dodge to either side.


Arisen Congregators - Notes & Trivia

  • Both of the enemies you confront during this boss fight will later become common mobs in the Arisen Dominion area (and, to a much lesser extent, in the Alma Mater area).



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    • Anonymous

      Focus on caster first as he is the big boi here. Once you kill him the candle guy is way easier as he wont one shot your as as the spellcaster one

      • Anonymous

        Two handed weapon guy somehow died on his own for me. Also, the hitboxes on that guy attacks were much much larger than they seemed.

        • For those struggling, I failed time and time again with my fast officers glaive. Went back to my magic column that has mastery and pancaked/tossed them to death with ease. Also the armor aegis armature found in the area under the devourer boss thing, provides high resistance to both of their magic.

          • Anonymous

            This boss existed to punish me for switching to Column as I had just accumulated enough Strength to wield it. Very tough with a slow weapon. However, I found that if you actually manage to land R2>R2 heavy attack combo it will pancake them.

            • Anonymous

              Had a bit of Trouble on this one. I used the brave effigy to farm those 2 big enemies in the previous area. They have 5000 axioms instead of 800, which is insane for a small difficulty increase. Then levelled down difficulty to normal to fight these two

              • Anonymous

                Use coop mode and add a higher level character and then switch between your main and alt characters while doing damage with the higher level one and hiding your main behind objects and walls. attack and re hide main. rinse repeat .

                • Anonymous

                  you need mobility and fast hit for this one. so remove all your gear and have a fast weapon with a gun. forget your shield. this fight is all about having balls to fight head on. if you try to play it safe you will get destroyed.

                  • Anonymous

                    So this is wrong? The lantern holder's ranged attack goes through walls and deals so much damage on your shield that blocking is suicide. I don't know how to beat that move.

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